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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Medical Marijuana • Indica Versus Sativa • What's The Difference & Why Does It Matter


Until recently, upon the opening of these many great Dispensaries, I've always ordered my green from random people, with no selection of what I was getting into, just happy to get my much needed relief.

I had a vague understanding of it all,, 

I mean, I could tell good weed from medeocre weed, and I did have a few preferences.. but any ol' plant was fine for any occasion really.

I've had a love for those Domina's, the Green Crack,, .. Green Lizard, oh I've loved me some of her. Turns out those were Indica's.

.. And that sweet sweet smelling Sour Diesy, that's a Sativa,, I'll take some of that anytime!

But of course, my all time favorite has always been that Jack Harare, she's my queen and I'll never say no to her.

I may even, or may not evrn, be able to grow a good plant ot 2... ..

.. But irrelevant to all these years of smoking.. baking... and so forth,,

Until now, I've had No actual knowledge of the individual strands characteristics, and the true effects of these unique and various Strains, or the difference between them. 

I also had no clue between the difference of  an Indica or a Sativa.

I didn't know the benefits as to which plants should be directed for igsactly what specific required use, or how to use them to their best vantages.

Over the years however, I have noticed that some weed has made me sleepy, or I supose the correct term fot that would be - Couch Lock.

Mostly my daily routine has helped me Focus, Create, Regulate or Manage Pain, to Regain my Appetite & also to Digest.

Both Sativa And Indica are good for Digestion, as both of them give you Munchies. 

Both Sativa and Indica are also good for Stimulating Creativity.

And as most of it does help me create I'd say,,

I'll agree however, 
I'm definitely more creative when what I'm smoking that day, doesnt knock me out before I'm done accomplishing said Creation/ Project/ etc.

On a regular day I'm either Day Napping and Heavy Eyed, Blitzed and Wanting my Bed..


I'm Wide Awake and Accomplishing 100 Things at Once, one after the other, Creatively tapping into my Various Marijuana Enhanced Qualities, and of course Hundred Million Unfinished Projects.

One or the other. That's just how it's been.

I do smoke weed every day, and also for the majority of my life.

I use it to Function Over All.

Infact I use it Before and After I do pretty much Anything.

I use it for Pain, I use it for Writing, I use it for Art, I use it for Inspiration, I use it for Motivation.

I use it to Keep That Calm, Chill Composed Vibe I just couldn't pull off without it.

I use it to create an Appetite, and directly after, I use it to help me Digest.

I use it for Thinking, Focus, and Breaking down my very Unique set of thoughts - I use it for Clarity.

I use it to Create Solutions out of Complications,,

I use it to Slow Things Down when everythings Coming In Too Fast.

I use it to Sort Out the Thousand Thoughts when they start colliding in my head.. I use it when my Projects become an Over Whelming Blurr.

I also use it to Speed Myself Up, like when I need to clean the House or when I need to get ready to Get Out of the House.

I use it for Enjoyment.

I use it at the Beach, From Sunrise to Sunset, it's never farther than my closest purse.

I use it to Shop.. I've even used it to Party.. 

I use it to Relax, I use it to Go to Bed.

I use it to Wake Up,,

.. And I use it because, It's just Fucking Awesome!


What it came down to however, is... 

That since I couldn't choose my Strain, I could then not choose the Effects, nor choose my Buzz, my Blitz-ness, my Creativity or Clarity. 

I could not control as to weather I would, or would not, need a "Day Nap". I just smoked because it helps. It all helps something really, and I just qrudged along with the sometimes, burnt out consequences.

I hadn't really realised, though I had previously been made aware of, without focusing on, the fact that some Strains are specifically Designed and even Hybrid for such Vices such as; Pain Relief, Nervous Tension, Anxiety, Stress, Potheadishness, Couch Lock, I cant find my Home, Day Naps.. and so forth.. ..

While others are grown and distributed directly for Creativity, a Stimulant, Happiness, Function, and Focus.

I didn't yet realise that as a blogger I would want to choose a Sativa for Creativity during the day, and that my Good Night Blitz goes a lot better paired with a good Indica.

All I really have to say now is,

Thank God for these Dispensaries, Thank God for Choices.. Options.. 
This Pothead finally has her Due Freedom.  - Even tho it's only an inch, and I still want more!... ..

.. Thank God for SCIENCE.


Now that we have the options, and a person with a little Strand Knowledge, often behind the desk, it's easier to learn what your actually looking for. 

A-and it's easier to be in control of your own day, by actually being able to purchase and use these plants correctly to their best advantages and abilities.

I can finally actually enjoy and truly appreciate the actual smells of that Designer Name I've ordered, knowing I'm actually getting the Strain I've been told that I'm getting, and have Ordered.. Legally, Wonderfully and Happily.

I can now choose between Sativa or Indica, Or I can mix and match.. A little of this, a little of that... .. This time that... That time this... ..

It really has helped create clarity into the Topic In Discusion today.


For today's article I chose a nice Sour Diesel, a Sativa, for Creativity, Clarity and Focus. Next thing you know,This article was done.

And for bed I'm gona jump into a bag of Stinky Pinky, an Indica Hybrid of the Domina family.. ✌

Tout Fini.