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Sunday, 15 January 2017

The Moment I Stopped Refuting The Law Of Attraction

The moment I stopped refuting the Law Of Attraction:

Though many of the authors I read have always promote it, I was positive that the Law Of Attraction was just theory. A theory that I would one day be able to prove was none other than absolute BS. 

It was a theory that in fact angered me. 

I never felt that I attracted things like 
car accidents, or torn ligaments in my toes, and I was negative towards the idea that I could have attracted this to myself. 

My thoughts were then directed by this, some what in the wrong direction towards this particular topic, drawing out the negative effects of negative thought.

But it is the moment that I stopped focusing on my refute and began just believing in myself again.. 

Not just as a person, but as a strong independent woman, heading towards endless goals and endless possibilities, with some pretty awesome accomplishments to date and many more to come..

When I began appreciating what I've become and stopped just looking at the negatives, finally owning up to the person I am and who I can be in the most positive of light..

When I started doing everything I've wanted to do &  also believing in my own path to success, successful outcomes become more of a reality every day.

It was at that moment, the moment I simply stopped fighting it, that the Law of Attraction began proving its own, very powerful and truly awesome existence, and hasn't stopped providing these incredible magnetic positive's since.