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Monday, 13 June 2016

Medium Chain Triglyceride's • The Raw On Coconuts

We spend so much time glorifying the Health Care, Skin Care & Home Care Benefits of Coconut Oil, but we rarely look at the fresh, yummy, wonderful, RAW Coconut itself.

We also over look the fact that people who grow up around Coconuts and consume them daily, are in fact among the healthiest people in the world, as the meet of the coconut and it's juices are actually super good for us.

After all the Benefits Coconut Oil has given me already, it has me seeking out this whole Coconut Super Food business, and I'm going straight to the Source, 

the actual Coconut.

Young or Old, the Coconut is just loaded with Ultra Healthy Goodness, so depending on weather or not you would rather drink the Coconut and be left with a light soft Coconut Meat, or you would prefer the fully grown dense Meat of a Mature Coconut with less coconut water, is up to you.

I like them Young!

My absolute favorite form of Hydration is from the Water of a Young Coconut, so I always try and look for the ones with the most water.

I also find the meat of the Young Coconut sweeter and easier to eat or use along side other foods and recipes.. like a bowl of fruit or a Chocolate Chia Pudding.

Young Coconuts are Coconuts that are in stage 1 of the 3 stages that it will go to through before it is done growing.

The Coconut actually takes 1 whole year to fully mature into a fully grown Coconut.. like the brown, scruffy ones we usually see in our local grocery stores.

The thicker more heartier meat of a mature Coconut has less of the Coconut Water remaining in the Coconut. The Coconut Water itself begins to take on a slightly bitter taste. 

The Health Benefits however, in both the Young and Mature Coconut are mostly alike and quite extraordinary.

Coconut Water is considered Isotonic, meaning it can double as Human Blood, and has been actually been used as emergency intravenous in some situations.

Coconut Water is also filled with Electrolytes, making it a great source of fuel for Athletes and Body Builders. The Electrolytes in Coconut Water also make it a great source for curing even the worst Hangovers.


We all know that Coconut Oil has great Health and Beauty benefits.

But Coconut Oil that has not been cold pressed has been heated. Heat destroys many of the nutrients available to us from the Coconut itself. That is why you always want to opt for Cold Pressed when purchasing Coconut Oil.

However Coconut Oil is only derived from the oil of the Coconut and can not provide you with the full Health Benefits that the whole, raw Coconut can provide.


As foods are always best for you when served RAW, and Coconut Oil is already considered a Super Food, imagine all the Health Benefits in an untouched, un-pressed, raw Coconut.

Well you don't have to imagine, cause I got you.

The Health Benefits of eating foods RAW is often why many people turn to Raw Vegan, this has also often shown to slow down the aging process, so try incorporating and consuming as many Raw Foods like fruits and veggies daily for optimum health... And that just makes sense for anybody. 

Coconuts are High in Vitamins A & E, and are loaded with clean Proteins. They are also rich in Phytosterols that assist in lowering Cholesterol, and Polyphenols, which mean they have an abundance of micronutrients great for healing and curing illness and disease.

Coconuts are also made up of something called MCT's or Medium Chain Triglyceride's. Medium Chain Triglyceride's are triglycerides whose fatty acids have an Aliphatic Tail, composed of Glycerol and 3 fatty acids.

When describing food rich in MCT's, the examples used are that of Coconut Oil, or Palm Oil... Coconuts.

Athletes and Body Builders often look to MCT's for Endurance, as they are easily digested and can be used immediately as Energy. This is also good for people suffering from Malnutrition, Malabsorption, or other Fatty Acid Metabolism Disorders.

Further more MCT's help increase Ketone Levels. When the brain can not properly produce and utilize Glucose, Neurological Disorders can begin to appear or act up. Rejuvenating your body with MCT's can actually promote the Brains capacity to utilize Glucose, there fore alleviating symptoms and possibly even preventing Neurological Disease such as Alzheimer's.

Coconuts are Antibacterial, Antiviral, and Antifungal so this also helps makes them great at  preventing and curing many different forms of ailments like illness and disease.

In fact, here is a list of all the things Coconuts are Good for in your every day health:

  • Helps Prevent & Aids Alzheimer's Disease
  • Helps Prevent & Aids with Strokes or Brain Disorders
  • Heart Health
  • Aids Malnutrition, Malabsorption, Fatty Acid Metabolism Disorders
  • Hydrates or treats Dehydration - Isotonic
  • Can be used as an Energy Sports Drink
  • Treats Hang Overs
  • Weight Loss or Weight Management
  • Reduces Risk of Heart Disease
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Helps with Chronic Fatigue
  • Boost Daily Energy
  • Diabetes
  • Improve Chrohn's, IBS, or other Digestive Disorders
  • Helps Prevent & Aid Illness & Disease ( Antibacterial, Antiviral, Antifungal )
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Rejuvenates Skin
  • Alleviates Acne From The Inside Out ( also great as a facial toner )
  • Prevents Wrinkles and Premature Aging From The Inside Out
  • Promotes Healthy Thyroid
  • Promotes a Youthful Active Body And Fights Against Premature Aging Both Inside & Out

If you want to fight against Premature Aging both inside and out, Coconuts are key. They are about as close as you can get to the Healthy Fountain Of Youth.. Except for maybe Hemp Oil!! Try my routine of 1 Young Coconut a day and I promise you, you will feel the difference in both your Hydration, your energy and your over all Health.

Drinking a Young Coconut a day has really changed the word Hydration for me, and it's now noticeably the healthiest part of my day!

Myself, I have such an extremely High Metabolism, and I have a hard time absorbing all the nutrients I need through my daily food intake because I burn it off so fast, this often gives me in an almost chronic fatigue. Since I have started drinking young Coconuts I can really feel a big difference in my Energy, Health & Hydration, all the things you need to keep you young in Heart, Mind, and Body.

I really think I can feel myself getting younger from the inside out!!! .. Well hydrated anyways... and it feels younger anyways.

Honestl, I feel like I've just been hoarding the amazing Benefits that come along with this tiny lil Fountain of Youth, I just had to get it out and on the Blog, and up for you, my readers.


Consider it BLOGGED!


Because we have already discussed throughout this Topic, the Benefits of Lowering Cholesterol, Good Heart Health, and both losing and maintaining proper Weight.. Coconuts are plants and the fats in them are good fats.


Your going to want to find a huge glass!! There is a lot of Coconut Water in that little round ball!

I like to de-husk the Coconut a but around the top with a knife so I don't lose any of the Coconut Water when it starts trickle down the punctured holes, and begins to absorb back into the coconuts husk. You can lose a lot of the juices this way, and I'd simply rather not.

Next, a Hammer and a nail will work just fine for the next part. 

You could also chose to use a drill. Just start your drilling from the pointy to.. try to find the eyes.. These are the little grooves that resemble the markings of a bowling ball..

Don't expect your baby Coconut to be as tough as a Mature Coconut, there a lot more delicate and fragile at this point. 1 large hole will be sufficient.

Once you have the nail in (clean nail) just wiggle ot arou d to widen the hole.

Then tip your coconut over the glass & wait until your Coconut is empty, and your glass is full. You may want to have a second cup ready just in the probable case you will need it.

Once this is done, you are going to want a good cleaver and a hefty swing to get into this Coconut, where you will find the soft Young Coconut Meat. 
This makes for a really gorgeous sweet treat!

... Again served best with a bowl of fruit and a Chocolate Chia Pudding.. Try that out for one kick ass lunch!!

... And you may be excited to discover my Chocolate Chia Pudding Recipe is already on the blog!




This is going to require a nail, a hammer and your balcony or porch, driveway perhaps...

You'll want to hammer a nail hole in 2 of the 3 eyes of the Coconut, found at the base. 

Drain the Coconut into a small glass. 

Since the Coconut is Mature you wont get much Coconut Water, but it's still worth drinking. The Mature Coconut Water will not be as fresh or yummy as the Young Coconut, it will have a slightly more bitter taste, so don't judge a Baby Coconut on its older self's bitter difference.  

The Mature Coconut Water does however have higher nutrient content when compared in equal amounts with that of a Young Coconut.

Once the Coconut Water has been extracted from the Coconut, Back up and give your Coconut a couple goods smacks, just make sure your hands and toes aren't in the way.

About 3 Smacks later you should see your open Coconut, ready to eat


A Coconut is actually not a nut, it is a Drupe. Other Plants falling under the category of Drupe are Peaches, Nectarines & Plums.

And that's today article, I hope it inspired you to stock up on your coconuts!