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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Cheech • Handblown Glass Pipe • Review

I just want to do a quick review on this Handblown, Glass 'Cheech' Pipe, because it just works so freakin well!

Lately, I'd literally given up on pipes as they never really worked that well for me.. But then again, I've never spent note than 12.00$ on one so what could I really expect.

Whilst wandering around a new town in explorarion mode, I managed to stumble across this adorable little store. 

This store looked like a spa for ballerinas or something girly anyways.. Until the word CBD written across the window in a pretty much unnoticeable navy blue, just barely caught my eye. 

Turns out it was actually an adorable little CBD Shop with a sweet lttle lady behind the counter.

In this store I happened to find this perfect little Glittered Out Cheech Pipe. .. - Stun !

Obviously because of this glitter stream, priced at 30$, I just had to buy it.

Who knew I was going to fall in love with it.

Like actually fall in love with it.

And not just for it's glittery cuteness, but because it's actually functional.

The most functional !!!

NOW that I've been using this pipe for the last 2 weeks, my papers have become almost forgotten, and I have begun to realise why spending the extra penny on a good brand makes a whole lot of sense.

What I really like about the bowl is that it's deep. 

This deep bowl that allows for your weed to keep smoking smoothly. The contents within the bowl become immune from blowing away in that Canadian winter wind, while masking your flame from going out at the same time.

The bowl itself reminds me a lot like an old tobacco pipe, and seems to make for a much smoother haul, and better use of your weed than a short bowl or other dumb was bowl type.

The chamber of this pipe is actually pretty thick and holds the smoke quite well. 

As the hit continues to be smooth yet filled with smoke, the smoke doesn't leak between puffs. This means you lose less smoke and inhale obviously more, wasting less of your highly treasured green.

3 bowls and I'm nicely obliterated.

I also find that the chamber of this pipe holds smoke better than any of my last bongs even, let alone any of those shitty ass pipes. 

And this feature really impresses me.

It is definite that I will be buying Cheech Products from now on.

Perhaps a bong is next..

I will let you know how it goes.


Cheech Handblown pipes

Cheech Glass

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