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Monday, 14 December 2015

Best Kept Secret • Hair Line Chatter

Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Williams...

Have you ever asked yourself, what's the difference between us and them.

What igsactly are those tiny extras that make them look so all the time stunning?

To start: A good Foundation, a great Concealer, blendable Blush & Shadows, Long black Lashes, and perfect Eyebrows.. Hair Line....

Hair Line??

Yes, Hair Line.

So why can I not find anything on the Internet about this?


These Hair Lines are not only perfectly groomed, but I have noticed, they are subject to change often.

Sometimes they appear more squared off, sometimes a little more roundish, or sometimes, at the least, cleaned up - like this picture on Jennifer Aniston.


There is still nothing online about Hair Lines.

Nor did I learn anything about this in my Esthetics Classes.

I'm thinking this should have come up somewhere along with Facial Waxing and Eyebrows.

However it did not.

So please view exhibit A, as I point my finger at the proof..

Go ahead and use these well groomed Hairlines as references, as well. #CopyAndPaste

And now you've seen it... as did I.

Thus I began doing my own Hair Line.

Aand loved it!

I promptly encouraged others to follow suit..

Or I just went ahead and fixed their Hair Lines for them, welcoming them to view their new face.

And of course,

They were also in love.

The trick is just to clean up the extra bushiness that may not have grown in the most flattering.

• Widows peeks can be evened out as to be not so peaky. It can also be straightened out entirely.

• That little fuzzy area by your ear can always go.

• Sideburns can be thinned out, but not entirely removed.

• Corners of the forehead can be nicely squared off or rounded out. No need for extra patchyness.

• This is a good time to Wax or even better, Shave your face,  this will smooth it out, Exfoliate/ shleph off Dead Skin Cells, and remove any Peach Fuzz.

☆ Yes, I said shave your face. It actually is good for a woman to shave her face once a month. This is great for exfoliating, and works great on smoothing acne or fading acne scars.

Shaven hair does not grow back in thicker, this is a common misconception that actually gets debunked in Esthetics Class. 

Shaving your face also removes any peach fuzz, which is also great, especially in these winter months when hair tends to stand up straight when confronted by those chilly winter goose bumps.  ☆

• Remember to check your face often enough to to clean up any regrowth. Once a month is generally all it takes.

☆ Be careful not to go to far! I have done this. It does take a long time to grow back in and you will begin to take on the appearance of an Alien.

This is not a fun mistake. It will cost you 6 - 8 months. ☆

You Can

1. Tweeze or Wax your own Hair Line - Carefully.


2. Visit your nearest salon or spa where waxing is available.


Don't forget to copy these great examples to your phone for Your Own References or for your Waxing Technician's reference. This way he or she knows igsactly what you are looking to accomplish!

This isn't really a well known topic, in fact it's more like a best kept secret...

So I wouldn't just expect some one to know what you want without some sort of reference first.

And Today's accessories Are... 

Today's Polar Bear Jammies  were again from Walmart. $19 For the Jammy Set. 3.50$ For the White Tee.

I refuse to care that they are from Walmart. They are freaking cute, cozy and really well priced.

In fact I really love the tiny tees. The straps don't twist like they do on many similar style shirts. Twisting straps is definitely one of my pet peeves.

And you could say, that with the money I saved, I stopped at the nail salon and matched up my polish..

Baby Blue Manicure to match the extra cute Scarfs on these super cute polar bears - $15.

It's actually my first Manicure since the lady from the Rainbow Center in Sudbury mashed up my precious nails.

So welcome back pretty nails.


Short and sweet I guess...  .. Ugh.. For now anyways.

 Still trying to finish that darn Hot Cocoa shoot!! Time and convenience are not my best friends right now!

However, I hope you enjoyed my Hair Line tips along with more of my Sidetracked Selfies in the meantime!!!  ♡