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Friday, 30 December 2016

Breast Augmentation Part 1 • Dr. Barr Northern Ontario Plastic Surgery • Review

After exsactly 17 years of evaluation & research, I am absolutely positive that I chose the best Plastic Surgeon possible for my recent Breast Augmentation.

In fact I'm going to start my review, by giving Dr. Barr, his wonderful staff, and facility, a ridiculous 100 over 10, and 50 Stars over the basic 5 Star system.


(Skin MediSpa)

This is because, my expectations of Dr. Barr were already very high. I chose, who I assumed with good reason, to be one of the best. 

Upon making my decision, I expected Superb.

I did recieve exactly what I went in expecting, and quite frankly, they did turn out absolutely SPECTACULAR.

However, my over all experience in Dr.Barr's office, was actually 10 times better than what I ever could have expected. Thus my 100 over 10 or 50 Star Review.

I've met with a few of Toronto's Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons. I've also been to their Medi Spas for various Skin Care needs, previous to making my decision on weather or not I'd feel comfortable putting my body in their hands. 

After a-all, this is Surgery.. So, as I do like a lot of them, my comfort level has never quite extinguished my fears. 

Once in Sudbury, it was at my consultation with Dr. Barr, that I found myself very relaxed, very comfortable.. and, well.. Fearless.

Choosing Type and Size: 
The Dr. reminded me to take a picture so I would be able to make sure that I was happy with the size I had settled on. Once you leave the office, it's super easy to forget just what you've decidion you've made .

☆ Just Testing Out The Options ☆
These are Saline • I decided on Gel.

In the end, they did a wonderful job of preparing me for the operation, a wonderful job on the RACK.. And then gave me an abundant amount of Check Ups to make sure everything is going amazingly.. And it has been.

Dr. Barr went out of his way to give me a good evaluation of my physique. He politley added great information and great explanations for my odd little figure (Those are my own words not his).

The Surgeon gave me more information about myself in one visit, than I have been able to get out of my own Dr. in the last 5 years. Including the fact that I have scholiosis, which I have been asking my own Dr. to look out for, for a very long time... However, at this point, I am still undiagnosed by her.

And though many Dr's have told me (including my own) that it is unnecessary for me to try and put on weight, I have never believed them, because they've never given me an explanation.

I've finally got my explanation.

It's actually when he suggested my feet were only size 3 and proceded to tell me that my bone structure was only tiny, that this 100 percent accurate and almost impossible foot estimate, allowed me to accept that my Metabolism is indeed normal for my bone structure.

And for that, I am again extremely impressed, aswell as extra Thankful.

..And once more, feeling the validation that I could not have made a better choice or more comfortable decision.

The nurse preparing me for my surgery, even let me know about my current bloodwork, which was awesome - As a Vegetarian of 2 years, I was actually curious for some feedback.. So that was definitely nice to hear. I have indeed found these visits to be worth much more than just a pair of fabulous breasts.

I have of course, also gained a lot of confidence! 

This perfect world the Dr. keeps mentioning, starts to feel really good when you realise,,

It really is a perfect world!!..  And it's on my chest! 

Every time I see them, I am literally pumped.

Had they been planets, they'd surely be named Sparkle & Bling at this point.

So if you are ever reading this Dr. Barr and his most beautiful STAFF, I must THANK YOU all ~ So very very much for such an incredible job working on me!

You are indeed angels & these implants were sent from heaven!

I chose Dr Barr, because he is a also a Plastic Surgeon aswell as a Cosmetic Surgeon, as a Plastic Surgeon requires the additional training to perform Cosmetic Surgery. Key words "additional training".  

Also when you compare the course outlines, Plastic Surgery is already far more advanced than just Cosmetic Surgery.

There for, it's safest to assume a Plastic Surgeon should be more qualified to work on me than the average Cosmetic Surgeon.

This informed decision makes me that much more comfortable, as comfort is everything.

I didn’t even have to fill my behind the counter prescription as I had virtually no pain after my surgery. 

I really only ended up taking the Advil as directed by the PS, to avoid Capsulation.

Which was about all I could stomach anyways.

I have been reading however.. That the pain, or lack there of, that you may experience after an augmentation, usually has to do with the skill and precision of the Surgeon performing the Surgery. 

Well that's relieving.. He's as good as they look!

This means, that picking the right surgeon can not only benefit the appearance of your Surgery, but also minimize the discomfort or pain during the healing process as well. 

There are however, other variables involved as to why some people do or do not experience more pain than others:

• Example: Tolerance
• Example: Implant size 
• Example: Nipple and/or Nerve Sensitivities
• Example: Other various factors.

Once I opened up my bra and seen too perfectly symmetrical works of art.. I was reminded once more of my impeccable decision making skills.

Assymetry to Symetry = Balance & Relief.

I did tell you however, that I expected this! 

I've done more than enough research to make me confident about my choice.

As per mentioned, I've been studying Dr. Barr's work for years, and I will go ahead and mention this again, as I start you off with a few examples to add to my Review.

In fact, my first girlfriend  (in my experimental stages of life), was actually a product of this same PS's work. 

And.. Well.. She was In-cre-dibllllllllle. 

This masterpiece, was precisely why the experimentation phaze even started.  

I'm really not into woman, but I am into fake breasts and a clipped vagina for some reason. 

Perfect wonderful squishy fake breasts.. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

Since that first girlfriend, and first squish of those wonderful squishy puppies, I must of had analyzed and squished over a hundred or so pairs by now.

And in conclusion to all of this squishing and observing,,

It boiled down to only 4 options, even though the GTA has many Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons to choose from.

My 4 choices were:


• Dr. Barr
• Dr. Jugenburg 
• Dr. Prichard
• Dr. Levine.

I then continued my research as I got closer to making an actual purchase. 

It soon boiled down to 2, and then quickly to 1. 

I had to go with my initial, gut feeling, and finally chose Dr Barr. 

All arrows pointed towards the North.

Even though Dr. Barr's office is in Sudbury Ontario, and I actually live in Toronto Ontario, my comfort with all of this, made travelling definitely worth it in the end.

Previous to my size selection, I was able to reference breast proportion from this page: 

Toronto Cosmetic Clinic

..Even though I had no plans on going to the Toronto Cosmetic Clinic for the actual Surgery.

This is because, they were actually investigated for a liposuction death a couple years back. Also when I called they did not even mention which Doctor my appointmant would actually be with. I found this rather fishy...And .. Um .. Well .. No.. No Thanks. 

So thanks for the awesome reference pages, but I'll pass on the work.. Eek.

This being said..

I liked that I could find my chosen Plastic Surgeon in the Real Self Questions and Reviews. 

Not only did I find him, but Real Self also recognises Dr. Barr as a Top Doctor, which is very reassuring, as well as necissary!

As I read those reviews, I did notice that every one else's experiences were very much like my own. 

The man really is incredible at what he does, and his staff are absolute dolls. He has an immaculate eye for detail and his mannerisms are so very professional, confident and calm, as he's virtually delighted for you to discover the new you. 

That being said, let me go ahead to tell you another reason for selecting this specific Doctor..

Another girlfriend of mine (This one is just a friend.. Slow down), was in a terrible car accident as a teenager. She had to get an entire side of her face worked on, and claims that her whole face had to be reconstructed by this same Doctor. 

You would never even know this woman has had such an extensive Facial Surgery, unless she actually told you herself. Even still, it is invisible to the naked eye.

Whatever happened to her that day goes absolutely undetectable, as she says, that she can now live a normal life.. A life she may have been almost entirely robbed of. 

Instead, TODAY, she's able to be her REAL SELF. 
One of the reasons I have this 
book in my hand. 

Results like the ones my girlfriend had, are just some of the things that helped me determine where to go, and who to trust. 

So, I've indeed had some great references to go on. And at the bottom of this page, I've also provided you with a pretty good reference of my own!

On top of this great, one on one personal advice, there were a couple of things Dr.Barr brought to my attention that I couldn't be happier about, as he was a greater help then he would even know. 

I did already mention that I felt as if I was walking away very informed. 

Information takes time and at no point, for once, did I ever feel shorted on it.

He even went on to let me know that I already had a C Cup, and only thought I was an A Cup because I was wearing the wrong back size.

Adding to the appearance of this A Cup there is a curve in my back that points my shoulders backwards.

As a result of this my ribs shoot forward, and buried my breasts into a lying down position, they were then getting lost from this backwards slant ~ giving me a boy like, flat chested appearance.

He also recognised the Scholiosis I have been trying to diagnose in my spine for the last many years, and explained to me why this is obvious through specific visuals like rib, shoulder and other chest bone placements. 

He the went on to fix the asymetrical appearance by adding extra volume in one side. 

In fact, one of the reasons I had already opted for BREAST AUGMENTATION, was because I believed that it may help a curved bone in my spine where my bra clips. 

This has caused a lot of back problems and pain for me, every day, for almost 20 years.

Since the surgery, my back hasn't given me a single problem once! It has been 7 Weeks. 

The idea that this would work may have been in orthodox, but so far it has indeed worked for me!


During the consultation, I could see a very precise and quick thinking man analyze and address the assymetry situation.. Which turned out perfectly by the way.

Oh symmetry.. How do I count the ways I LOVE you so?

I actually left that consultation more excited than scared.. And suprizingly, kind of charmed,, but then again, every woman I've talked to that has been in his presence, will say the same thing. I've even heard men say the man is beautiful. 

I didn't really believe them.. But..  Now that I have been.. 

Well, we all have mini crushes.. We can't even deny it.


I couldn't even believe I was doing this! I have always been terrified of surgery, and I am, in fact, the MOST SQUEEMISH!

On top of this  being squeemish, they sent me for BLOODWORK.

I've literally just agreed to elective unnecessary bloodwork?
.. Gross.

After the bloodwork results came in, I had a very sweet phone call appointment with the nurse. 

She let me know what to expect, and went over how to prepare for Surgery just one more time.

The entire staff were absolute gentle dears. It really was a rather nice enviroment.

At 7:30 Am, I returned to the same building for the procedure tired AF.

This was far too early for fear!!! So, it actually turned out quite nicely. 

The only thing I wanted was COFFEE! .. 

I wasnt allowed coffee.

This was enough to distract me from the whole "Cut Cut Stitch Stitch" situation. 

Instead, I was prepped, and laid down for surgery. 

The entire staff was still so comforting and polite.

Everything was so positive, the excitment took over and any existing fear from the previous week, shot right out the window!

Of course Nikki chanting "Get Ur Boobies Boo" until 5am the night before definately helped exhaust every bone in my body.. She's good at that! 

Positive friends definitely helps! 

As does, over exhaustion from the chanting "Get Ur Boobie Boo!".. This was indeed PRICELESS.

While being strapped in, Dr.Barr asked me some questions for the camera, to make sure I was alert before they put me under. 

Did I mention he was a very charming looking man!? .. Of course I'm alert. 

Arms up.. Head Strapped.. And after question number 3, I slowly felt myself.. lighter and lightlier..

What head straps?.. What arms?.. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Suddenly it was time to wake up.. I mean.. Wow, so I was already awake!

WTF??.. It'd already been an hour, which felt more like seconds really, everything was already done! Like it had barely even happened.

I was now sitting up, shaking a little, and freezing cold, as the nurses were warming me back to reality.

.. Still an entirely gentle situation for such a cold shock. 

I did feel a bit like Sylvester Stillone in Demolition Man though.

I was out of surgery, and HIGH as a kite befor I would have even woken up to start my day.

With these giant new boobs, strapped into this awful beige contraption, my first thought was:

"How the frig did they get me into this thing ?"

I mean surgery is one thing.. But strapping me in this tight little contraption ~ thats just 

Dr. Barr, then assured me that I could not have picked a better size for my body type. This was actually very reassuring, as once I got home, they were so swollen and puffy, I really had no idea what size I was even close too! 

... Is this an E32 now? An F perhaps????

Irrelevant to whatever size they were going to be, I looked down and..

Hello New Boobs! Thanks For Being Absolutely awesome!

This whole procedure was easier than the day I made the mistake of getting my tongue peirced!

And like many people say afterwards.. I would not hesitate to go back to him for another surgery.

Wait.. Did I just say return?.. 

I guess Im not so squeemish anymore.

Now I realise that it's not the actual surgery that's the hard part, it's  actually the recovery thats just so annoying.

Like, "Whyyyyy do we do this to ourselves!?" type of annoying.

Oh Ya! Wait I forgot..

French For "DO IT FOR YOU"

In the last year, exspecially as it got closer to reality, my time consisted upon nothing but stairing at breasts. 

Before's, after's.. Soooo many afters.. 
So many breasts!..

Nice ones, Small ones, Big Ones, Medium ones, Beautiful ones, Scary ones... ... ..

And I'm still oh so impressed with my own!

Even after looking at so many after's, and expecially after looking at so many afters.. I still feel like I would not have received better treatment, or even close to the same results as what I have recieved from Dr. Barr and his staff any where else.

From what I have seen Asymmetry problems often remain Asymmetrical, and this is no longer a problem I am stuck with. 

As I am absolutely in love with them, and couldn't be happier.. but I'm sure you've already gathered that.


Did You Know Breast Augmentation Is Animal  Cruelty Free 
Implants are made from entirely 



So lately, I've been taking the time to jot down a couple of my own details and tips, that you may find helpful when proceeding with your own Surgery ~ In case your curious. 

I have also recorded my first 6 weeks, so that you have an example of some of the things you may experience, as well as a good pre-preperation plan to help you be as prepared as possible!

Like nobody told me about this tape.. Or maybe I was a little high from Anestesia and I forgot.. I almost fricken peeled it off trying to wash it. Good thing the nurse is fast to respond though, and told me to leave it on.

(What good is a review without a pic)

..And I told you they were Perfect!..

Though they still need a couple months to Drop & Fluff.

So.. I will be Providing you with my very own PERSONAL JOURNEY with BREAST AUGMENTATION in the 2ND PART to this POST, coming up NEXT WEEK.

In the meantime, 

you can also find the
Barr Plastic Surgery