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Thursday, 12 November 2015

17 Ways I Personally Use Coconut Oil

Every one that knows me, knows that I am the biggest promoter of Coconut Oil. I have convinced so many of you to start using Coconut Oil in your Daily Skin Care and Health Routines, that this has made me very happy. So I wanted to do an article about why I love Coconut Oil so much, and finally share my regime secrets with an even bigger audience, the internet.

I use coconut oil for just about everything. I started by putting it on my face and body as moisturizer. My skin had never felt so incredibly smooth, and I loved knowing I wasn't any adding any Fragrances or Chemicals to have this great skin.

My Absolute Favorite Coconut Oil is Nutiva Organic Brand Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. The fragrance and taste of Nutiva brand, almost makes you question the purities of other brands, as it tastes and smells so much better.  Always remember to pick up Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Refined oil doesn't have as many health benefits due to the way it was processed. 

Next, I started using it as Make Up Remover, and found out that it is actually a Face Wash, great for Heavy Dirt and Make Up.

And the list grew,

Tanning Lotion, Dental Hygiene, Tooth Whitening, Mental Clarity, Cooking, and even Dessert..

And then there's Coffee!

... "Wait Coffee?", you say... 

Yes Coffee! It's called a Butter Latte and you positively must try it!

However, lately my favorite way has been straight up drinking the Coconut Water through a straw, right from the Coconut! Mmmmmm, So Gooood, it's hydration at it's finest! This is not the stuff you buy in the cans and bottles, this is the real deal.

And it's really healthy for you too! So the next time your at the grocery store you will want to stock up on a couple coconuts too. 

1. Face wash • Even For The Heaviest Dirt & Make Up

Whilst using Coconut Oil as a Make Up Remover, I realised that, even after having the most make up I possibly could have on my face, my skin was not only squeaky clean, but it left it feeling so soft and radiant. I really can't explain the texture, you'll really have to try this one for yourself. Just grab some coconut oil and a damp, luke warm face cloth and your good to go.

It basically feels how this looks

2. Make Up Remover

Coconut oil is great as a Make Up Remover. It's even great for Heavy Mascara, just let is soak a minute and it will slip right off. This is especially good for me, as I have a tendency to abuse mascara.

3. Moisturiser Face And Body 

I mostly recommend Coconut Oil mostly as a body moisturiser. Nothing leaves my skin softer or silkier.

Though it is a good  facial moisturiser, I tend to prefer Olive Oil or Grapeseed oil when dealing with the facial region.

Coconut Oil is still a beautiful face moisturiser and promotes clear skin, and is great for wrinkles, so go ahead and try it out.

I used coconut oil as a moisturiser on my face for about one year straight. I had no complaints. Its nice to give your face these nice natural nutrients anyways.

4. Pre Deodorant or as Light Deodorant 

I started using Coconut Oil to Deodorise while I was in the house, especially if I had a long day ahead of me. There's nothing I hate more than Deodorant Build Up from excessive use.

I found that by doing this I was actually able to apply Deodorant much later in the day,and also that I was able to apply less of it, so their was less of that Deodorant Build Up, and I feel much cleaner doing this. Also there are less invasive chemicals used on my skin this way.

5. Pre Tooth Paste For That Extra Clean Freshness & Overall Gum Health

Feeling less fresh and want a cleaner feeling? Brush with Coconut Oil before Brushing with toothpaste. This is good for your over all Dental Health, and if you'll look below.. Toothed Whitening.

6. Tooth Whitening 

Yes Tooth Whitening. Brushing with Coconut Oil helps whiten teeth - fast.

7. Oil Pulling

Again, great for Tooth Whitening and Total Dental Health, Oil Pulling helps reduce Cavities and
Plaque Induced Gingivitis. This technique also assists in eradicating Stank Breath.

Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses and other Various Toxins can all find homes in our mouths. Oil pulling extracts these little creeps while you swish, getting much deeper into the cracks then flossing can.

Oil Pulling actually has numerous Health Benefits. It also helps by increasing energy by cleaning
out all that toxic waste out of our system. This can mean less headaches too, as toxins in the body can often be the cause or root of a head ache.

And last but not least, Oil Pulling can also hep assist with clear skin. Toxins are known to cause
rashes  and other skin problem like acne. By clearing out these toxins you are giving your skin
a chance to breath and shine toxin free. So those deep pimples that seem to come from within...
Well it's best to start by detoxing them from the inside out. A good way to do this is by adding Oil Pulling to your routine.

To Oil Pull, put a tablespoon of Coconut Oil in your mouth and swish for 10 to 20 minutes. You can do this as often as you'd like. Once a week, daily, whatever.

8. Split End Treatment 

Just a little pinch of Coconut Oil on that extra dry day, does wonders for my hair! I  also love
Olive Oil for this... or any Oil really. Just be careful that you don't use too much, or your hair can
go from having a gorgeous sheen to looking like you stuck you head in the deep fryer in 1 second flat. And just the tips, it will work itself up.

If your hair is super brittle towel off your hands and use the remaining moisture through out the rest of your hair, or wherever it is dry,

9. Tanning Lotion / Tanning Oil

Coconut oil increases your Sun Tolerance so that you can stay in the sun longer for that deeper golden brown tan without burning. At the same time it gives your skin that extra conditioning softness and glow.

10. Butter Latte • The Only Way To Drink Coffee

Coffee, Coconut oil, Blender, Blend!!! OMG!!!Have you had this?

You simply must try it! Turn that Questionable Coffee into a Healthy Coffee!

Not only is it super creamy and yummy! But it actually boosts your metabolism, and gives you even more energy than you originally would have had with just plain boring coffee.

Coffee is actually good for you, a common misperception is that it's not. Too much coffee, or the refined sugars and creams that you put in the coffee is actually the culprit here.

Coconut oil in your coffee actually gives you so many health benefits, making that morning coffee one of the healthiest parts of your day.

To make a butter latte all you need is Coffee, Coconut Oil, and preferably a Blender. Its definitely not the same without a blender, but I've done it. And I'll do it again.

First, pour your mug of Coffee into the blender.
Add a tablespoon of Coconut Oil. Secure the lid. I mean really secure that lid!!!!
Blend for 45 seconds and Voila!

Beautiful creamy Butter Latte ready to drink.

No need for cream or sugar, though sometimes I like to add a dash of almond milk to the blender if I have made my coffee that is too strong. That happens a lot as I like to use a French Press. I find them to be particularly good at picking up the beautiful sometimes strong flavours while
making a more Quality Coffee. However, sometimes a little strong.

11. Better Cooking Choices, Various Recipes & Healthy Desserts 

When used for cooking, Coconut oil is always a much healthier alternative. When used in its raw form, or in many Desserts, Coconut Oil still has a world of benefits!

Healthy indulgent? Can it be? Can eating dessert actually be Healthy for me?
Like really Healthy?

It sure can be! Especially when you are going the extra mile and using resources
like Cacao (Chocolate in it's realest form) which actually has many health benefits as well,
or making your own fruit spreads, or plain just adding fruit! Wonderful, wonderful fruit,
like berries. ... Mmmmm.. Whip cream & Berries!!!

Speaking About Whip Cream & Berries. My All Time Healthy Fav's Are:

This Chocolate Chia Pudding!

Loaded with Coconut, Cacao, and Chia, OMG!! This is just a delight. Just sweet enough to satisfy my sugar cravings, and so healthy for you I could eat one every day!.. Sorry guys, so far I have only found this in Sudbury Ontario.. But Im definately on the hunt for it here! I'll let you know when I find it.

 "Protein Shake, Beet Juice and a Chocolate Chia Pudding please.."

And these Blueberry Bliss Bars!


Really , this stuff is just plain healthier for you. Coconut oil is a healthy fat and healthy fats are actually important to our diet and actually do great things for our body.

The fats from coconut oil is more likely to be burned as energy, opposed to turning into fat that is then stored on your body. It actually helps lower cholesterol. So not only does it help burn fat, It is especially effective on those really bad fats found in your abdominal cavity.

In fact, Coconut oil and coconuts have a lot of Health Benefits when ingested. They are even known to Unclog Arteries and prevent Heart Disease. They slso have therapeutic effects on brain disorders like Seizures, Epilepsy, Dementia, and Alzheimer's...

And the list goes on.

Just don't raise the heat to high! It will burn up.

12. Chapstick for Minor Chapping

Well.. OK.. This works for minor chapping.

For major chapping, I like to go straight for a Potato. Just cut a slice of the potato, lay it on, and soothe. If you have both, use the Potato to Heal, then use a little Coconut Oil to Hydrate. This will work
on even the worst stages of Chapped Lips

13. Sunburnt or Chemically Burnt Skin

Because moisturizers have fragrance and chemicals in them that will worsen the burn. Coconut give you just the right of soothing without any of the extra burn and risk of making the situation worse.

14. Acne

Coconut oil is a great Antibacterial For Comedones, Papules & Pustules otherwise known as pimples. It also participates in Healing, and is a great Anti-inflammatory.

Most acne problems are not actually an acne prone skin type, instead they are a wrong conclusion from a misdiagnosis. Many of us self diagnose an acne problem that is in fact a hydration problem.

Treating a hydration problem with an acne treatment actually makes acne worse. The problem
may never go away like this.

Hydration is the amount of water being retained by the skin. The skin needs both oil and water. Skin problems can occur when their is too much or too little oil or water in the skin. In most cases people generally lack water in their skin, that is a lack of hydration. This lack of hydration then causes pimples from irritation, and even worse.. Lack of hydration causes wrinkles! Luckily Coconut Oil's got your back for both of those.

What you want to do is create balance. So instead of trying a harsh acne treatment,
Try washing your face with coconut oil and see how that works out for you. It sure has worked out for me! My face can go from 0 to 100 overnight!

15. Bath Time

It just smells so yummy, and it's so relaxing, luxurious and smooth, both detoxifying and
moisturising for your skin. Sink into a tub, add 2 tablespoons of Coconut oil to your bath water and not only will your bath be silky and perfect, you'll come out with skin to just die for.


And I'm not sure if that's really a problem.

16. Drink It   

Now that I consume so many Raw Fruits and Veggies on a daily basis, going a day without them is like a year without water. I realise just how much our body needs them, and now I feel withered and in need of fruit when I'm not getting my fair share.

What does this really mean?

It means that we actually get used to this withered no good feeling, and we cant explain what's wrong with us...  Eat the fruit... Especially Organic fruit. That's what's wrong with us.

So when I say I feel dehydrated from lack of fruit, it's not actually because I'm a vegetarian fighting for my health, it's because I now realise and can feel the difference in how important getting the right fruits and veggies really is. This is why I just love Farmers Markets and am obsessed with Juicing.

This is the same when drinking the Coconut Water. Upon drinking the Coconut Water you'll notice the immediate hydration something we should feel at least once a day. Those who grow up among Coconuts are among the Healthiest People In The World.
Refer back to Health Benefits of  cooking with Coconut Oil to re review those Health
Benefits as they also apply here.

Aside from the pre listed Health Benefits from the Coconut Oil reference, Coconut Water has more Potassium than a Banana and is filled with Electrolytes. In fact Coconut Water actually replenishes the bodies moisture far better than any sports drink, and is accredited to the success of and by many athletes.

17. Mental Clarity • Prevention of Alzheimer's 

 I don't know if I'm preventing Alzheimer's or what have you, but I like the idea of strong Brain Health and Mental Clarity.. As both a Writer, and a Young Entrepreneur, I can always
use some of that.

Coconut Oil Home Care

I like to have 2 jars of Coconut Oil in the house at all times.

One for cooking. I keep it close to the coffee. #ButterLatte

The second, I use for my Personal Maintenance Regime.

I find keeping 2 jars just helps with contamination. When applying Coconut Oil to the body, one tends to dip their hand in without thinking to grab a spoon first.

Remember to store the second jar, the one dedicated to your skin regime, in a cooler place. Your not going to go through this jar as fast, and when left in a warm place, Coconut Oil tends to turn rancid and grow mold. At this point you will have to throw it out and replace it.

In the perfect cool temperature, Coconut Oil will harden, just enough to appear more as a solid rather than an oil. This is the state in which you want to keep the coconut oil so that it does not go foul, rancid or grow mold.

Cold Coconut Oil will go hard and be impossible too work with.

Purchasing Coconut Oil

You can buy Coconut Oil in any Grocery Store. It's located in both the Organic and the Inorganic Isles. My recommendation is, and always will be, the Organic selection of course.

When purchasing Coconut Oil be sure to buy a Virgin or Extra Virgin Coconut Oil as Refined Coconut Oil will not provide the same Health Benefits.


Blueberry Bliss Bar Recipe


So these are the 17 Uses for Coconut Oil that I personally use it for. There are apparently 83 more Uses for Cocon0ut Oil.

So I have went ahead and prepared some Supporting Links, starting with Well Being Secrets • Health Benefits Of Coconuts & also one from Wellness Mama • 101 Uses For Coconut oil.

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Hope you found this article to be helpful. Helpful enough go and get yourself a jar of Coconut Oil into your home. You'll Thank me for it later.