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Monday, 14 August 2017

Studio Build Lately • Vlog Attempt Part Two • CaniButter

I've been reviewing my Bloopers, and working on my Lighting.. 

Who knew there were so many things you could get wrong.

Video lighting is so much harder to master than photo lighting!

I've also been attempting and playing around with different sets ~ Tons of hours killed there... .. 

Thankfully I've at least made my studio set up versatile enough and is easily switched up. 

I have to say that I didn't love what I did with it yesterday, but I'll have another shot at it again tonight, so lesson learned I suppose.

So, eventually.. ... ..
.. ... ... ...  ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...  .. 

Mini Cupcakes + CaniButter = Vlogged.

.. & those Thompson Caribou Bathbombs,, they're still on there way as well!

That is,, As soon as I can get my mouth to work out as well as my face!

So today I'm working with CaniButter, also from Thompson Caribou.

I've really grown to libe there products. I"ve actually found a couple MUST HAVES as regular kitchen cabinet household items, like these Tincures We've used for the Butter.

We've used a CBD Tincture, A THC Tincture, and a combined THC & CBD Tincture, so all kindd of goodies, Thankd to @OsamabinRosin, my dearest friend Chad for making it up for us.

It smell so good! ~ Actually very minty & sweet!

Luckily I had already decided I was making Chocolate Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing, so the 2 flavours will work out together beautifully.

I can't wait to pop these beauties in ! 

 I just want to make the cupcakes already !!!

.. But I'm going to need to get passed scene 1 first.

But That's What This Is For... 🙄

In the meantime, go ahead and check out my YouTube Channel! While you are there, don't forget to Subscribe. Xo 🗯🎬


As I go through my portable ring light options, yet to be decided, I'm currently using 1 architec lamp as my front lighting, and 2 spot lights to cover my lead and fill lights.

They seem to be working out quite well for me, as I've seen this similar set up before.

I'm still learning how to use/place them ~ Practice makes perfect tho right... ..

Should I feel neccasary, I can then edit the photos to be even brighter by dropping the photo in my photo editor and ajusting just the highlight, as seen in this next photo.

Something I've opted not to do in this article..

Too bad I don't have enough room in my phone right now to download the app that lets you do this to your videos... 

Until I free up that room however, I guess I'll have to become a master a manual lighting... 🤔

Make Up

Today's Make Up was inspired by Willam Belli's, 'The Rainbow' Contour.

It's basically a whole lot of NYX Contouring colors today (It changes often), followed by a heavily pressed Stilla Powder and then topped Stilla Bronzer.

.. Some Stilla 24 hour lipstick ' Etoile ', and a bergundy liner, ussually any random bergundy ussually works, I tend to like Annebell actually.

I then topped that off with some kinda Revlon Candy pink Glossy shit, it was the one with the Diamond on top.. The labels on the bottom always wear out so fast.

Willam Belli BTW, the Motivation behind todays Rainbow Contour, is definitely one of my favorite Inspirational Make Up Guru's!

Since finding Her most Awesome, Imformational & Comical Book 'Suck Less', and then her even more hillarious Youtube channel, I've really grown to love her!

Willam is actually an Outrageous Drag Star, with a ton of tips!

You can check out the Book Review I did some time ago on this blog ➡️  Here : || Willam Belli • Suck Less Book Review || 📚👓

And like Willam always says, but in revere,,

" I'm not saying I'm Feminin or She's Masculin, I'm just sayin we're similar ".