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Monday, 9 November 2015

Awakening The Inner Fashionista

Sometimes it's tough finding something to wear. Wait, let me rephrase that. Finding something to wear can be an absolute nightmare!!!

Even when you have more clothes than you know what to do with. I, yes me, I have more clothes than I no what to do with. So many beautiful pieces I have never even worn. Some still have a price tag from 4 years ago.

I couldn't wear them, I didn't know how to wear them, and I thought I had to buy more clothes to be able to wear them. This resulted in a million clothes.

... And me, sitting In the bottom of a walk in closet  in a pile of clothes with nothing to wear.

So this may be semi disturbing, if I were messy. Messy is tolerable.

But NO! This closet was nice, clean, spacious and organised, by outfit only 5 minutes before I decided I needed something to wear. Now I'm surrounded in a pile bigger than me, that I'm going to have to put back up.

Did I have something to wear yet?... No.

Do I look good by the time I leave the house?... Yes. ..Especially when it comes to Woman's Business Attire or Casual Work Wear, I'm actually good at that (That's another topic I'll cover eventually).

Was that necessary though?... Not at all.

I realised that sifting through Instagram was giving me some ideas.

Or if I wanted to wear something in particular, I'd pick one thing I wanted to wear and google it in images to see it paired with outfits.

Suddenly outfits were getting easier and faster to put together through this referencing this way. Shopping makes more sense.  

So I downloaded some things I wanted to remember, screen shot them, whatever.. And used them as references, or for inspiration. Even if its just the tiniest detail I don't want to forget.

It really has made it easier to get dressed in the morning, so I thought what inspired me, might inspire you. Or perhaps just this technique Itself, may work for you. So,



I absolutey need this Gold Swan!!!


 These BOOTS though!!


The closer it gets to those cold Winter Months, I have come to realise I still don't know how to properly bundle up in style. I mean I have a couple ideas but... .. 

I could use a little help.

Thankfully, I have had the Wonderful Opportunity to be Invited to Attend and Blog at 2 Different Fashion Weeks, taking place, right here in Toronto! 

So it's really going to be a great learning experience, up close and personal! 

And you'll be there to see it first hand via KIT VON BLOGGING UPDATES! Cause, my tips are your tips, so get ready for lots of Pictures, Details and Interviews!!! ♡