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Saturday, 3 June 2017

DIY Pine Tree Curtain Rod With Rope Loops • From Fallen Tree To Fab Furniture

Recently we had a wild storm that caused a lot of our trees to fall down all over the city.

So, I decided to turn this messy, fallen tree disaster in into an opportunity to Recycle one.

And I went hunting for a Fresh, Unrotted Fallen Tree.

Originally I wanted a stump for the 'Loftice' ( Office/ Loft )Bathroom beside the tub.

To my delight I found A beautiful long Pine Tree, ripped from the ground at the roots.

And I had quite the ling window to cover, I quickly thought to myself,,

"What a gorgeous curtain rod that would make!"

After making sure the tree was entirely straight, I then lugged this tree across the property & brang it into the WorkShop & preceeded to peel the bark off.

Once peeled, I then, immediately BLEACHED my Pine Tree for CRITTERS.

Your going to want to bleach your tree, or any type outdoor wood pieces, for atleast 24 hours by painting a nice thick coat of bleach on it ~ Enough to saturate the wood enrirely through thouroughly. 

Apply a couple coats of this bleach,, 

Dump cups of bleach over it,, 
Whatever ~ Just make sure its bleached.

Nobody wants critters.

The next day I placed my dry bleached tree in a clamp.

And began to hand sand. 

Yep, I hand sanded and away at this tree for 3 days and a next morning. 

Relentlessly, while watching my nails break off and bearing cuts on my hands,,

I officially had MAN HANDS, and wood dust in every orphus, Including every one of my pores.

By Day 4, I had finally cut the roots off & got around to the wood filler. I was full out rocking a whole new hand look,,

Exxxtraaaaa Wrinklyyyyy !!!

I called it Canadian Tire Chic and went with it.

~ Right into the Washroom.

For A 'Sorina • Dedicated To Sorina' Hemp Facial, from my New Line DollFace Naurals,

And then,,,

For the longest bubble bath of all life !!!

Pores Clean & It's Day 5 : It's Time To Sand One Last Time!

.. And On To Stain!

The swearing is over and I'm starting to appreciate all that hard work on my one of a kind Pine Tree.

I hung the tree between a boat and a tractor,, Maybe it was not a tractor,, I don't know,, some kind of man machine anyways.

And gave My Pine Tree Curtain Rod 4 Clear Coats within the next 48 hours.

And Voila !! A Curtain Rod.


• Find Fallen Tree

• Peel

• Bleach

• Sand

• Chop End or Ends

• Fill Cracks w Wood Filler

• Stain x 4

• Fini


I wanted to creat a Beach home theme to my Sudbury Home Away From Home Office, since the whole office here was actually an idea prompted by the purchase of my new Kayak!

So I chose Rope Hooks.

Sounds easy huh?

42 Rope Hooks for 5 Shower Curtains..


I think it became easy after Rope Hook 35, thats when Rope Hooks got easy.

For easy Rope Hooks,, use thiner rope.

For awesome ass Rope Hooks,, prepare to burn your fingers.

I cut each rope same length as the last. Each rope length was cut to just over a foot or so. ~ Just enough to tie and hang.

To keep the rope loops all the same size I used a large alcohol bottle to wrap them around as i tied them. It worked out quite well.


• Cut Each Rope just Over A Foot

• String Rope Threw Curtain (or Shower Curtains - they work great)

• Wrap Rope Around Bottle  

• Tie loosely & Double Knott

• Make Sure Loops Are Large Enough To Fit Over Entire Tree 


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