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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Pink For Pinktober


And as I said I would, I've gone PINK!

This is only the first coat.

Now that it's PINK, I kinda like it!

I managed to get a soft dusty rose using just 2 bottles of Cotton Candy ~ MANIC PANIC.

Manic Panic is VEGAN btw! And is absolutely non damaging to the hair!

Otherwise, I wouldn't even be doing it. This is bleach Central, and all the tracks are damaged.

In the photo below, is the Cotton Candy I used to get this dusty rose color. 

The blonder your hair is, the closer you'll get to cotton candy. 

However since I'm starting off with a lot of gold tones... voila - Dusty Rose.

 I can totally work with that.

I'm not done with pink quite yet.

I currently have 2 more bottles just soaking in my hair, that I'm about to leave in over night.

I've been reading that this is actually normal, and that the colour will have a longer time to set in and still no damage.

Should you choose to use Manic Panic:
Avoid drying hair out while being dyed, by locking moisture in using a shower cap. 

This time I'm using 2 different colours and mixing them together. 


This is the Hot Hot Pink.

The mixed dye looks more of the Hot Hot Pink colour than the in between shade I was expecting.

We'll see what happens any how..

You know I'll be sure to post more Pinktober Looks later on this week!

Also, don't forget to tag @HairForCancerChallenge on Instagram with your PINKTOBER STYLES!
Hair For Cancer Challenge just loves spreading that inspiration!

You can find that link here:

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