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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

2 Months After Bellafill • A Bellafill Review

In my first issue regarding Bellafill,, 
I visited Dr Solomon's office to receive a Bellafill Treatment for my marionette lines.

This was my first treatment with Bellafill.

I've absolutely fallen in in love with this product immediately!

If you missed my first article on Bellafill, you can open that up by clicking here : 

☆   For The Love Of Bellafill  

So what about now?

It has been 2 months since I received my first treatment.

And the question is..

Do I still Love Bellafill???

The answer is YES! 

What is Bellafill?

Permanent Filler 


Today I am here for a second time. 

Dr. Solomon had originally scheduled a  2 month check up, for my original Bellafill results..

And what a wonderful opportunity for more Bellafill! 

So of course I scheduled another treatment of Bellafill for this very same day.

Upon my arrival at Dr. Solomon's office, I came to find out that Bellafill is even cheaper when you are a return client. 

My first visit came up to just a little over $1400.00. 

This time it was $904.00 after taxes! - Thus resulting in one even happier happy customer!

Now keep in mind, that you can't just go finding Bellafill any where you can find Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, and so on.

Dr. Solomon, located on 57 Centre Street in Thornhill, Ontario, is the only Surgeon/ injector performing Bellafill, that I have found so far here in Toronto. 

So if you are thinking about trying Bellafill and you are from the GTA area, Dr.Solomon's is the only office you will find this.

Dr.Solomon is a well known Plastic Surgeon relatively famous to the stars and best known for Rhinoplasty & Oteoplasty. 

In fact even Gene Simmons has been one of Dr.Solomon's clients. 

I can't tell you what work he recieved from Dr.Solomon because this I don't know. I just see the pictures on the walls of all these famous people he's worked on.

I do know, I have seen quite a few excellent noses, and even a couple chins, come out of that office.

My Review

So far, I am absolutely still in love with Bellafill! 

You probably assumed this,
Seeing as how I wrote an article called For 'The LOVE of Bellafill'. 

I actually I love this product more and more every day! 

And the best part about Bellafill is that each area you fill is permanent.

In fact, it's the only fill you can receive that actually is considered permanent. 

Bellafill then goes on to promote your own skin to to produce its own collagen. 

I've read that not too many fillers can really do this effectively..

Collagen is something our skin begins to need more of when we get into our early 30's.

In our 30's we start to experience collagen loss instead of collagen growth, and this results in a sudden droopiness in the face.

You may find this droopage, wrinkles, or folds, around the marionette lines, eyes, cheeks and under the chin and frown lines Especially. 

The face takes on a more serious perhaps dull look as those lines begin to pronounce and we begin to see a more "experienced" or aged persons.


Lets Compare

$600 every year in each area that needs to be filled, and continuous down time ( about a week ) - VERSUS - $1400.00 for something I like to believe are forever results.

.. Meanwhile these forever results drop to $900.00 after your first syringe for every additional syringe.

In the next 4 months this Bellafill continues to develop, and promote your skin to produce its own collagen, there for actually expanding in your skin over a next 4 month period. 


No filler, no collagen, no results 1 year after injection.

Don't forget to refer to my Article For The Love Of Bellafill for those specifice in more detail.

SOOOOO.. What does Bellafill mean to me? 

A very emotional 10 years younger, more refreshed appearance with a much smoother face! 

Such a small price for such a priceless feeling and emotion.

As per mentioned, I did go back for more today. I had some indents/ or folds under my eyes filled. 

Every morning, I wake up with puffy eyes and I have this very unnecessary unattractive line setting in.

If I'm really tired.. and I normally am.. the folds tends to deepen and stick around all day.

So, as you may be able to relate.. I'm tired of looking tired.

And it's time to put away those expensive creams already. 

They really haven't done much.

Eye creams for some part, do work.. I'm not going to lie.

I have always had a Go To Eye Cream.

But nothing that's going to give my eyes a real lift. I want more than slight  wake up effect though. I want to forget I ever had to deal with this.

And time goes on, with the more eye creams I use, I find it is getting harder to find a good eye cream that is even effective at all.

The ones that work to well worry me as well.. 

How many chemicals are in there?  

Will it work for today, but cost me more to fix in damages done tomorrow?

So instead of wasting my money trying to hunt down a miracle product that doesn't exist anymore, and frankly, I know better than to believe...

I'm going straight for a real fix.

I'm throwing out the eye creams and going with the Bellafill.

By filling this line with Bellafill, I'm also able to prevent any deeper, longer lines or wrinkles from forming as a result of any of those unsightly puffy folds. This will then soften any other lines resulting from those creases.

It's only been a couple uncomfortable hours and I'm really happy with todays results again already. 

I can see a big difference.

Getting it done really doesnt hurt, Dr. Solomon is quick and precise. You can tell he is indeed confident in what he is doing. 

However, my face does feels lightly swollen and a little soar after the fac. I may even expect to have some blackness under my eyes tomorrow.

Ok.. so I kind of feel like I have been punched in the face a little.. 

But this does not bother me and is irreverent AF, as I'm so excited about the results and could really care less at this point about a punch in the face by the Bellafill monster. 

It's just plain, "Thank you Dr, Solomon, you charming little man." and "Muah!" I could kiss you on both cheeks!

But I wont.


Getting back too the Bellafill that Ihave  received 2 months ago previous to this appointment, for my marionette lines.

As per mentioned I do still love those results as well.

I feel nothing but confident again that when i go in front of a mirror, the first thing that slaps me in the face is not marionette lines.

Or the evil sleepy lines!

Being Cautious Helps

I'm doing just one syringe at a time so I can really keep a good watch on my results. 

After all, I'm trying to maintain my appearance, NOT change them, or end up looking fake.. 

And this approach seems to be working really well for me 

I'm going to eventually go in and fill more in the marionette region once I see how the forst syringe developes over those next couple months as my own skin continues to produce that collagen.

Dr Solomon did mention that I would want 2 syringes for that, and he was right.. 

and slowly but surely I'll get there.

The results from those Marrionette Lines are already starting to make a big difference, and look great! My confidence is really starting to come back - Even with those 2 months to go before I even see the full results for that first visit, and 4 months again for this new visit.

Any ways, No complications, No erks or weirdness about it, No infections or Granules so No complaints for me, all Love..

Words cant express this kind of Love,,,

BellaLove. ♡♡♡


I Thought This Was The Cutest Thing Ever When I Seen It In His Office Today!!! LOVE IT!

... And So True!

It may be the reason I'm sitting in this chair to begin with.

A Link To Dr Solomon's Office:



There was the most ADORABLE  little VEGAN Danish Bakery Right Around The Corner (7718 Younge Street Thornhill). 

Don't Forget To Stop Here!

They Had My Absolute favorite!!! These Gorgeous Little Almond Tarts!
.. Along with so much more yummy little desirable desserts.. 

I just cant wait to go back!