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Monday, 31 July 2017

And The Weather Calls For Tan

This spring I made the decision to find an office for the production of my New Vegan Skin Care Line, DollFace Naturals.

I've been local to both Toronto and Sudbury for the last 20 years, so I decided to put my first solid office & Studio in Sudbury Ontario, as to utilize more of the Northern Ontario Market.

Plus there is simply too much mess and floating powders associated with the production of a Skin Care Line in a home office. So a seperate office for production was the first necessity.

Another reason I opted for a seperate office for production is because, like my Skin Care Line, I'm Vegan, so that means I eat a lot of of nuts.

Having seen what my friends who suffer from tree nut allergies go through, it became important to me that my products be made in a Nut Free Facility. 

I've named my Office the Loftice, she's bright, airy & beach themed. 

I even bought a Kayak to give ne some time off in absolute peace. 

I'd even planned to kayak the French River for a weekend...

But busy me, I forgot I have no time for things like this.. Not yet.

So far my summer has been spent creating the Loftice, designing the DollFace signs and setting up the Vendor Booth Equipment,, Such things like these.

I've designed the absolute cutest display at least!

Labels have been a bit of a trial and error.

I've had days worth of Pixel confusion since all my labels we're made on an app for giant Canvas and don't fit on my itty bitty labels without distorting...

I've had to start that from scratch a couple times already, I'm still not satisfied. 

Print Outs, Instructions, and trying to figure out how to stick all the legal requirements on tiny itty bitty little labels.. Errmagrrd!!! 

I have to learn all new software.. And the stuff I've been taught so far has went right over my head.

HOWEVER, it is all starting to come together, and I do admit I am getting there as give myself balance by remembering that,,


A-and that I'm actually doing a really good job on everything ~ as slow as it's bin.

I'm finally on the finishing touches and wrapping up the Studio Set Up for Vlogging this week. 

I'm also getting a little bit excited as I get to completing those finishing touches, and am trying to watch enough lighting tutorials to really nail it. 

I think I've accomplished a good space, and am almost rrady to try it out.

For my first Vlog I'll be reviewing Thompson Caribou THC/CBD Medically Enhanced BathBombs. ~ I can't fricken wait, they smell So Good!

That being said, I'm still working on lighting and a different set of back drops to be able to bring u guys the quality content you desserve from EcoBlonde.Com.

Once the Studio aspect is created it will be easier for me to get the shots I need, on demand, thus allowing me to deliver more topics again, as promptly  as I've done in the past, but better.

Until then,

I recognise this dip I have taken from Blogging as to Transform my Blog into both a Blog & a Vlog .. And also, from getting this Ptoduct Line up and running.

I have surely set off some confusion as to my future plans in Blogging.

So I want to Apologize to my readers for this, and provide that explanation should you wonder where I've been.

I'm not leaving Blogging, I'm just perfecting thr quality of my own content.

.. Investing in my own work ~ Once again.

So for today,,

All I can do is feed you some bikini pictures of my much needed day off, in this scorching hot July, with one of my longest standing  girlfriend's Kim.