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Saturday, 26 December 2015

Handing Out Sammy's On Christmas • Obsessing Over This Red Scarf

It's year 3 for FEED THE STREETS TORONTO, so I decided to head out again Christmas Day to spread a lil Christmas Warmth.

So I took a sack of lunch bags filled with Sandwiches, Chocolate Muffins and Christmas Chocolates, bought a couple Coffee's, and handed them out to the people Downtown Toronto Today.

Often, FEED THE STREETS TORONTO has a group of volunteers, and a lot of help...

 But today it was just me.

Just me and this Great, Thick,& Wooley, Deep Red Scarf I purchased to fend of the chill today! A  Red Scarf I'm just simply obsessing over! ♡

A Scarf that BtDubs it's at Superstore for $20 right now.


FEED THE STREETS TORONTO  is dedicated to growing Awareness and Compassion, through the consistant efforts, actions and public discussions of myself, Feed The Streets, and Feed The Streets Volunteers.

We are currently involved in 2 cities both Toronto & Sudbury. And the amount of people this page has inspired is incredible.

Both your feed back and your actions have made great impact to either Feed The Streets Toronto, and or directly to the streets.

Smiles and change are Feed The Streets biggest accomplishments!

The smiles are from the people happy when they see that you care... Just delighted to see a Large Coffee and a couple Sammy's. .. etc.

And the change, is from the people Feed The Streets has influenced, who now think out of a previous box, or  go out of their way to do things they other wise would not.

So Thank You to those who have participated in either FEED THE STREETS TORONTO or Sudbury during our Sudbury runs, And Thank you to those of you who have been inspired by our mission.

Though the emphasis is put mostly on December, FEED THE STREETS TORONTO is meant to inspire and does work operaate all year round.

We do not accept money of any sort, though we do accept donations of Mitts, Tuques, and these Tiny Survival Blankets as seen below.

It's always a colorful day, I really don't mind doing it at all, it very much warms my heart.

We often do have a lot of fun and a ton of laughs during a brisk winter walk.

But again, as fomentioned..

Today it's just me.

I really didn't even ask anyone to join me today..

And I was quite content about it, already realising that today was not the day to bear any tasks on my friends...


However, there was a Lot of Extra Love Headed Downtown Today, Thankfully I was not the only one that was inspired to give on Christmas..

I managed to catch this little beautiful moment right here on my phone, that bag was a gift from that woman passing.


I also managed to snap about a million selfies.

Is it to late in the year to fall in love with red?

Didn't they say there would no ice for skating today.. because I managed to stumble across ice...

Aaand some skating ... cuuute! ♡

You'll have to zoom in to catch the cuteness!

So... That was today... and also, far too many selfies.

Please don't mind the roots, I have decided not to dye it again untill I am ready to cut it for a Cancer Wig via HAIR FOR CANCER CHALLENGE.



The HAIR FOR CANCER CHALLENGE is dedicated to informing the public places of which you can send your hair, even places for bleached and processed hair. All the links are displayed on that page, as well as instructions.


FEED THE STREETS TORONTO  https://m.facebook.com/Feed-The-Streets-Toronto-932226253510270/


More Red Accessories I am just obsessing over this winter...

Is this Christmas Inspired, Simple & Classic, Red Shyllac Manicure! $20 - $30 at your local nail salon

Paired with these absolutely adorable Foxy Nerd Socks 3 for $10 @ Reitmans !!! I just love them!