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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Botox • My Visit To The Powderoom


Most of us wouldn't know the difference between Botox and Filler. Botox is not filler. It does not fill, it paralyzes.

Botox paralyzes specific pesky muscles that tend to over act while we go through our daily expressions. 

This constant movement causes something called expression lines or wrinkles. These wrinkles are caused by our over active facial expressions. 

Thankfully, these dreadful and sometimes fairly deep wrinkle formations can be prevented by Botox. 

There for Botox is a preventative measure.

Pre Botox, Whilst making an expression

Some people tend to have more active expression lines than others. These expression lines appear less ofte in people with less facial expressions. This concludes that Botox is not for every one, only those that are experiencing the appearance of wrinkles, due to these expression lines.

If you are experiencing wrinkles that are not due to expression lines this is not a reason to opt for Botox, this is instead time for a filler, as fillers do not paralyze, they fill.

Today I went in to get Botox for my forehead, as I am getting an awful forehead crease due to my fear of Botox/ needles. It's been time to go for a while now. Also I refuse to keep paying for things that are not permanent. 

I thought, "Why even start?"

Until watching this wrinkle happen to my face became absolutely unnecessary! 

Age was becoming frightening!  These expression lines kill me!

It was time to take the leap.

So I'm here today, doing it for my first time.

Wow what a difference!

Every selfy would have been coming out great this whole time! Like they did in my 20's. This experience really has changed my world and even my perception and fear of age. 

This entire forehead wrinkle could have been entirely avoided!

Here's a quick outline of places Botox can be put to avoid these awful expression lines:

During my consultation at The Powderoom, we decided it was also best to do my bunny lines as well, as they are so prominent that not doing them now will lead to a major wrinkle in that crease. 

Those bunny lines also contribute to the crease I'm getting in my forehead that I'm here to try to remove today.

By doing this Wrinkle & Bunny Line now, we can prevent this expression from turning into a wrinkle.

My over active eyebrows suggest my wrinkles will be very deep if I don't stop this over active eye brow behavior now! It's already quite noticeable.

What Is Botox?

By definition, Botox is Botulinum Toxin, a Neurotoxic Protein.  This Botulinum Toxin (Botox) acts as muscle relaxer and is used to treat spasms and tics like Upper Motor Neuron Syndrome, Focal Hyperhidrosis, Chronic Migraine...  and then commercially supplied for the vanity of our wrinkles.


Don't hesitate!!!. 

When you see the alpearance of a wrinkle, this  is the age. Stop them in their tracks! 

So me 32. 32 should of been a good year for me to start Botox. 

25 if you are aging early, and 35 if your forehead is magic.

Do not do like I did by staring at a nightmare of a crease starting to form in your face, and think Facials are going to fix it!

Every time I have seen a selfy in the last year that had a line across my forehead. It hurt me, it really really hurt me. 

I let this wrinkle hurt me for a year because I refused to pay what I was lead on to assume was $600 every 6 months for Botox. On top of that, as per mentioned, I'm afraid of Needles.

Thank God that almost all the information that I have ever received from my friends about Botox was wrong. 

Gotta love those common misperceptions stepping in to mess everything up... Like prolonging my first Botox visit! 



  1. OK, Honestly, real deal, I'm afraid of needles, especially needless to the face
  2. Paying $400 - $600 every 6 moths to get it redone
  3. Finding a Reputable, Trusted, and Well Experienced Botox Technician


Ye.. Well turns out, this should barely be considered a needle.

Ok honestly, it hurts more to get your nails done or your hair cut!

The nurse injecter asked me to do an angry face and suddenly, before I felt a poke, she was done. I didn’t even know she'd poked me. 

The Bellafill actually did hurt a mean pierce, I assumed this was going to be the same..

 The Botox howevet, wasn't even comparable to a mosquito bite. 

The Bellafill had me swollen for 6 days, I could not do my make up for a week.

The effects are not even similar as the Botox did not irritate my skin at all.

The injector then told me to watch for minor headaches during the first day or so, as my muscles are still trying to move. 

I see what she means, its a tiny headache and my forehe8flickwred a bit. Its really not that irritating thiugh. 

Im more excited for an ageless forehead and that my bunny lines aren't moving.

At this point my upper forehead is still a little more active than I would like to see, but this is only day one and i wont see the full effects until between day 7 and 10. 

If my forehead is still moving in 14 days I will be back for a touch up. 

This is normal, and when you are working with something as delicate as your face, it is better to use too little the first time, rather than too much. You want a nice freeze, You don't want your entire forehead to drop.

The injector then suggested that sometimes after the first injection that it is sometimes best to touch up in about 2 months instead of the assumed 3..

Now that I know own how painless and easy this is...

Aaand just how satisfied I am with the results, coming back at any time does not bother me at all.  


Ok so I kept hearing this number of between $400 and $600. I just couldn't rectify paying that every 6 months for one tine little spot.

Prices are actually measured in units, between $8 and 12$ depending on the clinic or surgeon you choose.

Plastiv Surgeon's in Toronto, normally charge about $12 a unit.. because they can, and because they have that extra experience and expertise.

The amount of units you will need does not depend on the size of your forehead, it actually depends on the strength and  the activity of your muscles and expressions. 

For my very active forehead and bunny lines my bill only came up too $235.00.

This made me ecstatic!

Exspecially since The Powder Room has come so highly recommended.

I didnt even feel the need to pre-duscuss unit price, as the expertise from the recommendations outweighed whatever the price could be.

Now, if you'll see my delight..

This bill could have easily soared up another $165 and bin $400 - $500 for equal or lesser value.

Botox is said to actually allow you to train your muscles to stop this over activity in the face until you are no longer doing these severe wrinkle causing facial movement on your own.

A common misperception that I have been reluctant by, was the fact that you would have to continue to forever need Botox.. Every 6 months

I thought this was neccisary in order to keep achieving a non wrinkled forehead.

However, Botox can actually train the muscles in your face not move so actively. 

This means that eventually... after a matter of continued & on time visits, that you may not need to return at all, and your exlression lines will simply stop doing theses extra wrinkle causing expressions.


When I find a perfect fore headed woman I her!

Every time I'm in love with a face it is always attributed to one place..


The powder Room is located in the ever so lovely PORT CREDIT.

As Port Credit is the Diamond of Toronto's ruff, I was excited to put my faith in these women.

I have to say I'm overwhelmed by the results.

I just loved my injector she was awesome, the space was beautiful.. I even loved those pricees.

I'm just in love.

At this moment I will not be going anywhere else for my Botox, I'm quite satisfied with my over all experience.

I think I may even return for a Microdermabrasion some time in the near future.

Give ne any reason to visit Port Credit!

If you do not live in Toronto or the GTA... I'm sorry about that.

You will have to do your own research to find the right clinic for you.

In this case, ask around.

Find people that have gotten good results from Botox. Then ask where they went to get there's done.

Compare there stories with any horror stories you may have read about. Make use of the internet, check it for reviews.

Review the clinic. Make sure the clinic is clean, friendly and professional.

If you live in a small city, I would go directly to your local Plastic Surgeon to save the guess work.

If you have options between surgeons than again compare reviews.

For my Hometown readers up North, near or in Sudbury Ontario, Dr. Barr also very reputable.


I have to tell you most beautiful part of Toronto's Lakeshore is definitely in Port Credit. I give myself the entire day to explore any tine I'm able to get up here.

The Powder Room is a tiny adorable grey brick building only a block from the bridge along the Lakeshore, located at 188 Lakeshore Road West in Mississauga Ontario (Port Credit).

The main entrance, equip with an old Piano painted white as a front desk, the lilac walls with cream trim and delightful little chandeliers, I'm absolutely obsessed with the cuteness!

Can I do this to my living room? Perhaps my bedroom??.   And my bathroom??.. I'm just totally inspired by the décor here.

The woman who work here are beautiful, as are the customers leaving.

Monica, the woman, that did my injections was super pleasant and super friendly.

The consultation was adorable, I almost forgot I was about to be stabbed by needles. 

Monica answered all my questions while preparing the dosage with both detail and a smile.

And poof, mismdsentance it was done. 

I was happily on my way out with my new face.

I've already seen 5 years taken off my face upon leaving. 

Full results actually take up to 10 days.


Starbucks and fine dining restaurant The Snug Harbour,  both right on the lake, both only a minute away.

Here you will find the most beautiful lakeside, happy people and probably some inspiration.

This lakeside is just covered in lush beautiful park!

I do suggest you plan to take a trip around the neighborhood, just as I do, upon your visit to Port Credit and to The Powderoom.

Take in the town's beauty, it really is a breath of fresh air.

When your hungry.. And you should be from your walk, don't forget to check out that as per mentioned, Snug Harbour.

This cozy gorgeous little restaurant offers a most gorgeous and peaceful lake view. 

When at a Seafood restaurant... I guess you order the lobster?

... So I ordered the lobster (my last crustacean) .. And for the first time in my life, it was actually enjoyable.

In fact the entire dish was incredibly unique, with its potatoes in gravy, under sour cream.. loved it.

The veggies were awesome, each one differently flavoured. The eggplant was curried, The red peppers were sweet, The mushrooms had alone the flavours of just a mushroom, and then the broccoli had some entirely different spice that I absolutey loved but cannot put my finger on in the least.

I also enjoyed a nice chocolate Martini with dinner, and then a nice after dinner cappuccino, while I watched the sun set on the lake from my window seat. It really was a very nice day.

So the meal was beautiful, the view was beautiful, the day was beautiful, The people were beautiful, and the Botox - Beautiful! Age.. maybe it can be beautiful.. 

Port Credit I LOVE YOU! Botox I LOVE YOU MORE!


Honestly, I haven't even covered a quarter of the beauty here in Port Credit. J.C. SADDINGTON PARK located on 53 Lake st, where I took these pictures today, is only one minute away from The Powderoom right before the Bridge, once you come across the Starbucks. The entire town is stretched along the lake and is equally as beautiful.

In the summer, the water is a gorgeous blue and you can see people swimming from off  ladders along the water's walk way.

Every one is dressed clean and beachy. You can tell that it's a slower possibly more enjoyable way of life here, as you can see people just relax as they take in the rays.. Port Credit truly would be a beautiful place to live.

I 've trailed off.. but.. I hope you found my Botox review helpful!

Until next time,,