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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Suck Less by William Belli • Book Review

Suck Less, featuring the very Inspiring and very Electric writing style of William Belli, is a Perfectly Written, Perfectly Uncensored, and Absolutely Hillarious Work of Art!

This Life Hack Tutorial is a great read for all the ladies (and Manladies) of today! 

In fact I absolutely reccomend this book to every woman alive!

Ok.. in the event that you are 25 or older, and I assume that most of you are, than possibly not your mother.. Aand definitely not your grandmother! This book is definitely not for her.

Love this!

I'm now going to go ahead and give William Belli and his book a 5 STAR REVIEW as this was the best piece of reading material I've really ever read.

Of course, that being said, I will of course mention, that I only do reviews worthy of 5 Stars. So be sure to expect nothing less.  

There are thousands of useful tips in this book, and I just could not stop laughing out loud, the whole time I was reading it.

It's very wasy to read, and has a magnificent flow.

This book is so motivational, and liberating to the independent woman of the new year. 

It's for those wanting to be better at making things easier, hotter, bolder and sparklier. Thus Sucking Less at the life problems, we as woman all come across in our daily routines.

It's for the, "Darling,, Just Fucking Own It's."

and the, "One in a million's."

It's the perfect DIY on ALL "It's a girl thing"

There are just so many awesome tricks in here, that I barely even know where to start.

Frankly, this book is for all of us! We can all learn from the confidence within these pages!

With all of these DIY Suck Less Life Hacks, I'm positive you wont come out from this book the very same person!

It simply is a must read!


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I purchased my version of Suck Less at Chapters for only 25$ Canadian!

Get the book!..

Then, watch The Movies! .. Grab some friends.. Make a freaking Drag Day of it! It will surely be a great time, and indeed a learning experience!