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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Vegan • Chocolate Banana Peach Cupcakes

Did you know, that when ever a baked recipe requires eggs, that you can actually substitute those eggs with Apple Sauce ?

And,, not just Apple Sauce, but you can also substitute with Banana's !

This Banana Trick worked out really great, because we're going to go ahead and make Chocolate Banana Cupcakes Today. 

~ Then I'm going to stuff those Cupcakes with slices of Peaches & Bake !

And Since we are already using Bananas we wont actually need to find a substitute for the eggs ! 

Just remember that 1/4 Cup of Banana or Apple Puree is eaqual to 1 egg. 

So ➡️ 3 eggs = 3/4 Cup Substitute. 

In Fact Here us a picture I found Via the internet with a list of 4 different replacement choices for those eggs.

Apparently Vegan Baking is a lot easier than a lot of us thought ! ~ A whole lot easier !!!

( Photo Credit SheKnows.Com )

This was my first time supplementing with Bananas, and also my first time using fruit Slices, so I was excited, but at the sane time, a little uncertain as to how the Cupcakes were going to turn out. 

There is a lot of extra juice in the Peach Slices so they will require some extra cooking time to get that fluffy cake texture. 

The juices do need to evaporate quite a bit in the heat of the oven, for just a tiny bit longer than they would without all this extra moist juicy Fruit inside them.

So let me tell you how these immaculate designs turned out.

They turned out incredible.

I'm talking, Like Incredible !!! Triple exclamation type Incredible !!!

So Moist, So Fruity, So Yummy, So.. " What Did I Just Eat Because That Was Unexpected, Moist and Perfect, Simply To Die For, Chocolatey Banana Peach Delicious ! "

And then, for a moment, you'll start to wonder why on earth people have been using eggs all this time.  .. Just leave them with the Chickens please, because this Fruit is Divine ! ... And all this extra abuse is really quite pointless.



• Mixing Bowl
• Mixing Spoon
• Scooping Spoon
• Cupcake Pan
•  Icing Brush



• 3 Bananas
• 1 or 2 Sliced Peaches
• 1 Boxed Cake Mix or Any Regular Cake Recipe
• Vegatable Oil
• CBD/THC Tincture Butter ( Optional )


• In Large Mixing Bowl, Mash Bananas Into Puree

• Ad Cake Mix, Vegatable Oil & Optional Cannibutter To Mix .. .. Blend Ingredients Together Until You Achieve A Smoothe Cupcake Paste.

• Now - You Can Either Line The Cupcake Tray With CupCake Cups or Butter  ( CanniButter optional ). I chose CanniButter. 

For My CanniButter I'm using Thompson Caribou Tinctures, They are Coconut Minty Based Tinctures And They Tend To Flavour The Butter, Vegatable Oil Or Coconut Oil Quite Nicely.

• Scoop Cupcake Mix Into Cupcake Trays.

• Place A Small Peach Slice Directly Into The Middle Of Each Of The Cups.

• Bake at 375 for 30 Minutes.

• Remove Cupcakes From Oven, Let Sit For 1 Hour. 

This Is So They Do Not Break When You Remove Them From The Tray. 

The Cupcakes Do Tend To Break And Crumble While They Are Warm And Are Still Too Moist To Mess aWith At This Point.

• Because Of The Added Peach Slices You May Have To Fill The Tray Again And Repeat, Since You Will Probably Have Extra Cupcake Mix Remaining In The Bowl.

Which Is Awesome ~ The More Cupcakes The Merrier!

• Ice The Cupcakes With Your Fav Icing

➡️ Suprise Betty Crocker's Icing Is Indeed Vegan! 

Even The Cream Cheese Flavour Is Vegan!

But You Can Still Go Ahead And Make Your Own,, Why Not ?

I've Went Ahead And Added A Tube Of Green Icing Along With A Little CannButter To Soften Up The Sugary Icing Taste.

• Place Cupcakes In Fridge Or, On The Counter, Covered.

You Can Also Freeze Cupcakes Perfectly By Putting Them In The Freezer Imediately After Icing Them.

When You want A Cupcake, Take The Cupcake Out And Defrost For 1 Hour, Then Go Ahead And Stick The Cupcake In The Fridge To Let The Icing  Just Perfect.

Defrosting Your Cupcakes In The Fridge Will Not Turn Out As Promising With These Paech Slices In Them, They Will Be Too Moist.

Left At Room.Temperature To Defrost Is Your Best Option For Flavour, Freshness, Enjoyability, Paliability And Entertaining.

And Voila, 

Your Cupcakes Are Always Ready For Your Guests, And You're Always Prepared To Treat Them To A Delicious Dessert !

❤  ❤  ❤