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Monday, 5 October 2015

Brushes & Bacteria • Clean Make Up Brushes For Clear Skin

Let's start with why we need to clean our brushes.

Our skin produces oils that spread to the brushes as we use them. After each use the oil collects and bacteria starts to grow binding oil and make up into pure dirty germiness. The bristles make excellent breeding grounds for these germs and the more we use our brushes the more of this oil residue begins to build up and the more it adds to the growing bacteria. This bacteria causes clogged pores, break outs and other skin conditions we simply don't want on our face.

Most make up (Oil free) is noncomedonegenic. This means that it does not cause acne. Using un cleaned, old and dirty brushes however, does cause these clogged pores and comedones (a word we use in esthetics describing acne or pimples).

One thing we do not want to do, is then to diagnose an acne problem with an oily brush problem. Next thing you know your treating normal clogged pores and normal skin type with harsh acne cleansers and toners for acne skin type. Doing this will only cause you to break out even more from the harsh effects they have on your skin. Cleanse and hydrate, this is the answer. It is also the answer for your brushes.

Make sure to clean your blush and powder brushes more often as they tend to collect the most oil. In this area pores are normally larger, produce more oil and are more prone to breakouts.

Higher end blush and powder brushes can be cleaned once a week. Your lower end brushes can be cleaned about every 2 weeks, for a longer brush life.

Eye make up brushes can be cleaned on a monthly basis.

What You Will Need

• Small bowl (optional)
• Dawn (the one that saves the birds from oil because it's tuff on oil, and because they save birds) or Johnsons Baby Shampoo (because it's gentle on bristles) or for lack thereof, any shampoo will do
• Teaspoon extra virgin olive oil (optional for softer longer lasting bristles)


1. Fill small bowl with Dawn

2. Add teaspoon of olive oil for conditioning (optional)

3. Dip brush into bowl

4. Lather and rub make up and dirt out of your brush under a running tap of warm (not hot) water. Make sure to do this with the bristles facing down. Also be sure to get out all the soap and suds, you don't want to leave any residues  that will result in the brush becoming sticky and useless.

5. Place the brush on a towel and blot to dry. Squeeze the brushes back into their original shape, whilst removing any access water. Sometimes I like to shake them out a bit.

6. Hang upside down to prevent bacteria from growing in the base of the brush, and to keep the glue from detereriorating. Allow the brush to dry over night.

7. I like to store my brushes upright, in a mug or small vase rather then in a make up case or pouch. This allows them to be most easily accessible.

If your feeling lazy, you can go ahead and dunk all your brushes at once. It's really not any harder or less sufficient. Again, just be sure you have removed all the soap from each brush.

And Voila! Easy clean brushes ready for a fresh make up application ♡

Today's accessories are QUO Brushes. The adorable sparkling 6 pack is on for 50$ right now in Shoppers Drug Mart. Seeing how most brushes run about 20 or so dollars I find that to be a great deal for such a glam set of brushes.

Accompanied with that set, was a QUO Angle Contour Brush because I found that to be the only brush missing in the set of 6.

Also in the mix, QUO Travel Brush Set on for 25$. Again, you can find this at Shoppers.. Because honestly, who has all that room in one purse? Because I just don't! Leave the glam set by the vanity and take the mini's to go. ..Love them!

And of course, QUO Pencil Sharpener. I picked Quo again for no other reason than I like to match.

Always have a sharpener on hand as you want to keep your pencils their sharpest for your best precision.

Over all, I'd say QUO Brushes last as long and are as durable as my professional make up brushes and I deffinately recommend grabbing a set for your best make up application. However, do go for the set as individually they can tend to get a little pricey.

Brush cleaner is from Dawn because they care ♡

Aaaand my nail polish was actually navy blue though it appears black in the photos.. I'm not a fan but whatever,  fine.. I'm over it!!!

Hope you found this article helpful and are on your way to some nice soft and fluffy CLEAN brushes ♡
Clean brushes for clear skin!