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Sunday, 25 October 2015

52 in 52 • A Kit Von Blogging Itinerary

Trying to produce the recommended, at least one blogpost a week can get a little tricky, especially since I have 2 full time jobs that I am already obligated too.

They say scheduling your time properly is one of the most important tasks to writing a successful blog.

This means my biggest task to tackle right now is actually TIME MANAGEMENT. Thankfully, due to my relentless efforts.. I believe it may finally be paying off, and I may have my time management issue resolved.

To get this accomplished, I'm going to need a good schedule. I mean, a really good schedule. So I'm going to buckle down, plan out, and deliver 52 in 52. That's 52 blog posts in 52 weeks.

Yes I'm intimidated, but blogging is intimidating, both emotional and intimidating. So you can imagine how relieved I was to find out that this emotional rollercoaster of high's and frights, is actually normal.

Kit Von topics are never basic, not do they ever  pan out to be easy! Especially when I think they are about to be.

Pictures need to be shot and edited.. Words need to articulate, they actually have to turn into paragraphs on a page. Work needs to be done.

I try to be as educational as possible with the topic at hand. I also I like to take that extra time to verify that all my product recommendations are not tested on animals.
#AnimalFriendly #CrueltyFree

Btw there are so many well know brands that do test on animals. There are also so many well known brands that do not, so be sure to keep checking in with Keeping Up With Kit Von, for these always cruelty free product recommendations as well.

(To receive these product recommendations along with all Keeping Up With Kit Von articles as they are published, you can subscribe by email from the top right corner of my Webpage's Homepage.)

I also like to include a little science when I can. This way you can be sure there is scientific background to the facts and suggestions I give you, especially when it's a natural recommendation.

I did take Esthetics, and not only am I forever learning and trying new products and techniques Im just dying to share with you, Im also referencing my Esthetics Text Books and other various books, so you can be sure my posts are educational while I spill those Esthetics and Skin Care beans.

Furthermore, I have also travelled with a Medicine Man for almost 2 decades practicing Herbal Remedies and Naturopathy in both the backgrounds of Native & Chinese Orient, so my recommendations come from years of dedicated experience with people.


With even more continued research throughout developing said blog pieces, I  can then deliver you my masterpiece!


I like to include all the adorable accessories I use and the outfits I wear as well..

topped off with a little bonus, I always manage to sneak in that little bonus with a big bang...

And finally,

Finalized and signed with a kiss,

Voila Ze Articaaalll !!! ☆☆☆☆☆

So yes, like I was saying, for the quality I'm trying to deliver.. 52 in 52 is deffinately going to be a project I'm going to dedicate myself too to complete.

So lets get into my 52 Topics in 52 Weeks! Keep in mind that I have left 10 Blank as UPCOMING BLANK OPTIONS! You never know what I will RUN INTO and LOVE this year, and what will positively NEED to end up on the blog!




  1. The Kit Von Balance Between Natural and Synthetic Products - The Best of Both Worlds
  2. The GMO Scoop
  3. The Benefits of Juicing Face Body and Brain
  4. In Love With The Coconut
  5. Kitchen Pharmacy - Pharmaceuticals versus Natural Remedies
  6. Gerson Healing Disease through the use of Organic Juicing
  7. Raw Food Health Benefits - Why Everyone Eat More Raw Foods
  8. Potato Skin Care
  9. Shadow Boxing - A Kit Von 10 Minute Daily Arm Routine


  1. Sexy & Serving Breakfast In 10 Minutes - How to Get breakfast On the Table in 10 Minutes Looking Fly
  2. Inside My Purse
  3. DollFace Organic Skin Care
  4. Microdermabrasion - What Is It Good For
  5. My Esthetics Text Book Broken Down - The Basics of Skin Care Care
  6. Finding A Good Medi Esthetician 
  7. Kit Von Lips - My Fave Lip Sticks and Glosses
  8. A Great 2 in 1 Facial From The Delta Mississauga for $200
  9. How To Grow Long Nails
  10. Botox - A Visit To The Powder Room


  1. Winter 2015 Photo Shoot
  2. Check Your Shoe Game 
  3. Kit Von Closet Basics
  4. Kit Von Favourites StreetStyle Inspiring Collage


  1. Toronto Real Estate In An Interview With Shaun Khan
  2. A Buonanotte Restaurant Review
  3. Inside Toronto's Best Museums
  4. Emotions of A Blogger - The Art of Blogging
  5. Creating A Cozy Office Space & Study Room
  6. Covering The Vegan Festival - Learning To Go Vegan
  7. Toronto Hair Stylist Sharday
  8. A Day Off With Kit Von
  9. A Day Shopping With Kit Von
  10. Making A Dream Board - Interview With Alesha Hira
  11. 10 Tips Preparing For that Photo Shoot
  12. The Distillery District - A SegWay Tour 
  13. EverGreen BrickWorks an International Showcase For Urban Sustainability & Green Design - Sundays Are For Farmers Markets, Even In The Fall
  14. A Visit To The Alpaca Farm - Cruelty Free Fur
  15. A Kit Von Toronto Vegan Restaurant Review
  16. More Than Honey Marcus I'm hoof & Claus-Peter Litchfield Book Review • Visit with a Toronto Bee Farmer


  1. What Is Feed The Streets
  2. Continued Coverage For The Hair For Cancer Challenge




52 in 52 Free Book With Subscription

  1. Downloadable PDF of  Project 52

So That's the Plan!

And so far it's working out great!

Infact I'm just beginning to put together my visit to EverGreen BrickWorks International Showcase for Urban Sustainability.  I had a blast at the farmers market, and checking out the trails! In fact I'd have to say it's my favorite Toronto Park to date, so be sure to check that out on the blog later this week!

Also, on Monday I visit The Powder Room in Port Credit and we're back to Vanity Insanity! You can be sure this will be an awesome read!

You know where to check that out..


 Today's accessories were from Chapters, where you can find these absolutely adorable little note books and matching pens from Kate Spade. I just love them! I even got th4e white furry throw from the same store.

.. Also at Chapters, are these adorable little Ultrabrite reading lights.

This super freaking cute gold lipstick mug...

And so much more! If you haven't noticed I absolutey love Chapters for all the cutest accessory finds!!! ♡ ♡ ♡