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Thursday, 23 March 2017

The BAKED Method • Online Instructions For DollFace Naturals BAKED Facials

This Article Is Here As An Easy Online Reference Of Instructions For Your DollFace Naturals Facial Masks!

For An In Detail Reference, Bookmark This Page And Refer Back To Here When Necessary!

Why Did We Call It The Baked Method You Ask?

Because This Mask Is An Enrirely Offset Idea To Any Other Mask You've Ever Used Before!

You Will See This Routine Quite Often In  Our DollFace Natural  Products & Facial Mask Regimes !!!

The Name Of This Bake Method Process, Was Actually Inspired By Our Hemp Collection, The Sorina, In The Experimental Stages, While Waiting For The Pastes To Set And Extract.

The Process Is Actually Called A Warm, Or Hot Water  ~ Extraction. 

If You Have Purchased DollFace Facial Mask Products,, 

Then These Are The Instuctions Your Going To Want To Follow. As Per Mentioned, This Page Will Always Be Here For Your Reference Should You Ever Need Them.

Read Closely, These Instructions Are All About Texture & Manageability!

Don't Always Expect Me To Take Great Selfies,, I mean.. It's A Green Mask.

Instructions To :

The Baked Method 

First,, Your Going To Ad The As Directed Amount Of  Warm Water For Your Mask. 

Slowly Via TableSpoon.

This Water Should Be Either Warm, Or Hot Like A Tea Temperature.

This Hot Water Temperature Will Extract More Of The Nutrients we Need From The Plants & Plant Based Masks, For Our Skin's Ultimate Health.

You Are Now Doing Your First Water Extraction For Cosmetic Purposes!

You've Done These Extractions Many Times Before, Perhaps You Haven't Noticed That Every Time You've Made a Pot of Tea, That This Was An Extraction... But It Has Been. 

Your Daily Coffee,,
That is an extraction Of The Coffee Bean. 

These Are Called Water Extractions.


Feel Free To Wait Any Amount Of Time From 3 Minutes, To 2 Hours While Your Mask BAKES.

...Or Extracts Per Say,, Before 
Applying The Mix To Your 

This Process Is Also Softening Up The Grains And Provides A Nicer Silkier Mask.

These Masks Do Require A Lot Of Water To Adhere To The Face Properly For That Nice Lush Mask Texture.

A Tiny Littlest Bit Of Product Goes A Long Way. We Put Way More Than Neccessary Into The Packages To Ensure Your Happy With Your Facial And Can Literally Slop And Cake It On.

When Really This Is Unnessacary. 

What We Assume You'll Use In One Mask Trying To Be 'Facial Queen Spa Day At Home' Super Omega To The Rescue... 

You Could Really Make 4 To 5 Masks With It!

But We Wont Make You, However I Have Just Given You A Giant Tip On How To Get The Most Bang From Your Dollar.

More Mask On Your Face At Once Really Only Equals ~ More Mask On Your Face,.Perhaps Some Added Luxury To It All..

So, While Mixing,, Think Soup Or Smoothie Like ~ Not A Thick Paste But A Nice Soup.

Heaven • Intense Healing & Tightening Facial & SunSpot Treatment

Your Going To Want To Slowly Keep Ad ing Enough Water To Make This Soup Or shake like liquid,, howevwr Don't  Start Making Koolaid Either. 

Kind Of Like A Thick Butternut Squash Soup.

Should You Find That Your Mask Is Not Painting To Your Face easily or Beautifully,, 

Ad More Water, Your Paste Is 2 Dry And Is Probably More Of A Paste Than A Quality Eay To Apply Mask.

Should You  Accidently Go Ahead And Ad To Much Water To The Mask,, Simply Put The Mixing Bowl To The Side, And Give The Product About An Hour Or So To Gel.

The Liquid Will Soon Turn Back Into A Solid  Or Gel Like Texture.

You May now Go Ahead And Ad A Tiny Bit More Water Back To The Mass. 
~ And Voila Your Mask Has 
Been Saved.

And Is Perfectly Extracted, And Ready To Apply.


Paint The First Layer On Your Face, Using Either A Cosmetic Paintbrush Or Your Hands. Both Work Wonderfully.

Let The Mask Thicken To Your Face For A Minute.

Apply A Second, And 3rd Layer, Until You Are Happy With The Coverage On Your Face.

Wait It Out.

These Masks Can Be Left On From Anywhere  Betweem 10 Minutes & 45 Minutes.

Should You Feel Your Mask Get Tight Or Dry, Simply pat down with dampened Hands To Replenish Some Of That Moiture.

This Would Be A Good Time To Start Part 2 Of Your Mask ~ The exfoliation.

With Your Wet Hands, Begin To Massage And Gently Scrub The Mask, All Around Your Face & Chest For A Soft Yet Very Effecrive, Very Efficient Exfoliation. 

You Will Now Notice The Wonderful Texture Of The Mask Coming Back To Life, And Perhaps Even Spreading Better Than Your Original Application.

This Is Such A Nice And Gentle Exfoliation, For One That Is Actually This Powerful.

While Gently Scrubbing The Mask Into Face, Don't Forget To Spread And Gently Scrub That Mask Into Your Kneck And Chest, This Skin Needs Love Too.

Leave The Mask Sit/Set For An Additional 5 To 10 Minutes,, 
Freshly Slothed, And Slothy.

Remember Just Enough To 
Make A Very Wet Soaking Paste !!!

The Sorina • Dedicated To Sorina
Our Omega Mask • Extreme Lipids Advanced Treatment

Don't  Worry We'll Hand You All The Instructions That Come With Each Product ! This Is Just An In Depth Referal So You Can Always Make Sure You Recieve The Best Quality From Your Mask Experience!

When Enough Water Is Added, The Masks Themselves Go On So Beautifully Your Really Will Be Amazed!


You May Also Substitute Many Of Our  Masks With Oil Instead Of Water. 

You Can Substitute Oil For Water With: Coco Nutti, The Sorina Or Tipsy! 

Examples Of Oils You Can Use Are: 

Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Avacado Oil  ... 

• Just Use 1 Tbsn Mix To One Tablespn Oil

These Are Absolutely The Highest Of Quality Masks That You Can Currently Find In Over Priced Spa Treatments Around Ontario, I Have Already Seen Them Priced At $220.00 Per Treatment.


You Can Use Either Find A Nice Sized Paint Brush,,

Preferably From Your Local Art Store As They Will Have A Nicer Selection Of Prettier Softer Brushes Acceptable For Your Face. They Often Actually Carry High End Make Up Brushes. You Can Also Check Your Local Beauty Supply Stores, But Wallmart Or Even The Dollar Store Will Do Just Fine.


You May Use Your Hands,,

It's That Freaking Pliable !!!
It Will Still Go On Thick And Incredibly !!!

Step 2 • Exfoliator

This Gorgeous Hemp Mask Just Needs To Be Patted Down With Water One More Time,,

And Will Turn Into A Gorgeous After Mask Exfoliator !!!

Go Ahead And Scub That Mask In For A Really Deep & Incredibly Exfoliating Boost Of  All Your Most Neccesary  Nutrients !!!

This Treatment Is As Lovable As A Fresh Microdermabrasion With The Added Boost Of Infusion!

Infact If You Are Recieving Microdermabrasion's And Have Been, Or Are Considering Using  Retin A,,

Try Our Mask Along With Your Microdermabrasion Routines Just As You Would With Your Retin A Routine.

You Can Either Chose To Ditch The Retin A Completely Or Entirely Use It Along Side These Great Aesthetic Solutions To Advance The Quality Of Your Skin And Acheive The Skin Your Aiming For!

Just Remember Just Like Any Other Microdermabrasion, TheyDo Request That You Do Not Exfoliatie At All For 5 Days.

So, Please Refrain From The Exfoliation/Scrub Process At This Time And Gently Wash The Mask Off Of Your Face Instead.

These Masks Are  100% Safe To Use At Any Time, And Are Even Able To Be Used Daily.

I Have Personally Spent All Day In These Masks Many Times Working With Their Chemistries, To Get Them Ready For Your Very Luscious Application, Many Times.

The Results: Immaculate Skin.


Should You Proceed To Use These All Vegan 100 % Safe Masks After A Microdermabrasion, And I Do Highly Recommend You Do,,,

Again,, Refremain ( Do Not ) From Using Them As An After Mask Exfoliator For At Least 1 To 1.5 Weeks.

There Is Never A Need To 
Over Exfoliate!

You Can Cause More Damage Than Good!

I provide These Recapp's For Your Personal Retention Purposes.

Should You Purchase DollFace Products,  I know You are Absolutely Love Them!

So, Please Go Ahead And Save These Instruction Pages In An Easily Accessible File Or Folder, For Your Own Easy Reference.

Some Of Our Packaging Is In 15 & 30 ML, It's Hard To Get The Instructions On Them, And We Want You To Be Able To Use These Masks At There Very Best,,

So Follow Instructions Carefully & Enjoy!

This Is How Our Masks Should 
Look Once Applied!
Though I Did Put This One On Rather Thick For The Camera 
To Pick Up.


Kit Von