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Thursday, 6 April 2017

DollFace Naturals • Vegan Skin Care • No Preservatives ?.. How Now Brown Cow ? πŸ„

" Why Is DollFace Naturals Different Than Any Other Product..

And What's This,, 

You Don't Use Preservative..

How ?? .. Is That Even Safe ??? "

Let Me Breakdown The Very Complex Science Behind Dollface Naturals As Easy As Possible!

DollFace Naturals Was Designed With Careful Examination Of Plants And Their Very Incredible, Very Complex Chemistries, Nutrients, And Effects.

Each Product Is Designed To Bring  Skin To It's Optimum Health, While Set To Target Untamable Skin Conditions,, Before Resorting To Harmful Chemicals Or Medicated Products.

A Lot Of Products Both Chemically Produced, And Naturally Claimed, Make There Products Both Easier & Cheaper To Sell, Buy Adding Preservarives, Fillers, Surfactants... Etc.

Blah Blah Blah...

All I See Is A Bunch Of Stuff We Don't Really Need, Cutting Down The Inegrity Of The Products They Are 
Handing To Us.

I'll Find A Product That Says Natural, Turn It Around,, And Suddenly, I'm Reading Ingredients I Just Don't Agree With

" Damn,, I Thought They Said Natural.
This Shits Not Gona Work ! "
... And I  Put It Down.

I See Companies Trying To Be Natural,,
I See Them Trying To Get The Idea Behind Natural Skin Care,,

But Then I See Them Failing, With Such Unnessicary Ingredients Like,Petrolium Jelly, Waxes, UnFresh Synthetic Products, Fragrances, & Preservatives ~ Just To Name A Few.

Quite Frankly, The Essential Nutrients Of These Plants Are Drowning In Muck, And No None One Seems To Be Able To Tell Us How Much Of The Nutrients Actually Make It To Your Skin Before Absolutely Being Destroyed In This Chemical Warfare.

Some Manufacturers Even Go As Far As To Making Claims That The Dead Minerals Like Petrolium Jelly Are Great For Your Skin. 

Dead Minerals Do Not Belong On Your Skin.

● ● ●

Ok, Let Me Flip The Script A Lil, Maybe These Fillers & Preservatives Are Necissary...

Maybe Cheapening The Ingredients By Adding Liquid And Paste Is Essential To Profit When In Concern To Sales.

Maybe The Company Is Willing To Give Up On Quality, For Some Saved Dollars And Consumer Acceptability when It Comess To Down Design, Fragrance, Acceptance, And Texture.

Keep In Mind A Lot Of These Fragrances Are On Neccasary To Mask The Viscoous Smells Of The Harsh Chemicals Inside Them.

Sure, I see, The Answer Is Obviously, Ad More Chemicals ~ Ok Then.

Perhaps Companies Are Just Truly Mislead While They Cram Things Like Petroleum Jelly In There Products, And Still Believe All This Extra Garbage Is Still " Great For Your Face ".

I Mean,,
They Attempted To Mislead Me In Aesthetics Class Many Times, While They Told Me Things Like ~ To Tell People Parabens Were Good For Them.

When In Fact My Dear Beauties,,
Stay The Fuck Away From Parabens. 

I realised Around This Time, That My Background With General Knowledge, And My Inquisitive Defiant Nature Sprinkled With My Need To Question Everything I Hear,
Makes Me,,

An Aesthetician ~ Gone Totally Rogue.

Even The Way I Have Articulated The Process And Design Of These Skin Care Units And Regimes, Are Entirely Different Than What You Will Normally Find In Your Regular Skin Care Mess Of Confusion.

I Have 17 Years Of Working With Herbs That Have The Same Qualities As The Synthetic Ingredients That I Learned About In Aesthetics Class. This Helped Me Remold, Shape & Target A Healthy Regime To Skin Care Using Plants Instead Of Synthetically Based Ingredients.

I Was Taught How To Break Each Product Down By Label, And Soon After, I Managed To Learn How To Put It All Back Together. 
~ But This Time, Naturally, Using Nothing But Plant Based Ingredients.

This Natural Approach To Aesthetics Has Worked For Me And My Many Clients Across Ontario For Almost 2 Decades Now.

And This My Dears,, 
Justifies My Rogue Intentions.

● ● ●

Einstein Was A Rogue.

You Couldn't Tell Einstein Lies,

Nor Can You Tell Them To Me.

Quite Frankly, I'll Look Them Up.

● ● ● 

Getting Back To The Point At Hand,,

Some Of Those Extra Ingredients As Per Mentioned, Have Purpose. 

Some Of Those Ingredients  Are Meant To Do Thing's Like Bring The Texture Of A Product To Paliable Structure For your Face,, As Other Igredients, Make Up For Things Like Space, Fillers, Preservatives,, Uneccesary Junk like that,, etc.

We've Dicussed That This Results In A Less Favorable Product In Terms Of Improvability,, But Does Show A More Favourable In The Form Of A Lusch Cream For The Consumer...


Even Though It Has A Lower Concentrarion Of Valuble Nutrients, Micro Nutrients, Vitamins, Etc... ?

~ Is This Still Skin Care?


But What If We Could Remove The Preservarives And Fillers Entirely?


We Know The Purpose Of Each Ingredient We Want To Use In The Mask,,

So The Question Becomes,,

How Do We Make The Masks As Paliable Luscious & Enjoyable To The Consumer,, Without Adding Surfactants, Without Adding Presservatives, & Without Adding The Nonsense,,, 

While Making These Masks Easy To Use ?

Like Just Ad Water, Kind Of Easy.

I Knew What I Wanted
To Deliver. 

The Same Simple Plant Based Skin Care Routine I Use At Home To Target My Own UnCalmly Often Unsightly Skin,

Using Plant Based Ingredients That Make Perfect Scientific Sense! ~ All Of Which I've Been Breaking Down For You Using The Sciences Behind Them Throughout The Last 2 Years Via EcoBlonde.Com. 

I Also Wanted To Deliver A Skin Care Regime That Works On Even The Most 
Explosive Of Skin 

It Was Now About Chemistry ~ Paliability And Integrity.

I Do Not Cut My Products With Fillers Or Oats. 

I Repeat ~ You Will Find No Oats In DollFace Naturals Products !

Instead,, What I've Done With DollFace Naturals Is :

I Have Designed The Perfect Set Of Lush Mask Mixes, Using The Perfect Set Of Concentrated Plant Based Ingredients That Do Contour Beautifully To The Face.

And What I Can Do Is :

I Can Give You A Product Before Its Been  Juiced Up, Sized Up And Straight Ruined With A Bunch Of Liquidy Preserve Garbi-age. A Product That's Targetted For You Own Specific Skin Condition. 

I'm Can Offer You :


The Straight Remedies ~ UnCut !

All You Have To Do Is, 

Ad Water !!! 

You Can Also Try Using Coconut Oil, Vegan Yougurt, Our Chagga  Tinctures, Or Tea As Mask Mix Instead Of Water.

I've Made This As Easy & Ready Set Go As Possible, And Have Even Created An Online Link For Your Personal Reference, Called The Baked Method, Instructions To All DollFace Facial Masks And Scrubs. You'll Find That Link At The Bottom Of This Page.

With Each Set Of Mask's, I Even Set You Up With A Little Mixing Bowl And Serving Spoon, So It's That Much More, Ready To Use !

Its Almost Like Grown Up Easy Bake, But This Is Skin Care & Now Your Playing With Chemistry.

Because Your All Grown Up Now,,

And Worried To Death About Your Precious Skin !

So Let Us Help.

Let EcoBlonde.Com Help, 
I've Got DIY's & Advice For Days!

Let DollFace Naturals Help, We've Got Products That Are Designed To Make A Difference.

They Just Don't Look Like Your Average Products,,

It's Cause They're Not. 

They're Skin Care ~ Bottled.