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Thursday, 10 March 2016

EcoBlonde.com's New Domain Name

Hey EcoBlonde.com Readers !!! 

Perhaps you've noticed a couple recent changes to the Blog lately, like the new Domain Name to start ... :)

So you can now find all Keeping Up With Kit Von posts at ECOBLONDE.COM

I've had a lot of fun learning about computers this month, since I was having technical problems with my beloved S6 Edge. By technical I mean that I dropped her in tea and she glitched out on me. That said, it gave me a chance to relax and finally get my domain name up and running. 

I have to admit I was pretty stuck.. And even though I spent hours on YouTube and Google trying to figure it out I was still absolutely lost !

Thank Goodness however, I did have some awesome really awesome people reach out to help me understand this computer nonsense and walk me through the Domain Name process.

 Kit Von Creator Of EcoBlonde.com = Not So Computer Savvy ! ...

But I am willing to learn and I do seem to pick up this computer stuff with the right guidance... In fact, once I've got it I'm good. 

So once again.. Voila ! Task Accomplished, and all and all I'm on a major learning streak which helps me feel a sense of accomplishment in this blogging and Computeryness !


   - Putting Up My Own Pop Up Box
   - Transferring My Domain Name
   - Learning How To Find HTML Codes For Gadgets


   - 2000 TWITTER FOLLOWERS !!! :)  ... SUPER YAY ! @ KIT_VON

So... This particular post was really just an Update on my About Me, like found on the Web Version of My Page !



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Do these terms sound confusing?...

Well rest aside, I'm going to break every thing down for you as simple as possible, while getting your Health and Beauty Regime on the right track !

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