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Saturday, 17 December 2016

The Lazy Life Lately

♪♬ Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow ♬♪

Loungin ~ straight loungin.

With appointments, recovery & some much needed time off in the country side..

I've got a whole lot of time I normally wouldn't have.

Whuch is awesome, since I've neen able to catch up with some friends I haven't been able to see in a while.. ❤.

.. And what a beautiful season to refurbish old friendships ~ The Holidays!

I've also had some gorgeous time to myself.
With some really breathtaking views.

Normally I'd be in Toronto this Season enjoying Stilletoe Boots rather than Snow Boots.

The snow wouldnt fall till boxing day, and even still, winter is soft and the Season is short.

I can do Toronto winters.

But this is Sudbury.

Where it's winter all year.

Or atleast, more than half if it is ~ And I'm just about done!

It's been beautiful, ir really is a Winter Wonderland..

But it's chilly!

... And quite frankly, I'm very delighted to return home for Christmas before Winter Wonderland turns into Icey Blizzard Bone Freeze Central.

In the mean time...

♪♬ Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow ♬♪

I think I'll just snuggle my buddy Blue here, with my oh so yummy White Hot Chocolate, and gaze out the window.. Since this seems to be his favourite spot.

Out the window, or into my phone, anyways.

It started if with just one selfie, but the lighting was just to good!

"Oh I Love Him I Love Him
I Love Him!"

So I mean ya, other than this.. I've just been researching a new blog article for you. That post will be out soon to come.

I had to take some time off writing for a bit, and for that, I'm sorry! Please accept this heart ~ ❤.

However,  You Could Be Excited To Hear, I've Also Been, DESIGNING My OWN Line Of VEGAN T SHIRTS & TANKS!!!

TOFU Your Way To My Heart! 

Which I will be launching in February with the help of a couple close friends.

I absolutely CAN NOT wait to get that out to you! I know your just going to love it! It's absolutely awesome!

Just like BLUE here!


Blue Nosed Pitbull