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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The Sorina • Dedicated To Sorina • Part Of DollFace Naturals Hemp Collection

I've had the opportunity to meet some pretty amazing woman along the years? 

My job as a Herbalist tends to take me across Ontario quite often,,

Often us girls would be travelling together, and many of us would split on a room, as it cuts down on the expenses 
~ and also of course, helps pass the time.

One woman in particular,,
When it came to beauty products, this woman really had her shit together.

Her name was Sorina,, 
& Sorina my darling, was from Romania.

As I've known so many woman, and have shared many rooms,,
I've never seen any one have such an immaculate routine for both health and... ~ Well whatever it takes to be a woman, such as Sorina did.

She would get up in the morning from the fluffiest white sheets and the fluffiest white duvey,, 
Jump on the shower and start her  super fresh morning routine.

Sorina would have the entire place smelling like the most beautiful of shower gels, with the most beautiful of scents!

Shower Gels, unlike most, that would miraculously linger for hours, and continue to make the room smell delicious.

.. Shower Gels, that to this day I am still oblivious about.

Over the course of the time I had known Sorina, I've never actually seen her age.

Infact I have really only seen Sorina... 


It was only recently I even came across the notion, that perhaps this ANTI/ AGING/ REVERSE AGING EFFECT could possibly be attributed from the Hemp Oil she used to keep in the fridge?

So I asked Sorina If she would actually attribute her IMMACULATE & VERY TAUNT SKIN CONDITION to the Hemp Oil that she had been drinking,, 
And as to weather or not she was still drinking it.

She replied that she is indeed still drinking the Hemp Oil, and that she would absolutely attribute the condition of her impeccable skin to this very oil!

Since asking Sorina this question, I have picked up  a couple bottles of my own, and  I really did love this oil. 

Like many oils you can easily follow up your oil care routine with this very oil. 
Ex, your oil cleanser, Moisturizer, Elixer, Oil Pulling Routines, & so on.

So when DollFace Naturals put out our NEW HEMP LINE, We decided to name it after Sorina for her amazing contribution to the future neccesary knowledge I needed to create this very line! ~ The Hemp Collection.


How Now Green Cow ?


The Essential Fatty Acid in HEMP actually resemble the lipids in our own skin.

This makes Hemp and Hemp Oil a PRIME INGREDIENT for our own skin care routines,,

As we help replace damaged and weakening lipids with healthy refreshed lipids that react the closest to our own skins chemistry, and will there for.. Get along the best while providing the the maximum accessable protection and nutrients those lipids require to remain healthy

All this means is that these Fatty Acids are Essential to the Oil Production, the Moisturization and the Hydration of your Skin.

The Hemp plant is an abundant source of EFA's and Our Skin need EFA's. 

EFA's are your Omega's! 

Omega 3, 6 & 9 are the Fatty Acids in the Hemp Plants most mirrored lipids to the make up of our own Skin.

The Omega Fatty Acids are what assist in the protection and rejuvenation of our skin and are essential to a Well Balanced & Beautiful Skin Care Regime.

Hemp provides the moisure and oils necessary to help protect the skin from feeling like it has to overconpensate for improper facial care.

Skin Needs Oil. 

These Oils also contain Hydration, and Hydration means water ~ You need that too.

Basically Your Skin Needs A Healthy Balance Of Both Moisture & Hydration.

When your skin doesnt get enough of the healthy oils (Moisture ) & Water (Hydration) that it needs,,
It begins to over compensate by either over producing oils, or becoms dry. Sometimes you'll find mismatchy patches of

Lack of both moisture or hydration can also dry out skin, causing both wrinkles, and acne from irritation. 

Our Hemp Collection

DollFace Signature Hemp Collection Consist of 2 Absolutely Wonderful Products! Today We're Discussing The Sorina ! Tipsy Needs A Whole Page To Herself!

Our First ~ and One of Our Absolute Favorites in The Entire DollFace Line,,
Our Incredible Hemp Facial !,,
Our Little Lipid Lover,,



For This Mask We Are Going To Use Our Baked Method To Extract The Nutrients From The Mask Just Before Application.

The Sorina, Is Actually The Inspiration For This Particular Method. 

We Thought It Was Rather 

Our Mask's Are An Enrirely Offset Idea To Any Other Mask You've Ever Used Before!

And Even Though We Like To Call This Routine The Baked Method,, 
It's Actually A Little More In likeness To Steeping Tea.

You'll See This Routine Often In DollFace Products & Face Masks !!!

Don't Worry We Also Have The Baked Method Filed For You Online For Easy Access, Under The Baked Method.

First,, Your Going To Ad The As Directed Amount Of  Water For Your Mask.

This Water Is Going To Be Either Warm Or Hot Like A Tea Temperature.

This Hot Water Temperature Will Extract More Of The Nutrients From The Hemp, Just Like It Extracts Tea When You Make Tea.

You Are Now Doing Your First Water Extraction For Cosmetic Purposes!

You've Done These Extractions Many Times Before, Perhaps You Haven't Noticed That Every Time You've Made a Pot of Tea,, 
That Was An Extraction. 

Your Daily Coffee,, 
That is an extraction 
Of The 
Coffee Bean. 

These Are Called Water Extractions.


Feel Free To Wait Any Amount Of Time From 3 Minutes To 2 Hours While Your Mask " BAKES. "

These Masks Require A Lot Of Water To Adhere To The Face Properly. 

Infact,, A Tiny Bit Of Powdered Product Goes A Very ~ Very Long Way.

So Your Going To Want To Add Enough Water To Make A Soup like or shake like liquid - Kind Of Like A Thick Butternut Squash Soup or thick smoothie.

Adding Just A Tiny Bit Of Water Using A Tiny Cuppet, Start Stirring In About A Tablesppon To 3 Of Water.
~ Until You Have Brang It Down To That Desired Liquidy Paste.

Should Your Mask Not Be Easily Painting  Or Adhering To Your Face Properly,, 
Ad More Water, Your Paste Is 2 Dry.

Should You Go Ahead And Ad To Much Water,,

Simply Put The Mixing Bowl To The Side And Give It An Hour.


Add More Powder Product. Remember tho, A Little Goes A Long Way. So Just A Pinch AtATime Until You Replenish The Desired Texture.

The Liquid If Left,, 
Will Soon Turn Into A Gel Like Solid. 

This Gel Is Also Now A Wonderful Texture Just Waiting For You To Ad A Tiny Bit More Water Back To The Mass. ~ And Voila Your Mask Has Been Saved.

It's Now Perfectly Extracted,  And Ready To Apply.

So If You  Happen To Mess Up,,
There Pretty Easy To Correct.


Paint The First Layer On Your Face, Either Using A Cosmetic Paintbrush, A Paintbrush, Or Your Hands.

Let The Mask Thicken To Your Face For Anout A Minute.

Apply A Second, And 3rd Layer, Until You Are Happy With The Coverage On Your Face.


These Masks Can Be Left On From Anywhere 10 Minutes To 45 To An Hour

They Are Entirely Safe And Will Not Burn Your Skin. Check For Allergies Before Applying The Mask, That's All We Ask. 
Make Sure You Are Not Allergic To The 100 Percent Natural Ingredients.

Should You Feel Your Mask Get Tight Or Dry, Simply pat down with dampened Hands To Replenish Some Of That Moisture. 
You Can Also Mic These Nasks With A Bit Of Oil So They Remain Even Softer.

When You Are Ready To Remove The Mask,, 
This Is Time To Start Part 2 Of Your Mask ~ The Exfoliation Process.

With Your Wet Hands, Begin To Scrub The Mask Around Your Face, In Soft Circular Motions.

You Will Now Notice The Wonderful Texture Coming Back To Life.

This Is Such A Nice And Gentle Creamy Massage For An Exfoliation That Is Actually This Powerful. 

These Masks Are So Rich, You'll Actually Notice The More You Scrub Them Around Your Face, The Better Your Masky Coverege Is Actually Getting!

While Gently Scrubbing The Mask Into Face, Don't Forget To Spread And Gently Scrub That Mask Into Your Kneck And Chest. 

We Tend To Neglect Our Knecks.

Stop it.

Who wants a clear wrinkless Face With Chicken Neck Though ~ Seriously.

Start remembering That Precious Attachment To Your Face Today Please.. The Future Is Closer To Your Face Than You Thin, There Are No Reasons To Wear Turtle Knecks In The Summer.

So Keeping Up With Our Instructions...


You Have Added Just Enough Water To Make A Soup Like Or Smoothie Like Paste !!!

( This Mask In Particular Go's On So Beautifully Your Really Will Be Amazed )

For Our Hemp Facial In Particular, You Can Use Either A Nice Sized Paint Brush, preferably From Tour Local Art Store As They Will Heva A Nicer Selection Of Prettier Softer Brushes Scceptable For Your Face. 


Your Hands,,
It's That Freaking Pliable !!!
It Will Still Go On Thick And Incredibly !!!

At Thd End,,

This Gorgeous Hemp Mask Just Needs To Be Patted Down With Water,,

And Will Turn Into A Gorgeous After Mask Exfoliator !!!

Go Ahead And Scub That Mask In For A Really Deep & Incredibly Exfoliating Boost Of  All Your Most Neccesary  Omega's !!!

This Treatment Is As Lovable As A Fresh Microdermabrasion With The Added Boost Of Infusion!


Infact If You Are Recieving Microdermabrasion's And Have Been, Or Are Considering Using  Retin A,,

Try Our Mask Along With Your Microdermabrasion Routines Just As You Would With Your Retin A Routine.

You Can Either Chose To Ditch The Retin A Completely Or Entirely Use It Along Side These Great Aestgetic Solutions To Advance The Quality Of Your Skin And Acheive The Skin Your Aiming For!

Just Remember Just Like Any Other Microdermabrasion, They Request That You Do Not Exfoliatie At All For 5 Days.

If You Proceed To Use This Hemp Mask After A Microdermabrasion, Do Not Use It As An After Mask Exfoliator For At Least 1 To 2 Weeks.

There Is Never A Need To 
Over Exfoliate!

You Can Cause More Damage Than Good!

One Last Breakdown Of Benifits Of Hemp ~ Before I Let You Go!

Omegas 3,6 & 9

**The Lipids Found In Hemp Are The Closest To, And Resemble The Lipids Found In Human Skin. 

There For, Hemp Is The Entirely Best Source For Lipid Health, As These Lipids Interact The Best Together ~ Helping Flush And Mend Damaged Lipids, And To Promote Positive Lipid Health. 

Lipid Health Is One Of Your Skins Most Important Necessities. 

This Is Why This Hemp Facial Truly Does Wonders! 

The Hemp Plant Is Filled With Something Called EFA's Or Essential Fatty Acids. These Are Your Omega's. 

The Lipid Resemblance Is Actually Found In The Hemps High Volume Of Omega's 3, 6 & 9. 

These Are Where You Will Find Your Omegas That Most Closely Resemble Human Lipids.

I am aware that normally I break the very science down for you quite well at a very basic level... ..

But for this,

I've actually been able to find an article that I dont think could have been broken down any better for you
... For once.

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DollFace Naturals


Dedicated To Sorina