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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Biodegradable Balloons • Are They BioSafe

So here I am with a reason to celebrate.. New Business Cards, Book Marks and a little friendly Blogger Sign to hang off my camera that encourages Smiles! Even a NEW LOOK for my up and coming all natural All Organic Skin Care Line.. They are all on their way as I have finished all the final touches.

On the other hand, Im getting Calls, Emails, and Invites to some places I have never even imagined going. The places I end up get keep getting me somewhere else I wanted to be and didn't know how, involved, and right in the middle of things.

This blogging is really opening up new possibilities. It's actually opening up this city for me, and I can finally say it's becoming an even more enjoyable place to live as I learn about it all.

By writing about what I love, it's bringing me to the things I love.

It seems as if everything is just going along so perfect and cute, I simply must celebrate.. So it's a Blog Launch Celebration!

And how better to have a Blog Launch Celebration, Than to have a Balloon Launch Photo Shoot to go with it!

I called my photographer and the Launch/Shoot was planned!

I then tracked down some Biodegradable Balloons, and got them filled with Helium.

While at the party store, I specifically asked again for Biodegradable Balloons. I then came to learned that all Latex Balloons are actually Biodegradable.

They did happen to warn me about the strings though. The strings are not Biodegradable and are highly dangerous to release they said.

So simple right? Release them from the top, and they claim that these balloons are not only Biodegradable but Safe. So its easy peasy just like that. .. right?

A little champaigne cheers under a balloon launch.. This shoot was going to be so cute!

And then I began to wonder...

Are Biodegradable Balloons Really Biosafe?


I mean, how long does it take these things to biodegrade?

And what harm could possibly be done within that time? 

The answer...

3-4 years

By that time these Balloon pieces that have had 3-4 years to degrade, have also had 3-4 years to harm and even kill our wildlife.

Turns out, that in 3-4 years the balloon is still only partially degraded and still very harmful. The nasty balloon peices get eaten, and this causes a lot of damage to the animals, and many deaths.

That's not Biodegradable at all, and it sure isn't Biosafe. 


Instead of doing a Balloon Launch Celebration, this article is about the Biosafety or in fact, the Non Biosafety of Biodegradable Balloons and other so called Biodegradable Plastics.

We still went along with the shoot

What we then did, was chose not to launch the balloons

And we popped them instead

Then we disposed of them properly to set a good example and lighten our footprint on the Environment.


If your going to use balloons for your celebration, please make sure you dispose of them properly.

Popping the balloons was actually quite fun.. It was some quirky excitement to end our completely silly, balloon filled day.

Like it already wasn't quirky enough.. 

While doing this shoot we realised balloons are not the easiest props. They really don't care about your camera or anything that you are trying to pull off or accomplish really...

And we did lose a couple to the trees... Not these trees.. but other trees.. 

Apparently they LOVE trees.


It turns out, that the problem is more than just Biodegradable Balloons. Slapping the term Biodegradable on a plastic that takes at least 4 years to degrade is not Biodegradable, and cannot be considered Biosafe.

This word should not make us feel better about littering, based on the misleading term Biodegradable.

Nothing should ever actually make us feel better about littering, Because the honest truth is, this stuff is not magic and doesn't just "Poof" disapear. Adding the word Biodegradable to plastic is an impossible contradiction to the harmful effects it could have on the wildlife and our environment.  

Aaaand these are things we don't think about every day..

Like today for example..

Trying to be Eco Conscious yet I was about to launch, what I thought were Biodegradable Balloons, again, based on this term Biodegradable. 

With so much trickery, one can't always be a sheep. Questions have to be asked.

Like are Biodegradable Balloons Really Biosafe? What does Biodegradable really mean?

Supporting Links

Supporting Links and Some Info on The Effects of Biodegradable Balloons, and so called Biodegradable Plastics are available to you here, by clicking the links below.


Duh Duh Duh..

Without Further A Due 

Let Me Announce, 

We Really Do have Something To Celebrate

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Today's Photo Shoot was taken in the Beautiful Erindale Park, in thr city of Mississauga.