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Saturday, 26 August 2017

West Coast WanderLust Route • Destination Unknown • Can EcoBlonde Handle The Simple Life

 As per mentioned in previous blogging lately, I actually have one incredible, 5 month, 150 day trip across the West Coast of British Colimbia coming up ahead of me !

It's gona be one VanLife/ Glamping Kayaking Nomad by this spring 2018 for 150 Days !

I will be starting with a Van Conversion throughout this coming Fall & Winter, to take me along the West Coast of British Columbia, where I'll be running you through the whole Conversion!

I have a huge wearhouse that will keep us Hella warm while we work on it threw out the winter! So I'll be able to take you through the whole Conversion, Glampers, Gadgets & More.

I've rounded up an enourmous amount of ideas and have started adressing my Vlogging Outfits ~ Not enough Bikinis lol, 


Once I'm on the road I'll have a ton of topics! 

Including ; Summer Job Ideas for Summer VanLifers ~ Things like Fruit picking, Why Not ??.. Got a schedule anyways.. 

Can EcoBlonde Manage 

' The Simple Life ' 


... ... .. Kayaking ~ Guided Tours along the Coast,, Whale Watching,, Sight Scouring,, Scenery Hunting,, 150 Days of Sunrise,, 150 Days of Bikini's minus Weather Conditions,, Conservations,, VanLife,, CampLife... ..

~ Or should I say Glam- CampLife, cause you know I'm all over that !!!

... .. Tourism,, Me As A Tourist,, Probably Other Tourists,,, 

You Name It, You're going to be able to view every stop !

So !,,

I've started out at least, with that very basic map, and a basic Direction or Semi Plaid Route I suggestively think I will take. 

There isn't much set in stone here, .. Other than this route directly around the Coast, you see.

If you'll notice this Summer Nomad Trip is ofcourse set for WaterBound !! That is My Only Major Rule. 

WaterBound and Extrodinary Please. 

Oh ~ And of course the shore. I simply love everything about a great shore, or a good hike even, with a great view. ~ I hear there are many of those.

Irrelevant to whatever I find to do, I will definately be seeing those Sunsets from the shore or from a cliff as far as my Van can go, curled up with a hot pot of Cocao & Coffee at the shore Thank You.

I want nothing to do with Paddle Water Coffee at 5am.

One of my favorite things have to be, Wildlife Conservation Areas, so I will definitely be visiting as many of those as I can as well !

Infact, Once I reach the Coast, I'm actually going to start in a Conservation Area, a huge one! Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. 

And ofcourse I will stop at every gorgeous view I find along the way of that gorgeous stretch of Beach Versus Rain Forest Versus Water ! ~ Plan Numero Uno !

Direction not revised according
to road map 

Just look at this Map of the National Park Resserve :

I plan to make my way from the National Reserve to White Rock and then head down towards Bella Bella, at the very most casual pace. I've saved a lot of possible destinations to perhaps stop along the way.

Hopefully, from Bella Bella, I would like to then, find a Ferry to the Island.. 

Me and that Van .. and my Kayak,, will make it there some how.. 😂😂😂⛵🌊🛶☀️

From there I wish to head down to Tofino as well as hit up those most Infamous Hot Springs.

I will then continue to Follow the actual Island and make my way around to Victoria 
~ OfCourse ! 

I only plan on seeing the one side of that Island,  unless of course someone I talk to some one that insists otherwise. I dont want to miss anything Grand !!!

A-and, as I do plan on talking to a lot of Tourists and taking a lot of guided tours, so I'm sure I will get a much more detailed map of ideas along the way.

The route I currently have planned may even change a bit. That is why I've planned it so loosely..

I want it to change.

You never know, I may even end up Rock Climbing !!! Not to any ridiculous level I can tell you that.. but Rock Climing Intermediate anyways.. lol, I'm sure.

Some where I just must Squeeze in that Fruit Picking, I simply need to see Cherry & Peach Trees while I'm there !

It's a Summer Nomad Trip thats all I can say. I'm simply Setting Out for a Borderless Adventure Without Walls or Decisive Bounderies ~ That's My Route. 

Destination Unkown ..

A Bikini A Day Keeps The 

Dr Away !!! 

~ They should've went with that.

~ The Notorious They 👽🤡

Now,, I Just Wonder If I Can Round Up 150 Bikinis For 150 Days of Nomad Life.. 🤔