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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Easy Vegan Cupcake Recipe


The house is smelling like squishy chocolate muffins today!

... Aaand they're VEGAN!!!

After trying some amazing Chocolate Beet Muffins from Planet Organov on Hamilton, I was looking for a simple vegan recipe so I could reproduce them.

As the ones from Planet Organic were amazing...

Mine however, turned out to be a massive fail.

Apparently Chocolate Beet Muffins weren't my forte.

So I've turned my attention over to a simple 2 step recipe, I found on FaceBook!

As instructed, I grabbed myself a Swiss Chocolate Cake and a can of Root Beer.

And proceeded to make the cake:

  1. Combine Cake Mix & Can of Pop in bowl and stir
  2. Line tray with Paper Cups or Vegan Butter ( I chose paper cups)
  3. Spoon out Cake Mix into Cupcake Tray
  4. Bake on 350 for 19 minutes
  5. Remove from Tray and let cool
  6. Frost With Simple 2 Step Vegan Icing (Recipe in Links Below)

I'm a great lil chef when I need to be, but I've never been great at baking. 

My cookies often turn out like pancakes.

However this Super Easy Recipe turned out to be a No Fail, No Brainer, and I couldn't be more excited about they turned out!!!! 

So if your in the mood to indulge in something s little Sweet, perhaps a little Chocolatey this summer, or are attending any parties, whip up a batch of these super quick super awesome Cupcakes.

Because nobody hates Cupcakes!


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