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Thursday, 24 March 2016

DIY • These Are My Real Nails

I've been trying to grow out my real nails out for the last couple years. At some point they get so long that they start to chip, so I need to go for in a couple coats of shellac if I don't want them to start breaking off.

If you're growing out your nails, Shellac is a great option!

Shellac is a manicure with a really solid polish that makes your nails really strong. When applied with 3 coats, they are as durable and comparable to acrylic or gel nails in both strength and appearance.

However, there are a couple problems that I have encountered with Shellac and Shellac Procedures in Nail Salons, that actually contradict the ability to grow your own long nails.. Thank fully I also have the solutions!

You may not like to have to do this..

It's called, putting your foot down.



I go and get them Shellac'd, they buff them, and a couple shellacs later, they are so thin that they break any ways.

Not only that, but the lady doing my nails will always make the claim that buffing them is the only way that the Shellac will stay on.

What buffing actually means is,

It's going to take you 3 hours to get it off! And they are getting thinner! They are going to break off within your next 2 visits.

But you don't have 3 hours to sit there as the pick and destroy your nails taking this crazyness off. And your growing your nails because you want them long, other wise your basic manicure will do just fine.

In about 4 weeks you want to peel it off the night before you come in to the salon.. When you're ready too, and on your own time, which is actually possible as long as you do not buff them.

This actually shortens those dreaded 3 hours visits drastically, and your costs in half. Your Shellac will now cost you $20, instead of $40. However, if you can't peel them off, you will still have to scrub and soak them. The Shellac will not prematurely come off, as the lady doing your nails will so heatedly & repeatedly insist upon.

So it's simple right?

Just don't buff them.

Asking for it should also be easy..

You - "Please don't buff my nails"

Reply - "Ok"

You - Relax

And out comes the buffer!.. Or even worse!!!.. The dremel!

We do not use the dremel on our real nails!!! (If only I could have shown you my horror stories!)

Until you are able to put your foot down upon the introduction of both these tools to your nails, your nails will never truly be this long.

The dreadful part is.. getting what your asking for.. this is  the challenging part.

Because here comes the argument.


I just want what I want.. And now your sitting here in the same chair, and so do you. We want nails.a

So as the conversation moves on, and I don't win, and the buffer gets picked up, I've had to say " If you try and touch my hands with this buffer, I'm going to have to leave." 

Do you see these nails? 
How do you think I get them? 
I do not buff them!

When this happens .. Be Strong, Be Firm, Be Gentle.. Calm Down, Breathe.

..And don't forget to tip well when you leave.. Because for some reason, not allowing her to buff your nails has really stressed her out.



We are about to stress her out again.

If you aren't ready and watching, suddenly just a little ch, ch, ch, turns into ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch ,ch, ch.

And now you have no nails, after you just asked her to keep them long.

You're starting to wonder if you are speaking the same language..

No, You are absolutely not.. I'm sorry.

Here is where you either have to explain: " No More Than 2 File Strokes. "  " Ch & Ch. "

But remember, you still do not speak the same language... So keep a close eyeball on your hand and pull away when necessary.

Or.. Like me,

You just save time, money, and nail length, by filing them yourself before you go in to the salon. You can also use your nail to push back your cuticles and make your nail beds appear larger. If you know how to do your own manicure, do it.



When your Nail Tech finally understands this, continue to see this lady always! It saves a whole lot of time on re-explanation, and now she will be more comfortable with your requests.

If you'd like to save time on explaining yourself, I'll send you to Tracy Nails, where I go. These ladies have already been broken in.

I also like the staff at Tracy Nails, because each of them are quite good at painting your finger nails right down to cuticle so they have room to grow, still look freshly painted, and they last longer.


Do you ever wonder about the fruit in the bowl placed in front of the Buddha?

I saw a bowl full of Avocado's this time, highlighted with the sweet smell of incense.. I just had to ask.

And here's the story...

The fruit is actually put in the bowls in the morning, and at night they pray over it and eat the fruit.

The next morning, and every day after they will do the same.

... And that's what happens to the fruit.