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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Proper Botox Assessment • Facial Mapping • Choosing A Professional

Thank God I'd found the right advice for my last botox appointment just in time! 

If you are an avid reader of Ecoblonde.com, you'd probably know I've already been going to some highly recommended Spas for this particular treatment. 

But I have only recently learned that after a proper examination by an actual Plastic Surgeon, that I have never actually had my face mapped properly. 

I am now learning that it is better to take orders from a PS and get your face properly assest by the right highly trained professional, rather than giving orders in a less thourough consultation with less qualified individuals, such as your basic injection clinics.

I am so relieved to have made this better decision for myself, and to learn all this new, very important information, it really has saved my face! 

In fact had I gone another route, and I almost did, I may have dropped my eye brows and ended up looking like Bert or Ernie today.

Instead, by recieving the right advice, we gave my eyebrows a lift ~ And it looks incredible.

Not only are the cosmetic effects amazing, but the physical effects of the tension released around my eyes is just as astonishing!

I already look and feel so much more awake!

When inquiring about botox, take this advice, and always choose a well known, well qualified, board certified Plastic Surgeon. 

Don't just book a hot spot clinic because your friends told you to go!

After proper explanation of the route I was going in & the route I should take, in the right office, I now realize just how important this is, and how this proper facial assessment can change your life.

As improper assessment and improperly mapped injections can be just as effective in destroying it.

Why Plastic Surgeons Are the best botox provider's 

My Number 1 Choice Lately

Until recently I have enjoyed dabbling my skin care regime at various different Spa's.

I have been enjoying my options, and all the beautiful spas across Toronto, kind of like a luxury.

After my recent breast augmentation however, I have been finding myself returning more often to the SkinMedi Spa in Sudbury, part of Dr. Barr Northern Ontario Plastic Surgery.

Here, I trust my skin is in thr right hands and am nothing less than excited for my future appointments.

Each appointment I've had, really has produced some quite emotional results.

If you have read my recent review of Dr. Barr and his wonderful facility and staff, you know how much I've come to appreciate, respect and enjoy the quality service here.

The care I have been offered in this facility is absolutely unmatchable to any where else I have ever been.

Because of this, I have decided to move all if my Aesthetic Services over to the one place as to create one solid plan for my face.

Except for my Kate, I wont give up my Kate and her Led Facials!

But the point is... ..

Your face is just to precious to start making mistakes!

Choose Carefully, Choose Informed, Choose Without A Doubt!

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