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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Camera Shy

What do you do when it's a beautiful day at Erindale Park?..

Snap some photos!!!

After a couple years of not doing any photo shoots.. at all..

I realise, that stepping back in front of the camera is not as easy as I remembered. #CameraShy

I used to have a photographer here named Warren. Out of all my photographers, he was the one I learned the most from. He really had an amazing sense of photographic choreography.

During our first photo shoot together, Warren noticed that I had no other facial expressions than what he liked to call, "The Cheese Cake Smile".  At least 1000 pictures of the same cheesey smile .. Ummm eeek.

I mean I have many expressions during a conversation, but I would freeze in front of a camera, like most of us do.

As I worked with Warren, and the difficult positions he put me in.. Arching this, arching that, now hold that and arch this. Point your head over their and your nose that way. Now hold that... Like really hold that position.. Now do this with your face!.. And HOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It really did hurt, but it worked out well for getting the shots we wanted. 

With time, I aquired the skill and experience needed, and Warren had managed to bring a million faces out of what was once, nothing more than that repetitive frozen smile. 11 hours of that in a day, a couple days a month , and the progress of a thousand faces really did start to pay off.

But now that its been a couple years.. .. I couldn't even find Warren if I wanted too. Nor could I recall any of those faces or poses.

 So I'm going to half to channel my inner Warren here, and try and remember just how to do this!

Getting this face comfy with that camera again is going to take a minute! 

But we definitely did have a blast doing the shoot and I'm super looking forward to our next one! It was a really fun day, with a really great friend, who's not afraid of the colour pink.

We were actually in Erindale Park that day doing a shoot for an Issue on Biodegradable Balloons || Is Biodegradable Really Biosafe? || Coming Up Next Week On The Blog. 

... with the rest of this weeks shoot.