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Monday, 25 September 2017

The Sorina • DollFace Naturals • Hemp Mask • CBD & CBD Receptors

I origionally designed THE SORINA, DollFace Naturals Hemp Facial and dedicated it to my girlfriend Sorina, because it was Sorina's wonderful Health Regime and flawless Skin that got me to questioning her secret.

Secret revealed, it was that little bottle in the fridge. 

As per mentioned in previous blogs, that over a period of many years of knowing Sorina, and often travelling with her, I had always noticed Sorina getting younger.

Every day Sorina would go to the fridge and drink a Tbsn of Hemp Oil.

I later asked her if she could attribute that to her most amazing complexion today.

It's like Sorina had found the fountain of youth.

Sorina agreed that this was one of the best things she has ever included into her Health Regime, and it was in fact the oil that did the trick.. any cold pressed oil that is.

➡️ The oils help the Body and skin perform better by providing both Nourishment and Moisture as well as many various Vitamins and Minerals.

Never the less, I bought a bottle of Hemp Oil and began drinking it.

This soon prompted the production of THE SORINA, and the Chemistry, Research, Testing and various Feedbacks began.

The Sorina was an awseome Skin Care Addition to the Dollface Line, and she has turned out Beautifully as a Facial, Exfolialient, and even Facial Cleanse All In One.

Even though I created THE SORINA to come in DRY POWDER FORM, all these oils remain within the very fibers and will activate when you ad Water to your Mask Bowl.

Now ~ There are many many many Benefits to Hemp !

But recently I did come across a couple extra articles that could explain some of the reasons why Hemp is so good for both Your Skin & Your Body !


Turns out that our bodies actually have CBD Receptors.

These CBD Receptors require CBD for a Healthy Balanced Body, as well as Healthy Balanced Skin, that maintains the way that it should.

As you may know CBD is found in the Marijuana Flower, and is often extracted for its Medicinal Purposes. 

A-and CBD is becoming more common in today's practices, as the more research takes place, the more we reveal about this plants  Chemistry's, True Purposes and Effects.

Like the fact that CBD is actually intertwined in us and was practically produced for us through the still fully unexplained plasma that is Science. 

CBD ➡️ CBD Receptors. 

So Did you know,,

There is actually more CBD found in Hemp than in the Marijuana Flower?

As the THC's is already disrupted, this leaves more room for the CBD to develop and take over in the new form of plant - Hemp.

This means, access to CBD has already been right in front of our noses this whole time!

We just didn't know that much about it until now. 


Within the archives of PubMed National Science Institute, I did happen to find a lot of great information suggesting some very lengthy Benefits of CBD and its various purpose in today's Medical Society, with the expectation of huge advancements expected in the future to come involving these Cannibinoids, their receptors and their vitality to our Health,

So aside from many the various Vitamins, Fatty Acids, Proteins and Minerals found in Hemp, we also have those Cannibinoid, or for short, CBD Receptors. 

These Receptors are found within and throughout our bodies  including the largest major organ - our Skin of course,

And we know that those Receptors require CBD to maintain a healthy skin function.

Just like the lack there of, could be causing adverse Skin Reactions ot Complications.

Like skin that lacks Hydration (Water) may break out, or skin that lacks Moisture (Oil) may flake. Skin that lacks CBD is not performing to it most capable abilities either. 

A body that lacks CBD will do the same as skin that lacks CBD. Those Receptors will Degenerate in Health as well.

The effects of nourishing these much needed Receptors with a Hemp or CBD extract, can treat anything from Dry Skin, Acne, Collagen Loss, Aging, Psoroasis down to some really serious things like Skin Cancer. .. It can also help prevent said horribles.

When applied Topically, the nourishment doesnt stop here.

All the healthy benefits of the Hemp Plant get absorbed through the Skin, and continue to absorb through the Blood Stream.

This Result is that your Skin reaps in all those Essential Nutritional and Healthy Benefits of the Hemp Plant.

Opposed to the Non Essential Garbage and Preservatives that you don't actually want entering said Bloodstream, like those obtained through various Drug Store Product's .. Or even Spa's.

Yes I said it, Spa's. 

One day, Once upon a million years ago, I had a Day Pass at one of Sudbury's (Don't laugh I'm serious) finest and most popular Day Spa's. 

The Day Pass included a Chocolate Rasberry Body Wrap. 

As the Wrap did smell delicious for the 45 minute to an hour duration in which I had been wearing it...

All I could taste for the next week was this TOXIC Chocolate Rasberry Fakeness.

I can tell you, 
I actually didnt feel too good that week. ~ I was most likely poisoned with Chemicals.

.. And this is exactly why you want to be working with nothing but Healthy Ingredients in your Daily Regimes.

All this shit does and will get absorbed through your Blood Stream.

The less negative Chemicals we apply to our skin, the better.

Let me clear this up,,

We don't hate chemicals, Chemicals make up Chemistry.. Everything that exists in this Universe today has a Chemical Compound. 

Chemical Compounds are Magnificent threads of Sciencific Structure, they make up everything both living and not,

What we do hate tho,, is Baaaad Chemicals. 

So lets just not and say we didn't.

... ..

Currently, in a world of Toxicity and Prescriptions, CBD is still most only being prescribed to those who are already suffering with either extreme Neurological Disorders, Metals & Toxins in their Liver, Cancer Patients, or those suffering with Autoimmune Disorders, ... A sequence of Ailments listed as such.

Most likely however, with more talk about the hype and the more recent discoveries involving the many Benefits of CBD, and why it is almost critical to ones Health, we  can begin to perhaps look at CBD in less of a taboo light and more in the right light when it comes to all of its aspects regarding our Health.

Also, with the oncoming recent legislationitive slack on Hemps very close family member the Marijuana Plant, and that plants specific and various effects being studied in more detail, we will see Hemp becoming more and more of a regular home based product, and peehaps see CBD occuring as part of our Daily Nutrition Plans and Regimes. 

You will already find Hemp in such things like various Protein Shakes, and it is becoming more common in the regimes of Athletes and Fitness Motivees.

The effects that CBD has on Anxiety alone,, definition Anxious, weather depressed or in fact just anxious,, is absolutely astonishing!

i've been drinking a bottle of Thompson Caribou Tincture, let me tell you, this stuff is the bomb!

.. Yet again, the first thing prescribed for anxiety is most often a narcotic, when infact CBD is not a Narcotic, and all traces of THC, being the Narcotic are not present in CBD unless specifically consuming a plant or extract that contains both THC and CBD in it.

Also, the fact that CBD inhibits Cancer growth alone, and is also known to actually retract Cancer, Tumorous, Degenerative or Differentiated Cells into a reversal state to help reconstruct ones Health back to it's originall form ,,
by not only simply killing the Cancerous Flesh or Tumored Flesh but actually Reguvinating it back to its origional form.. This is incredible,

So couldn't we just prevent Defficiancies instead of waiting until defficiancy happens?

Am I onto something here? This sounds quite accurate doesn't it,
Why cure later what you can prevent now? 


• Promotes Hemotosis and Healing

• CBD - Critical to Basal Cell Health and Function 

• Vitamin A, B, C, D & E

• Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids

• Phytocannibinoids

• Endocannibinoids• Fight Free Radicals / Antioxidants• Antibacterial 

• Maintain Collagen & Elastin

• Hair Loss

•  Atopic Dermatitis / Exema

• Skin Cell Growth / Cell Proliferation 

• Dry Skin / Flakey Skin

• Renerate Skins Protective Barrier

• Acne - CBD Reptors found in Sebaceous Glands actually Require CBD to maintain over all Health and to Function Properly.

• Skin Irritation, Allergy ot Rash

• Causes Cell Destruction and Death in Abnormally Functioning and growning Cell Groups like Moles, Warts, HPV ... & Regulates Cell Differentiation Genes by reversing and/or preventing

• Effective Against Skin Cancer such as Melanoma - Precent and Reverse Tumorigenic Cell Lines

• Keratinocyte Proliferation in Psoriasis

Keratin is awesome for both Skin and Hair.• Increases DNA Methylation and can reverse various forms of Keratinosis - Dry Build Up to Thick Scarring

Key Words ➡️ again ➡️ CBD Receptors Require CBD. 

Today's current research of CBD actually does suggest this very fact that CBD is Required to Control a Healthy Skin and Body Function. 

Without using CBD either Topically or by Ingestion, one simply CAN NOT Nourish our skin and entire bodies, because they are not Nourishing these CBD Receptors without feeding them the CBD they require.

➡️ Simple. Wow.

In fact the research listed on sites such as PubMed National Institute of Science, suggests so clearly that not only is it critical to our bodies over all health, and effective on so many medical conditions, including those of the auto-immune, that one could almost suggest that by taking these CBD Receptors seriously and using CBD and Hemp to its best advantages, that not only can we reverse many of these various ailments, but we can pevent them by maintaining the health of these Receptors.

Perhaps with continued experimentation of this miraculous plant, we should later come to find that many of these various disease's were in fact caused by ignoring and knowing so little about theses CBD Receptors before the very advanced studies only recently begun.

A-and, that it is an Entirely Essential Neccesitiy to actually include CBD and a Hemp Routine into both ones Regular Diet, as well as Skin Care Regime, early on in life to avoid a lot of those future Medical or many of the type head aches that do come along with aging.

What if Science leads to CBD being the prevention of MS, the prevention of Parkinson's, the prevention of Cancer.

Hold Up Tho!

I'm not telling you my Masks Cure all this shit. I can't even tell you what kinds of concentrations this takes for each Condition. 

But I can tell you a Daily Regime of any type is a great idea!

CBD is still new to a vast list of Scientific reflect.

So I am telling you that we have these CBD Receptors, and that I have a Great Hemp Mask ~ With CBD in it.

It really doesnt matter how you get your CBD, weather it be My Products, Some One Elses Products, a Tincture, An Oil Extract you can make at home, or in a Smoothie. Just as long as you know that you have Receptors, and that these Receptors are for Recieving what they are named after to Recept.

Interesting isnt it.

The Sorina • Dedicated To Sorina DollFace Naturals

Don't forget to put tour hair up!

Ok.. So Hello Something Off The First Star Treck .. 

Screenshot frrom PubMed,Com