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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

When The News Breaks Your Heart • Dakota Pipeline • What About The Treaties

Is This The End Of The Treaties Meaning Anything To Them? 

It Sure Is What They Appear To Be Doing Isn't It..?

Petending Like They Don't Mean 


We Can't Just Genocide You Anymore, So We'll Take Your Last Land Now, Everything You Stand For And All Of The The Nothingness We've Ever Left You With,,

Every Promise We've Ever Made You ~ We'll Take That Now Too. There's Nothing We Can't Take From You, There's Nothing We Can't & Nothing We Won't Pollute 

- So Your Treaties Won't & Could Never Stop Us From Just Taking What We Want. 

Screw What We Signed, Screw Our Promises. Screw The Land We Duped You For, And The Culture You Could Have Became.

The Families We've Torn Apart, Screw Them Too. 

Screw Your Natural Spirits. Screw You Blue Avatar. We Liked That Movie, Only Because We didnt Know It Was You.

We'll Steal Anything You Ever Cared About, Because It Was Never Yours - Now That We've Stolen It. 

                                                                  - Your                                                 Governed Ment.

** Another Pipeline/Treaty Issue Coming Soon To A Canada Near You..

Treaties Are Here Protect The Environment. That Includes Every Breathing Living Thing.

That Includes Me, That Includes You.

" Without the Treaties In Order, Canada Would Not Exist As It Does Today " - Bob Joseph


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Kit Von