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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Toronto Vegan Hunt • Fresh On Spadina

Keep an eye out for EcoBlonde.Com posts titled Toronto Vegan Hunt! In this post series you will be able to find Restaurant Reviews from Vegan Restaurants in and around the GTA. 

Thankfully for this Hungry Vegan, there really are a lot of Vegan Spots in this city!  

Now it's about finding them! 


  • Locate Vegan Coffee Chain - KUPFERT & KIM
  • Locate Vegan Food - Fill Belly !!! - FRESH On Spadina
  • Learn more about my Canon, whilst snapping pictures of some very strange Art, and some very beautiful Architecture in the chore of DOWNTOWN TORONTO

So I started my mission on Queen West & University.

Of course, first things first! ..  I need a Cappuccino!

There are 6 different  KUPFERT & KIM'S in downtown Toronto. 

This is really kind of awesome actually, as it looks as if this vegan chain is really poppin' off!  

Of course, a growing Vegan Community would both warm and delight my little Vegan Heart!

So it's a chilly day for shooting...  

And as per mentioned, my day starts here, in this extra large Cappuccino! .. 

And it was awesome!

A long with it I had an awesome Almond Cookie. I'm just loving these Vegan Desserts! Sorry I ate it, you won't be able to view it. 

Next time I check into a KUPFERT & KIM'S though, I think I'm going to try their Coffeeless Goji Berry Cappuccino! Doesn't that sound so Superfoodie delicious?!?!! I can't believe I didn't try it on my way home.. What on earth was I thinking?


I've been trying to tinker around with my Canon a little bit more every week, but the weather is a little chilly for this kind of recreation today...

I'm not the only nerd out here with a giant camera hanging from their necks this afternoon, so at least I'm comfortable enough to do strange things in weird places for the shots I'm trying to achieve. This block is just crammed with Tourists and aspiring Photographers.

As it appears however, I am both overdressed, and under dressed, at the same time with this giant winter jacket today. So I'm going to stop in to the BLACK MARKET and look for a simple black hoodie for UBER cheap.

And, no question about that one.. SCORE !!!

The BLACK MARKET is a thrifty New & Used Grunge Clothing Store, that takes up 2 buildings across the street from each other on Queen Street, not to far from where I started my day.

One thing about grunge, it never really goes out of style, and it's cheap. Everything here is $10 & under.

And here I am, nice and warm n my 5$ Hoodie.

About another hour of Shooting goes bye, and the cookie from KUPFERT & KIM hasn't went very far, but of course it didn't.. It's just a cookie.

And even though I'm out here taking pictures with my Canon Rebel, I can't help but use my phone for selfies..

But now, it's time to quit playin'.

I'm off to FRESH, on the hunt to fill my Vegan belly.

Fresh wasn't far from my shooting point either.. Thankfully there are also 4 Fresh Chains in Toronto, 3 of them of which are downtown. I located mine on the corner or Spadina & Richmond, only 3 minutes off of Queen, from where I was shooting.


If you haven't had Vegan Food, you just haven't tried food!

But since I'm still just a fresh Vegan myself, I never really know what I'm ordering any more. 

Except for the BEET JUICE! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE BEET JUICE Lately !!!

FRESH has a large selection of Fresh Made Cold Pressed Juices, Booster Shots, and Protein Smoothies or Shakes.They also offers a great list of Super Food add ons to throw in any Smoothie. 

Furthermore Fresh also has a list of 16 Oz Juices already bottled and ready to go.

As far as food, the entire menu looked very inviting. There are a lot of main dishes that go along great with the many extra side sauces or spreads. These added spreads ad an extra delight to the senses. I really love how they absolutely bring the food to new dimensions and you get to experienxe these yummy taste high's. 

Here I've added the Cashew Pate to my meal. It seemed appropriate for my order. It was.. it was just excellent.

The POWERHOUSE sounded good so that's was my actual order.

Ummmmm... But then it came like this... All green and leafy... ... ..

I don't know why it's so green, and I'm kind of like "AHHH!!" .. But I'm still going to try it!

Aaand.. I just love the little green things!!!

In fact I loved the entire meal!!

As that is where I thought up the line, "if you haven't tried Vegan Food, you just haven't tried food.

Soooo Goooood!!!!!

Over all I loved the experience, and I love that it was so easy to find great Vegan Food right in the heart of the city!

I'm going to give this yummy little restaurant a 5 out of 5 for satisfactory, as I got igsactley what was looking for.. Hold the Martini, I'll have a Cold Pressed Juice today! Accompanied by a very interesting, very lovely, very unique meal of which I have never had before, or even dreamt of, in a cute dining facility.

The Chandeliers are of an old, old style, but I always love a place with Chandeliers! So I'm not going to complain about the décor. It's actually very cute, and has a great lunch environment. 

If your around the Queen & University Area, or to break it down, if your around the Nathan Phillips Square stopping to check out the and snap a pic of the park, or shopping down Queen Street 'Toronto's Fashion District'.. Don't forget to navigate yourself to a FRESH, for breakfast, lunch or dinner and some great Vegan Food!




Even though I was out tinkering with my Canon today, all of the photos in today's  blog post are actually shot from my Samsung S6 Edge.. Love this dear little phone!