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Monday, 18 April 2016

Toronto Vegan Hunt • Urban Herbivore In Kensington Market

Today, this Toronto Vegan, hunts down Urban Herbivore, located right here in Kensington Market, Downtown Toronto.

Streets full of Funky Coloured Painted Brick Houses and Graffiti, I Always Love the Funkiness of Toronto's Largest Outdoor Market. It's just so vibrantly Old and Pastel Coloured colourful, and crammed with Tourists, it's definitely interesting to say the least.

It's been a while since I've been to Kensington, and since I was not Vegan at the time, I was always visiting for the Authentic Mexican Music & Matching Cuisine in my previous visits.

I would occasionally crave a tiny taste of Mexico without actually having go to Mexico.. And Kensington Market is definitely the right place to soak up Toronto's Mexican flavour on a hot Summer's day for sure!

... And then, once I'm all dirty from Toronto's absolutely congested, terribly dusty streets, I can than return home for a Hot Bath, and My Own Bed.

However, now I'm Vegan, and this is the Vegan Hunt.

Upon googling Vegan Restaurants to go check out across the city I came across the fact that a large variety of them are actually located in Kensington Market, From Organic Grocery Stores, to Vegan Coffee Shops, Vegan Bakeries, Vegan Restaurants and even an Organic Juicery - obviously Vegan, this street is cram pack with Vegan Friendly options and a vegan can definitely spend the day here undoubtedly!

As I had had enough coffee on this wonderful sunny this morning, the first place I went to upon my arrival was The Organic Press for my usual Beet Juice.

Then I walked around the Market for some Thrift Store Browsing and Picture Snapping. It's like an entire street full of Thrift Stores, Marijuana Dispensaries, Hemp Stores, Graffiti, and Food.

And of course I picked up a little something... I absolutely Can Not wait to wear it!

I must warn you, just because there are  a lot of Marijuana Dispensaries.. In fact there are 4, accompanied by a couple Hemp Shops in the direct Market itself, and are in fact almost all next to each other,

Do Not Mistake this as a good place to smoke your Sticky. If this was a good place to smoke weed it would definitely be Toronto's Green Capital Head Quarters, and it would smell like weed every where. The fact that you do not, means this is not that kind of place and is absolutely probably the worst idea. There is however a couple patios in which you are allowed to smoke your green in confined areas. I would not suggest the park. That is all.

Though there are many Vegan Restaurants, and I will return for all of them, today I chose Urban Herbivore
Simply because it was the prettiest.

Again, as per mention in the last Vegan Hunt, I never know what I'm ordering any more, however I am starting to notice though, that I do tend to order whatever comes with Chick Peas.

I pondered over the Chick Pea Sammy, and eventually ordered The Chick Pea & Root Vegetable, Moroccan Stew on a Bed of something that sounded like bread but ended up being some sort of brown rice. In any event, it turned out yummy.

I also ordered a side of BBQ Tofu, and split it with Kim.

It was pretty good.. Sweet, Healthy, Nice. I'll definatly be returning to  Urban Herbivore.

Kim on the other hand, ordered The Avocado & Chicken Sandwich.

Vegan Chicken.

Btw, it took Kim literally until the end of the Sandwich to figure out if the "chicken" was actually Vegan, and she in fact, did Love the Sandwich. With Kim being a non Vegan, Non Vegetarian, full Carnivore.. This is actually quite impressive. It also leads me again to the question of why we are eating animals when we can make real food taste like food.. Aaand I'm going to nod my head down & side ways, and move on.

I hope you enjoyed another EcoBlonde.com Vegan Hunt Blogpost, and don't forget to plan a visit to Kensington Market and check out Herbivore this Summer! It's definitely going to be an interesting day.