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Friday, 21 July 2017

WITCH DR Pain Spray • Availlable For Purchase

Well it's been a MISSION getting these Labels in check!

Apparently the Pics Art App I'm using for editing isn't very compatible to the Label sizing for my Labels. 

The Pics Art Pixels are just to big to fit on 3 by 4 inch Labels, and was breaking & blurring once I'd placed the Picture on the Canvas/ or Template.

After hours of help from my good friend, we came up empty handed, and it was time to get some sleep,, perhaps refresh, then get back to this tiny head ache after re assessing the currant issues at hand.

I finally came up with some solutions..

Got past learning how to turn the printer on,,

and VOILA!

LABELS, PRINT OUTS, ETC... The display is getting closer to FINI!

Relief For Migraines, Fibromaelgea, Arthritis Pain Caused By Inflammation, Inflammation, Sprains ,Strains, Stiffness, Calcium Deposits, Tendonitis, Back Ache, Tired Feet & Itching & Pain.


Plant Based Ingredients :




Other Ingredients :


Our Chaga has been through a Duo Extraction Process. 

A Duo Extraction Process is both a Water extraction and an Ethanol extraction.

The Chaga is extracted in the Ethanol for at least 6 weeks while creating the Ethanol based tincture.

Then extracted again, in Water.

The Ethanol based tincture is actually good for the chaga, and used to bring out nutrients from the chaga that a plain water extraction cannot.


How Did DollFace Naturals Pain Spray Get It's Name WITCH DR?

1|| The Witch Dr recipe was inspired by a Medicine Man I happened to work with for almost 2 decades, named Ken Chow. 

Ken knows a thing or to around some plants, but for the most part he didn't always make a lot of sense, especially some of his Remedies, though they did work.. I'll just never understand Bear Grease. 

I couldn't really call Ken a Medicine Man, he was Chinese that grew up of Native Heritage.. So I'd always joke and call him a Witch Dr instead.

2|| As we all know,, Way back when it was considered that Witches practiced Herbalism. Woman who were thought to be Herbalists were then considered witches instead, and then killed. Though none of the woman murdered in 1672 were actually Herbalists ,, or Witches..They were in fact, all innocent, by standing woman, fallen victims to Social Panic in a Totalitarian Society.

Herbalist have just never, ever, been given the respect they desserved, and to this day, plants don't get the credit that they desserve because so much got lost in all the magic hype and Hooey, & lost down the wrong rabbit holes when neither should have ever had any relevance to each other. It's kind of like the Marijuana or Reefer Madness Disproportion.. Although It just doesnt egsist like that. Although Funny, Not so funny for the woman of 1672.


3|| I have the biggest thing for Dr's.
Not all Dr's, just smart ones. Not even Dr's ..  Dr's are Blah.. Plastic Surgeons ~ I like Plastic Surgeons,, They're Dreamy.
 ~ And thats when addressing a man as Dr, becomes a Total Turn On!

These 3 Simple & Oddball facts, irrelevant yet entirely relevant, came together like so, and the name WITCH DR, as odd as it is ~ Just fit.

And WITCH DR it was.. Is.


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Sizes :

120ML - 20$ plus tax & shipping

600ML - 70$ plus tax & shipping

1 Liter - 100$ plus tax & shipping

Sorry, Canadian Shipping Only. 

DollFace Naturals