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Thursday, 3 August 2017

First Vlogging Attempts • Thompson Caribou BathBomb Review • Bloopers

Turns out there's more to Vlogging than just Make Up and Lighting.. And even that will take some more time, and effort to perfect. 

Apparently,,, You actually have to be able to speak fluently in front the awkwardness of a Camera, which I'll have to get use too.

In time, trial and error will definitely help able me to make this work, but for my First Day Vlogging Experience, it turned out to be one big Hot Mess of a Blooper. That Im not igsactly Mad at, and have learned alot from reviewing my messy takes.

It does make for an interesting start to my Vlogging introduction any ways, my quirkiness definitely wont be going any where, so now I have a feel for who I am and the personality I carry in front of a camera. #Oddball

It's also really funny just watching yourself talk at first,, but I will admit, I turn out to be quite the dear. ~ I can't tell you I expected this, or I'd of been Vlogging by now.

Truth is I'm a tiny bit shy and though Im confident, I dont have that next type of video camera confidence. 

For now I just have to remind myself, how the speakers for TedTalks always get better their 2nd round Speeches. 

It will all come together soon time, and work its way out, that I'm confident about.

So, in light of not taking myself to seruously...

Here are some of yesterdays bloopers. 

They are also on Youtube as the start of my Youtube Channel. Feel free to check that out  Via Eco Blonde, that link HERE: 

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