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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Confessions Of A Humanitarian

(Google Translation)

Todays Confession:

I'm currently realising that I am not so cut out as some one else's employee. 

Especially in Retail! I would SO suck at anything Retail!

Today, as I watched a guy stick 5 chocolate bars in his jacket at once turn to me and say,, 

" You don't work here right? "

I replied "Nope ." .. As I really couldn't give two fucks,, 

I really wasn't even paying attention,,

Looking for Vegan Candy In A Dollar Store takes some concentration... ..

Then, after stuffing them in his pocket, He looked at me with his actually very nice,, very soft,, very young,, And embarrassed face and said,,

" Yo Im homeless", and shrugged like he had to explain to me something to me.

Nope. Nope. Nope... ..

I replied " Bro You Don't gotta Tell Me Nothin, Do What You Gotta Do ". 

As an employee I realise that I really could not / would not stop the underprivileged from living or doing their thing . So I'm not a very good employee.

I'm no one to tell anyone right from wrong & What you need or don't.. 

Except GMO's - So Screw You Monsanto! .. & Except  G20 Riots - that shit aint right. 

But when it comes down to it, I'd never be able to stop a booster from hauling out a tv,, or a bike,, or a tv & a bike ~ Maybe they gotta eat.

I realise I even give a recipe I sell for pain away for FREE to anyone who cant afford it, before they walk away empty handed.

And if you'll notice,,

Except for the chemistry it takes to get these masks able to be Bottled, Sold & Heavenly- Like Pliable to your face,,

I even pretty much give you a lot of the details it takes to make these masks from the comfort of your own home DIY for FREE while explaining what they do.

So.. I'd just like to remind you..

As Per Usual.. 

Feel FREE To Sift Threw My Blog ~ And Steal All My Thoughts!

Apparently ~ I Really Wouldn't Stop You.

** Side Note**


It's really about the PLANTS anyways! 

Not how exquisite I can make the actual mask.

DollFace Naturals is just presenting you with something Strategically More Developed With  A Rich & Luxurious Spa Experience,, that is a little less DIY.

There's plenty of DIY'S in your KITCHEN!


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