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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Winter Skin Care Regime For Flakey Skin, Clogged Pores, Discolouration & Scars

Remember when all the good Christmas movies were in black & white?

Well Skin Care has never been just black and white!

Especially during those cold dry winter months, our skin tends to get harder to manage. 

It becomes dull, drab, and even spotty, from dead flakes and Sun Damage, we seem to have accumulated through out those summer months.. 

Or perhaps from the many Summers, many Seasons and many Years of Mistreatment, Neglect and down right Abuse.

We experience the appearance of larger than usual looking pores, scratch marks and discolorations from popping and picking. 

This always ads a delightful burst of self consciousness to the Season, as the light bouncing off the snow proceeds to HiDef your face.

Less Vitamin D always equals more acne, and that crusty winter wind, well...

Have you ever quite staired at an Eskimo? 

Those icey conditions never quite favour them well.

So, in this post, I'm going to adress, How To Combat This Winter Skin, by giving YOU my own Personal Skin Care Regime, for the Season.


To start off the winter I always like to get a Microdermabrasion. 

This helps exfoliate all the dry built up Dead Skin, Discoloration & old Acne Scars.

It also helps Soften the Appearance of Fine Lines and helps Minimize Pores.

Kind of like Sand paper.

There are many different kinds of machines used for Microdermabrasion at each of the different Medi-Spas. 

I prefer the Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion. It has a gentle suction, surrounded by a Diamond Tip, and feels more like a  gentle face massage, rather than a back and forth sanding like effect, like some machine do.

I have been for both types. Both are effective. Neither is displeasurable, scary or cause pain.

The results of a Microdermabrasion are always so amazing that when you hand me the mirror its a very emotional experience.

I've actually lost a couple tears of joy at times. 

My skin was, at one point, very very bad. 

Through out the years, and about 7 or 8 Microdermabrasions later, there is however, an incredible difference.

When you do a Microdermabrasion  your going to want to stay out of the sun for about 5 days.

This means NO TANNING. This is a must.  I repeat, absolutely NO SUN! 

During this time your going to want to Moisturise well. This will help the new skin generate and heal at it's very best .

You can book a Microdermabrasion at your local Medi Spa for about 100$.

AnMicrodermabrasion with an Infused Facial should run you about 200$. 

These can be done every 3 weeks for up to 7 Microdermabrasions.

One of my personal preferences has always bin SKIN MEDISPA for their very lovely, very effective, Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion.

I just love the Infused Microdermabrasios because the facial being infused is assisted with the use of LED Lights for better Penetration. 

These Infused Microdermabrasions are also availlable at most other MediSpa locations.


Should you be an avid reader of ECOBLONDE.COM, you already know that Led Lights are like applying the awesome benefits of Quantum Physics to your face.

For more information on Microdermabrasion and Led Lights, you can check out my previous article on Quarter Skin Care, right here:



After a Microdermabrasion you're going to notice your skin is smoother and so much of the ickiness is gone. 

Now, You're going to want to take this one step further. 

So, while your at the Medi Spa, I suggest you pick up a tube of RETIN A to go in their Dermatology Tested Skin Cream section.

The creams here, are far better than any and all of your Drug Store or your Local Department Store brands. 

Here, you can also often find them at a fraction of the price ~ but you do have to ask. Otherwise they could recommend something over the top in price range. This is unnecessary purchasing.

Before purchasing your products, always be sure to grab your phone and Google, as to weather or not the brand you have selected is or is not tested on our little furry friends. 


Once your skin is healed, you can begin to use the RETIN A every 3 nights.

The RETIN A continues to Exfoliate these Scars, Tighten Pores, and removes any access Acne or Black Heads that have been uncovered by removing the first couple layers of dead skin. 

This being said, while using RETIN A, you are again, going to have to stay out of the sun.

Which may also mean you are about to get very very pail.

But don't worry, the benefits of doing this for your skin will be incredible, and 100 percent worth it!

Do not use Retin A every day it will burn your skin. This us unnecessary and very avoidable.

Burning this sensitive, fresh skin, can and will cause harm to your face.

Should Retin A burn your skin, which has happened to me, at the fault of being to eger for this wonder cream to work. Rhen don't hesitate, grab the Olive Oil. 

Olive Oil, because it has no harsh chemicals that can cause further burn and damage.

Stay away from department store moisturisers at this point. They have ingredients in them that are meant to help exfoliate, and will assist in further damage to your skin. This means more burning, and perhaps an intolerance.

48 hours later apply Potatoe Slices to the burn for an extra fast recovery and some extra healing power.

Buying a lower percent of Retin A.
and following the instructions carefully can prevent these burns.

This 0.5 is still strong enough to burn the skin if used daily.

After a Microdermabrasion, and while using RETIN A, skin should not be exfoliated over a period of the next 3 weeks.

After 3 weeks you are free to exfoliate, or even do another Microdermabrasion.

Combining a RETIN A Treatment into this specific skin care routine, along with the Microdermabrasions, will help assist in achieving optimal effects. 

~ Smooth, virtually Poreless, Wrinkle Free, Scar Free, Acne Free skin.

3. Polysporin  

Clogged pores?

Lose your grip popping pimples and slice up your face?


Polyspoin is a superb fix for when those hands do get out of contol and cause an all out blemish. 

I ran into Polysporin following a recent surgery.

Don't worry the surgery was elective. 

I read the bottle, and like I often do, I put 3 and 3 together...  

Antibacterial, Heals Cuts, Softens Scars.. Hmmmm...
Let me just.. Oh, look at that! ~ Clear.

Upon researching (perhaps this should have come first), I discover that Polysporin is often fround upon for skin care use by the Cosmetic Surgery Community, because of something called Biactin. 

Biactin is known as one of the higher end spectrum of things that cause allergic reactions.

I have also read that POLYSPORIN has no effect on scars, and that it only effects new abrasions, infection, bacteria and torn skin.. like scratching up your face perhaps.

At this same time, I have also read about POLYSPORON'S effeciancy in fading the appearence if new stretch marks. 

Based on that finding, I myself, would make the claim that POLYSPORIN is indeed strong enough to to fade new scars, and could later attribute to the appearance of Smaller Pores and  some spectrum of Keritinosis ~ a build up of dead skin, live skin, and scar tissue.

You would indeed not want to use anything more harsh on your face irrelevant, and should not be included in your daily routine, as POLYSPORON was not designed for tour face.

Tho POLYSPORON  has mixed reviews, it is apparently well loved by many for igsaxtly what I figured it would be good for, and has worked for me.

~ Pimples & this elevated Keritinosis of the skin, and/or soft scarring.

If you do however, have any type of  allergic or other reaction, obviously, discontinue any and all use of Polyporin as any type of quick facial fix.

POLYSPORON, is also good as a Spot Treatment for problematic pimples that have found a permanent home on your face.

Dab the problem spot every 48 hours over the course of 6 days  ( 3 Spot Treatments).

This should help with the pimple and any built up skin, or the fence, the pimple has been accumulating.

Do not use POLYSPORON on the night's you are using RETIN A. 


Do not use polysporin often. This is a Spot Treatment only.


OREGANO is great, because is the most powerful natural weapon when it comes to killing any and all Bacteria!

Note: If the bottle reads, 
For External Use Only, as this one does 
~ Do Not Consume ~

OREGANO OIL  is by far the strongest ANTIBACTERIAL I have ever witnissed. 


That's why OREGANO OIL!

Because of the incredible effects OREGANO OIL has keeping me safe from every ones germs starting late fall and throughout  the winter, I've learned to start trusting it more in extreme situations. 

Especially situations, like when you just cant play around with infection.

Bacteria: That is what's in a pimple. 



I like to drop just a couple drops of OREGANO OIL into my LOVACADO OIL when washing my face for that extra deep clean.

My skins been clear all Season.


We all know I use LOVACADO OIL for just about everything! 

I use it as a Moisturiser, a Body Lotion, Oil Face Masks, Tanning Oil, Hair Serum, and as per mentioned, I even wash my face with it.

Btw, if you don't use an oil to wash your face ~ you need to start.

Further more, and for the reason I am suggesting it to you today, is because, I also like to mix LOVACADO OIL  in with my current moisturiser for the added Avocado benefits and to lock in that extra Avocado Moisture.

The Vitamin E in Avocado's is great for healing and Hydrating that newly exfoliated or Micrdermabrated skin.

LOVACADO OIL is made from extracting the oil from Non Gmo Hass Avocado's.

These Little Green Guys, actually have many added benefits for your skin including Vitamans C & E. and also help fight against Free Radicles, & the effects of Sun Damage, like Fine Lines and Sun Spots. 

For more information about Avocado's & LOVACADO OIL'S amazing luxurious oils, you can go ahead and check out a previous post from earlier this summer, In Love With Lovacado. That link can be found right here:



May I add they also have a mask you could just die for! 


Acne Problem? Can't stop popping?

Pfffff! Nevermind.

Try it with these suckers on instead!. 

Or any NAILS. 

They do not have to be long or sharp, Anything short and plastic will work, because it makes the NAIL thicker and less sharp than your origional NAIL.

If you so manage to make out and pop a pimple or two, at least, for the most part, you are still blocked from actually breaking the skin.

So consider them, Pimple Popper Stoppers ~ Just until you break the habit.

Not quite sure about this pointy business tho...

They keep going through my pants, socks and mitts.

Ok, well now that everything I own has holes... I guess... ..

At least, it's not my face! 


And There you have it..

My Winter Skin Care Regime ~ In 6 Simple Steps.