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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

My First Interview: With Myself On Skin Care

I Often Get Messages From Woman Asking Me Just How I've Transformed My Skin Over The Years,,

So, I've Decided, That I Would Use Such Questions From Those Emails And Direct Messages As References To Put Together A List Of Q&A, In Hopes Of Answering Every Ones Questions At Once. 

Then I'm putting that Q&A right here, online, so you can all scan through this article for some of my simple tips and tricks based on my own personal Skin Care Choices .

Here are those Questions;

What Over the Counter Products do I use?


Vichy Face Wash, Moisturisers and Serum's : 

• Vichy Purette Thermal Cleansing Foam
• Vichy LiftActiv Supreme 10 Serum
• Vichy LiftActuv Supreme Progressive Anti Wrinkle
• Vichy Aqualia Thermal Night Spa
• Vichy Idealia Smoothing & Illuminating Cream 

I simply can not argue about Vichy anymore.

However, Vichy products used to burn the mess out of my eyes, lately though, I find their new moisturising products absolutely delightful.

I did not purchase any of my Vichy products. Thanks to a very generous girlfriend of mine that works at Vichy, I was pushed into trying these products that I had once disliked back out again.

Retin A :

Retin A is great for large pores, acne, wrinkles and scars.

You can usually purchase a good Retin A from your local Medi Spa.

You can use Retin A on untanned skin. You can not use Retin A while tanning and should refrane from using it too oftem on tanned skin. However, following such things like a Micrdermasion period, or in between periods of time in which you are not tanning, like within those deep dark winter months, than Retin A is Gold!

Since a Micrdermasion is a deep exfoliating process and pushes your skin to a good maximum throughout this process, you're going to want to wait atleast 7 days before adding a Retin A regime to this Microdermabrased Skin.

Following this first application of Retin A, refrain from using Retin A for atleast 3 days inbetween uses, as Retin A is also a powerful exfoliator and can cause incredible Chemical burns to your face until your skin adapts to its paticular chemicals and agents in this very complex product.

What Natural Ingredients do I use the most in my Skin Care Regime?

Mostly blends of Cocao, Tumeric, Hemp, Coconut, Coconut Oil & Potatoes as seen in my Skin Care Line of Facials, DollFace Naturals.

When I do not use products from my own line daily, I do quickly begin to notice my skin becoming more blemished and less firm.

As soon as I begin the DollFace Naturals Regime again, my skin returns back to normal.

All of these Natural Ingredients should be interjectionally used in your Skin Care Regime Daily to keep skin at its Optimum Performance.

What are the most Important Factors, attributed to My Complexion Lately?


Botox effects overactive muscle movement, squinting & forhead wrinkles by creating a flaccid paralysis of over active muscles. Over time these over active muscles can and will create unnecessary Lines and Wrinkles. 

The effects of Botox can not be simulated threw any form of skin care creams, as Botox is directed towards Muscle Movement and not targeted at Skin. Creams, Serums & anything you apply to the face, can only target the direct skin that you are applying it to, it cannot effect Muscle Movement.

This means that, although Skin creams do effect the appearance of fine Lines and Wrinkles by hydrating and plumping the skin, they feed the skin, but they can not, do not, and will not affect effect irregular uneccisary muscle movement. - Like such areas as Squinting or improper eyr alignments,.perhaps an eye brow lift... etc, that Botox can do.

Botox is mostly known for its Huge market in the Cosmetic Industry,  however Botox is also used for a number of Comple Medical Reasons, most of which include clenching of the wrong unnecessary  muscles. This could be either in the face or through out your entire muscular frame - your body, And is great for counteracting things like Muscular Disorder's.

Some of these disorders include such ailments  as; Wrinkles, Belse Palsey, Muscular Distrophy, Spasms, Twitches, Vocal Chords, MS, Excessive Sweating, Allergies, Something about Bladder.. Etc.

Cosmetically we use this stuff on Existing Wrinkles, and for the Forever Prevention of Future Wrinkles. We also use to Relax Superficial Wrinkles. 

Superficial Wrinkles aee wrinkles that are Not quite yet wrinkles set in stone yet. However these are the wrinkles leading to your Non Botoxed future should you let them continue this way. 

I'd rather not.. and no. We do have that choice, it's called Botox.

These Superficial Wrinkles are that are affected by specific targetted Muscle Movements can only be erased by freezing the actual muscle and relaxing the constant glitch in which causes said lines. This flaccid paralysis can be used for such things around the jaw and mouth to ease fine lines for some one who may have spent a career non stop talking, laughing, Signing or smoking.

These Superficial lines are created from those constant same movements that you make with your face every day. Habits you've created, stress you've went threw, and the entire rest of your life's journey,
can all start to show up on your face.

This means, that at the end of the day, 1000 squints will appear to be a couple Wrinkles.. 

But,, 365 days is a year, a couple years is..  

" Fuk No! How Did This Happen? "


We Relax the squints, an oddball Expressions, We release those Tension Headaches, and the Wrinkles begin to disapear until most just fade away. 

The faster you stop this excessi e Muscular Movements, the more you skin should cease to crease.

Ignore those Superficial Wrinkles tho, and as per mentioned, within a couple years these specific Wrinkles caused by over active Muscle Movements will be your most prominent, actual Wrinkles.

~ Like 'The Old lady Chronicles of Your Face', Chapters 1 thru 128 Volume 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

At this point, you will require either massive Microdermasions, both fillers and botox, or even worse,, also a FaceLift.

Ladies, lets not go that doen that trail. Skin Wise, Health Wise, the Big Mac Trail, The Slack Trail, The I'll Just Deal With Wrinkle Trail, is a Trap! We have to do our own conscious thinking about our entire future's early should we want to live it the way we want to.

Should you instead, as I insist, start a proper Botox Regime, Mapped by a Well Recognised Injector or Well Known Exceptional Plastic Surgeon, at an appropriate age, while facing those appropriate Superficial Wrinkle Problems,, 

The only problem you'll ever have, is as I'd like to quote the awesome Dr. Andrew Ortin's response to that Question, was,

" Simple. Less Wrinkles. "

*** My Favorite Ontario Local Injectors Are:

A|| Dr. Barr in Sudbury Ontario, even though you already know this as it's all over EcoBlondeCom.

And my other favorite place is,

B|| The Powder Room located in the Absolutely Brilliant Port Credit, Just outside Toronto.

Both are excellent choices. Through out my own experiences, I no longer go any where else other than these  2 places.

Understand more about How To Pick The Right Injector, by checking out my article on Botox and Facial Mapping when you are done scanning this page for tips. I'll leave that link at the bottom of this page.


Smoothes out Acne Scars, Discoloration & access build up around pores, vacumes black/white heads, clears complexion. 

The results of a Good Microdermabrasion are always a Smoother Less Blotchy Appearance and a Tear Jerking Experience.


Moisturiser helps keep the skin clear by allowing skin the necessary moisture it needs without having to over compensate for a lack of either Moisture or Hydration, by mass producing oils or even the opposite, not, and completely drying out.

This causes this either Dehydrated or Dry skin to become irritated. 

Both Dehydration and Dryness, as well as these compensated oils, cause Pimples, Blackheads & Whiteheads, Wrinkles and/or Flakes, etc, as a reaction to this unbalance in the requirements given for your specific Skin Type to Excel.

Furthermore, Moisturiser Moistens Soft Lines, as well as Plumps both Superficial, Existing Wrinkles and Crowes Feet.

The plumping action plumps the skins surface like a sponge by soaking up and retaining that much needed moisture. It can also help Heal, Deplete and Prevent Superficicial Wrinkles within the Skins surface, lighten existing Wrinkles, and help with things like say Crowes Feet and what not, from appearing .


I use Plants on my face as much as possible.

When I stop with the Plants, my Skin  stops working with me, and starts to work against me.

There for, Plants are one of the Most Necessary Parts of My Whole Regime! 

Thats why,, My Line, DollFace Naturals Facials & Scrubs are made up of nothing but 100 % Plants.

We've talked Botox.. But what is the difference between Botox and Filler ?

Filler can be used to Create Volume in the Skin, To Fix Volume Loss, or to Fill Wrinkles that can not be fixed by Flaccid Paralysis (Botox).

Does Botox Hurt?

No, Nada, Zip. Mosquitoes bite harder.

Down time: If your Injector has a heavy hand (and I do not disagree with this), it may take approx one day to get rid of the light/heavy head. A large amount of units may make you want to take a nap.

Refrain from lying down for 4 hours, some Injectors recomend.

Does Filler Hurt?

Ouch ~ Yes Fill is a little prick.
A deeper one, that I don't love, but am entirely fearless of. I still love my Fill. 
~ Don't judge me.

While recieving your Fill, you're really just excited to see your youth back, you really wont care about a little prick, believe me.

The Injectors are usually pretty entertaining, they're quite good at distracting you from any pinches. 

It's a lot of " Squint ", " Unsquint, and small talk actually, so there's nothing to be afraid of.

It does swell a bit for some, and down time can be up to about 5 days for facial swelling and make up.

My face is soft tissue, I'm a 5 day downtime, no make up for this girl, type of Client.

What do I do when I have a Pimple Attack?

I look for Potatoes, I slice em, and stick em on my face. Potatoes are great for Healing and Cleaning Up Bacteria.

I'll grab the vinegar if I ate too much chocolate. Chocolate messes me up, and I eat a lot of it!

If it needs to be followed with an application of Retin A, I find Retin A works really well for this. One application though, and leave it be.

Don't over do it, Natural Ingredients like vinegar can still irritate your skin. Find one Natural Ingredient that shrinks that little perv and use once maybe 2ce a day, for one or 2 days, then stop.

What other Skin Care Regimes or Procedures that I use, would I Consider the Most Effective and can Attribute to this Recent Transformation of My Skin?

Kate at the Delta in Mississauga on Dixie does a reallly awesome Led Facial I've absolutely fallen in love with!

Come back later and check out that Blog HERE:


What Cover Up am I Wearing in these Pictures?


They were super CHEAP. Like 5$ cheap.

I grabbed them fast on the fly when I didnt have my cover up on me.  I don't usually buy cheap cover up, I just happened too on that day, a-and it happened to be very photogenic.

As a wearable cover up, I found the NYX WONDER STICK a little thin for my oily skin, and need to be picky about my cover ups, they usually run me about 80- 120$.

But I used a good layer of the NYC CITY PROOF MATTE underneath to strengthen the bond. 

This stuff has a good hold for Oily Skin, I often find myself mixing it in now with my better, more expensive but less bonding brands.

However, I'm sure if you do not have my accessive Italian oil problems, then these couple items will probably be Great­čĺ» Items for your cosmetics pouch, Make up box, whatever you stush your make up in..

Do I Tan? 

Even though I know better and was taught to stay out of the sun in Esthetics College, I tan like a like a water loving Molecule loves water. I am a Sun Loving, Sun Soaking, Sun Speading, Sun Bather.

I can suntan like I rely on sun to live, the hotter the sun, I couldnt be happier.

But doesnt Sun Cause Wrinkles? Shouldnt I be starting to Pruin by now?.. I mean, Ive been 28 Forever now, for a pretty long time..

Yes, Perhaps I should be a pruin, but I Follow a proper Skin Care Regime, and try and Reverse and Preserve as well as possible.

Why I Gave Up Blush.

After years of being obsessed with it, I've decided it's Tacky. That is all.

What filter was used for these pictures? Did you edit your skin?

None.. I think..
Hi Def. 
Is Hi Def a filter? or is it just Hi Def ? 
If it's a filter.. Then thats the filter I use all the time.

Sometimes I mess around with Highlights and saturation, but thats mostly for landscapes, not selfies.

And No I didn't use a finger swipe editor for my face.

1) My Pics Art suddenly creates weird dots when I go to use it the face fix swipe option, so I stopped using it.

2) All in appropriate timing, as I dont need to anymore since I practice a great skin care regime of which has taken me years of schooling, work, and self trial and error to learn how to maintain.

What about Camera Angles?

Yes, Angles are the most important to get right when taking selfies.

Don't believe any picture truly the real existance of what it is, I literally took 50 or so snaps to get a good 10 I like, and on top of that, I also know my angles pretty well by now, so I can get those couple good shots a lot easier than the average person who just snaps 1 or 2.

Lighting does a lot, the angle, the sun hitting from behind you or beside you, perhaps in front of you, will determine what shapes and lighting gets picked up.. or what you don't want to pick up..

Like pores.. 

Pores, Make up and Sunlight angles can be fucking problems.. Enough to screw up every picture you just took from that specific angel.. Especially if your using a Samsung Camera! Those Samsung's pick up everything! They go as far as to make a pore look like an actual crater from the moon.


I snap a couple in a 360, I get a well lit few on a couple good angles, and thats it, awesome enough selfies.

Eventually you get an idea if which sun liy angle will provide the best pictures and it gets easier to pick your stance.

I'd guestimate that selfies are actually 40 % Skin Care and make up, and about 60 % Percent Lighting and Angles.

And Finally.. Eyebrows. How do I get them so Fleek?

Bushy but groomed. Less Tweezing more Trimming.

Every time I treeze to shape lately Im dissappointed, lighting again can be an asshol├Ę on so many levels.

And I dont like my Eyebrows thin any more, so I have no chances to mess up.

I happen to like them just cleaned up and trimmed a tiny bit now, so that routine works put well for me.