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Monday, 15 February 2016

Ello Ello Ello Montreal !!!

My Absolute Best Friend Forever, had just recently moved to Montreal...

So, obviously it was a great time and great opportunity to go see what this Montreal was all about!

... And of course, I'm off to get my Britney Fix!


Can I tell you how it only took  me only 72 hours to fall in love with an entire culture?

I'll admit.. My French is .. Well my French is non existent.

I have always been shy of the pronunciation of such a delicate language, and quite frankly, it threw me on a learning curb bilingually.

My French teacher was never the cutest...

She was old and mean... every time.

I'm not sure where they found these woman.. Perhaps the army.

So I apologise to my French readers that may take offence to the fact that I know absolutely nothing about your beautiful language. I also apologise for until now, I never knew just how beautiful this culture really is.

And even though I did date a French man for 4 years, I honestly did not pick up a word of it.  

Though, can I tell you, that this French did not at all even sound the same as the beautiful language I am hearing  during my visit to Montreal.

Valley French, Sturgeon French, it really is not the same.

All over Ontario I have never heard French spoken or sound like this, its definitely not as polite or even whimsical in any way, as it is here!

The accents in Montreal were so soft and pleasant, and just so beautiful!

So feminine, so dainty, so polite!

Perhaps the difference in what my ears are hearing, and how they receive the language here is due to its softer spoken flow. Suddenly French is a lot more easy to understand. The influence  of our mainly English communities and the hard Canadian accents, throughout Ontario, including my own, may have something to do with why it sounds so different here.. Well, to me, at least.

... And because of this, I catch myself covering my mouth as to hide my rough Ontario accent as I order even my daily coffee.

Everyone walking down the street is smiling to themselves... And it appears that people are generally happy here. I really wanted to just walk up to everyone and ask them what was making them so happy?

The people who service you here, always tell you your order is pearrfeccct. Which actually means perfect but sounds so cute when pronounced pearrfeccct.

This wonderful customer service, the mannerisms and the accents are absolutely lovely, a touch of class. There responses feel like you have just received a hug from the gingerbread man, or more so, some sexy lil gingerbread lady, you could just hug, poke and tickle the French talk right out of her. Ok.. perhaps that's a little too far... ..

The words they chose to learn and use to talk to me in English are so much more endearing than what I'm used to in Ontario. The grammar is gorgeous.

You really have no idea how much I love that every where I go my order is always... " Perfect ", spoken so beautifully. It was oddly, probably the best part of my trip!

Chick pea salad - Perfect

Oatmeal - Perfect

My Coffee - Perfect

Umm Miss/ Sir, could you tell me that again.. It really is just Oatmeal but since it's so perfect and all.. It really makes my day!

And I think it really does make these items that much more perfect.. Like its been sealed with a French kiss...

So I'm down town, wondering around with my Starbucks Hot Chocolate - Notice the 2015 new age spelling of my name.. I  cant help but wonder if this has anything to do with Caitlyn Jenner. Very cute though, I will have to admit.

Not one person has walked  into me or threw me. Every one is very polite, and  again, not to repeat myself, but the service is just fabulous.. I really must be far from home.

Where did this culture come from? It is not the same as Toronto at all, why are people not trying to walk through me??? What are all of you smiling about?  I'd like to sneak up and ask you all this out of curiosity, but I don't.

It's just not the same as any part of Ontario at all - Though I realise I am no longer in Ontario, I am in Quebec, never the less, it's just exquisite.


Don't get me wrong, I do love Toronto, as I love Ontario. In fact one of my favorite cities in Ontario, happens to be Sudbury, another little gem I will soon Blog about... But I also love this beautiful culture in which I have just had the pleasure of discovering! Montreal you are indeed a breathe of fresh air.

I managed to get around ok, I stayed in the Hotel Espresso located conveniently downtown, walking distance from everything. The hotel had is good traits, and not so good traits.. Again the wonderful cheery service was what made this Hotel a really great energy. I will definitely stay there again, they have an Espresso Machine at the counter I could just die for! It really helped me out with some of my late night editing!

When I was lost people helped me, I mean they really took the time to help me! ... Pulling out Google Maps and asking other pedestrians to help. They all stopped, they were all helpful. I found where I was going and everything was good.( Quirky Little Tidbit: Nobody in Montreal knows where the Bank of Montreal is if it was across the street from them... Um.. I find this a slightly unusual and also a little funny.)


Positive energy creates positive energy! And Montreal is just full of that positive energy!

So to contribute to this great energy, I needed to find a convenient store, and when I did, I also bought the man with his hands out a pack of cigarettes and tossed it in his hand when I walked by.

Don't judge me, he was already smoking.. I do, do random things that some of you mat find odd..

Just now he didn't have to worry about where he was going to get his next one from, and the smile on his face was everything.

His Thank You (in French, so Merci), it was so cute. So cute that I think I am now just falling in love with French, falling in love with Montreal!

Finally waking up to Montreal and it's absolutely gorgeous culture... Blessed. I'm simply not spending enough time here!

Though I understand nothing, but trying excitedly to learn,,

I'm doing ok with mostly hand gestures, street signs and basic public words like deppaneaur.. I was excited to recognise this and to even say it in my head! So cute.

"Yay the deppaneaur!" .. Especially because I was looking for one.

This happened to a couple of various words, they also made me happy. Beyond Cuteness !

I managed to pick up "En pettite en peuate" wich means a little bit. However I have nothing I can relate it to.. But I am now excited to keep learning. Yes, lol.. First sentence down!! Don't correct my spelling there.. I know, I know.. That's not going to be right.

Shopping the downtown boutique's were super adorable. Boutiques are all high fashion and a real breath of stunning.

I recognise none of the stores, and rarely see this type of fashion in Toronto - Some kind of Luxurious Feminine Chic! So you can bet your butt I will be back here to cover Fashion Shows! Montreal Fashion is my new style inspiration.

Almost every store here is called a boutique! Again, could you imagine just how much I love that too?

Oh Montreal you are growing on me!

Can you please stop with this cuteness overload!

The architecture is big beautiful and clean, and I just love how Chandeliers and fancy lighting shine through the Boutique and Restaurant windows, it really lights up the streets with that aura of High Class.

A class I'm going to miss dearly, as I cant wait till I see you again Montreal!

And this time I will stay for a much longer visit!

Xoxo Kit Von!!!

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