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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Top 10 Tips For Luxuriously Long Hair

Does your hair break? Do you want longer hair? Then let me tell you my TOP 10 TIPS FOR LONG LUXURIOUS HAIR.

The most important part, when trying to obtain long luxurious hair is picking up a great Shampoo & Conditioner. I always like to recommend JOICO products. For blondes, I recommend, JOICO'S KPAK in these gorgeous GOLD bottles.

JOICO Brand is the only shampoo and conditioner in the mid priced range that will be able to really do anything for your hair, especially if your hair is dry or damaged. Get you hair back to its optimum health first, than you can worry about the length. If it is dry and brittle it will break and appear as if not to grow.

In the last 6 months I have really been slacking on my HAIRCARE ROUTINE. This is just not going to work since my intentions are to cut it into a fresh Long Bob next week, so it will need to be healthy to look good.

 I'm also doing my first chop for the Hair for Cancer Ongoing Challenge at this very same time, so I'm going to want my donation to be as healthy and beautiful as I can get it so it has longer durability and use.


1. Choose a Good Shampoo & Conditioner

Time to boost this hair back to health with my all time favorite, as per mentioned, KPAK collection from JOICO.

I have been returning to this product for the last 10 years.

KPAK is the absolute best product to maintain my blonde hair. In fact, every time I switch shampoo I'm always disappointed and my hair always dries out. If you are a blonde and your hair is dry or brittle, than this really is the only shampoo & conditioner that can return your hair back to optimum health.. unless you want to put out that extra dollar on AVEDA or L'ORÉAL KARASTASE.

AVEDA is still nicely priced and very much worth every penny, The conditioners are just dreamy. Thick & luxurious, they definitely put you on a Cloud 9.

KERASTASE is also just beautiful! Infact Extremely beuatiful. It actually pumps silicone into the shaft of the hair, making your hair feel like the most amazing texture imaginable.

A KERATASE set can run you about $300 - 500$. I can no longer justify that being worth the price, as you'll want to maintain this lifestyle once you have started such a ridiculously expensive routine. So let's be realistic for those of us on a budget.. KERASTASE is the most amazing line I have ever used. This is some 5 STAR ish.. But this great hair for that great price.. ugh.. Probably, just say no.

If there is no budget, than KERATASE all the way!!! Go for It! You will love it!

Soooo, back to JOICO'S KPAK.. This shampoo is gentle and the conditioner is also creamy and thick. The smell is Angelic.

When my hair is really dry I like to go straight to the Deep Conditioner (Intense hydrator) as Conditoner because it's even creamier and thicker. Leave either the Conditioner or the Deep Conditioning Hydrator in your hair for at least 3 - 10 minutes to let the hair absorb all the moisture before rinsing.

By choosing KPAK we're really making sure that we are doing the best for our hair and we aren't losing those ends, by providing moisture to them. KPAK does not promote hair growth, it maintains healthy hair so it does not break.


2. Deep Condition your hair Overnight

Give your hair a good over night treatment at least every 3-6 months. You can use your Deep Conditioner for this, again perferably KPAK INTENSE HYDRATOR, though I still love you AVEDA! Still love you KERASTASE, but at that price your easier to forget.


While your in the shower and the Deep Conditioner is in, you can blend a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil into the hair. Proceed by applying a small bit of conditioner back into the hair and massage all that together.

Do not rinse your hair.

Lightly squeeze out some of the water. Put your head upside down and roll it into a bun in the top of your head.
Bag it.
Wrap a towel around It.
Rinse the conditioner out in morning.

3. Make sure your blowdryer is working properly

 Try heat, I do. I'm not going to do like every one else and say no heat. The important thing here is to check your hair dryer. Make sure it is working properly and that the fan or motor has not blown out. If there is heat and no fan we are not efficiently drying our hair, but we are efficiently burning it. You can go ahead and kill your hair in one shot using a hairdryer with a broken or clogged hairdryer motor. Big no no.

So the cleaner your dryer is and faster your fan or motor is, the better your hair dryer works, and this will effect the condition of your hair. If the fan is working fast and clean, the less damage the hair will endure. The more built up hair in your blowdryer the more it will start to blow a still heat. This still heat will absolutely fry your hair. So be sure to clean the vent in behind your blowdryer, otherwise replace your hairdryer often for best results.

There are also hair styles that you can try throughout the week that do not require heat if you would like to use less of it .. Messy buns roll out into playful waves over night, as do loose braids from the day before. Ponytails and dry shsmpoo are also always good at hiding the obvious unwashed or unkempt hair.

a CERAMIC HAIR DRYER  is less damaging to your hair than an IONIC HAIR DRYER, so you may want to look for Ceramic if you really do have a lot of breakage or problems growing out your hair.

Here is a good time to mention just one more time - Do you see your roots growing?.. yet you claim your hair doesn't grow.. if this is you, it is growing. It's just breaking off at the ends simutaneously. The trick here is fortifying the hair and making it stronger and healthier, less prone to breakage from the elements that damage like clogged hair dryers, straighteners and curling irons. And this is how we grow out our hair.

The KPAK does such a great job providing moisture that I wouldn't bother avoiding all heat... Infact you can blowdry it daily if your just doing a blowdry with a round brush or for a quick minute to fluff it back up. Do avoid Straightening it or curling it every day.

4. Wash your hair less

Start washing your hair only ONCE or TWICE a week. Shampoos have drying agents that strip the hair of it's natural oils, so you'll want  to wash your hair the least possible. This is where Dry Shampoo comes in.

Most dry Shampoos are effective after the second day or so of not Washing your hair, but only BATISTE works on immediately washed hair. It will also freshen hair for up to a week without washing.

I normally like to sprinkle in a little baby powder into the roots as well,  however with the lawsuits surrounding JOHNSONS BABY POWDER right now, I know this is not a good recommendation for optimal health.. so I am not making it.

BATISTE is one of the better dry shampoos out there. Not only does it freshen it gives a little volume. It provides the best texture, the most fluffiness and the longest wear time without needing to be washed (1 week), and on top of all of this, it smells absolutely so freshly amazing! Each and every one of them.

I like to grab whichever one is on sale at the moment. This time it was Original (the tiffany Green one).. It's like they read my mind.. Or could it be I just love them all..

... aaand I had the pink last week... ..

DOVE DRY SHAMPOO tends to burn my scalp, and everything else ... well just... I dunno... Meh.



But just the shampoo. NIOXIN helps promote hair thickness and growth at a pretty noticeably rapid rate.

I found that when I used both the shampoo and conditioner my hair was a super weird unmanageable texture. Should you wish to ad this product to your routine, and It is a great product, I suggest going with just the Shampoo. Since NIOXIN'S main purpose is to exfoliate the Scalp and activate the roots to grow and this can be done in just the shampooing process. After that you'll want to finish up with your favorite Conditioner to keep the moisture in and your hair at it's most manageable.

You can find Nioxin in most local HAIR SALONS for about 30$..
Thooouuugh...  you can also usually find it at WINNERS for about half the price as per usual, check their first.

6. Trims only

Trims only, no cuts. Cut DEAD ENDS ONLY when necissary. Stop going to the hairdresser asap.

Next week will be my first time seeing a hairdresser in 5 years. We trim our ends only from now on, and we do it our self.

Trimstructions ~ Don't worry there's a Youtube link at the bottom of this page .

Part entire head of hair down the middle of your scalp.

Bring the left side to the front left of you, and the right side to your Front right.

Join ends pointed together

Chop off only what's dead as evenly as possible

Throw your hair back behind you and go.

Voila it was that easy

Get a hair cut only when it is absolutley neccisary, maybe once a year. Myself, I'd rather not.

7. Only dye what you have too

When using HIGHLIGHTS and BLEACH,  Try only bleaching or highlighting the top quarter and front of your hair around the face. This way you don't damage all of your hair in the process.
Leave the middle depth of the hair untouched.

I once had a hair dresser that would put just a couple highlights in the bottom for me, so when I lifted my hair into a ponytail their would still be some highlights showing, appearing to be as if I had a full set of highlights.  This was a good way to save a lot of hair still. But pointless since it's more costly and time consuming and people tend to like when I do a basic half & half - Blonde or blonde highlights on top of the scalp, and the Brown starting slightly less then midway down around the ears, just as much.

If you are a full blonde needing your roots touched up, stick to only your roots for the duration of the bleaching process. Spread the rest of the die throughout the rest of your hair for a touch up no longer than 10 to 12 minutes to blend the colors together, buy that is it! If your doing this at home, I like to use L'ORÉAL anything in blonde from AA to the BB'S. They tend ti be the most gentle on the hair and need the less toning  All other SHOPPERS DRUGMART DYES are garbage. L'ORÉAL however is the mother brand that caters to the  HAIR SALONS, and this is why L'ORÉAL remains PROFESSIONAL.

Never try and fix dried, breaking, bleached hair by dying it brown or dark brown. The color in your damaged Blonde won't keep and chances are you will have to keep redoing your ends to get the color to hold. This will further damage your hair and you may end up with a dry damaged unexpected Bob you didn't asked or pay for, when all you hair breaks off.. It would make more sense just to correct the blonde.

8. Supplements

Choose one to take, not all 3! The listed supplements are all natural products derived from plants. No chemicals.


Myself I drink a SIBU SEABUCKTHORN SUPPLEMENTS for HAIR, SKIN & NAILS. I absolutey love how thick and strong my nails grow and how radiant it makes my skin Glow. I seem to see my pores tighten a bit.  My hair gets thicker when I'm drinking it, and my nails become thicker and stronger.

I absolutely love SIBU SEABUCKTHORN DRINK for HAIR, SKIN & NAILS. The results are virtually immediate for me and I can only imagine that if I can noticeably see the health of my hair, skin & nails on the outside, what it could possibly doing I the inside must also be amazing.
You can find SIBU SEA BUCKTHORN PRODUCTS in the Organic/ Natural Section in your local Superstore Grocery. The SEABUCKTHORN JUICE runs about 30$ a bottle and lasts about 15 days so it makes better sense almost, just to by 2.

Another Sibu Product I positively love is the SIBU SEABUCKTHORN OIL. I like to rub it onto my face under or with my moisturiser.. Simply beautiful. The SEABUCKTHORN OIL minimises breakouts while providing beautiful antiaging and moistening effects.


Another product every one is just raving about is IT WORKS HAIR SKIN & NAILS for Hair growth. I haven't used this, one myself, but you know I love my IT WORKS products, and I have seen excellent results on other people who absolutely love it.

You can order that here:


And third BIOTIN. I here this is a good one, but unfortunately due to it's ability to speed up the Metabolism I cannot sample this one for you. Apparently BIOTIN works by fortifying the hair so you are able to grow stronger healthier hair that doesn't break or fry easily. This is probably a good idea if you have dry, brittle, bleached or processed hair. Also if you are using a curling iron or straightener daily,

You can buy Biotin for about 8.99$ in Shoppers Drugmart.

9. Apply OLIVE OIL to the ends

Apply extra virgin olive oil to the ends using just the tip of your fingers like a serum. You don't want to go to far up the shafts, or use too much oil, you will end up with extremely oily hair, so just a drop & a preferably organic drop at that.

I use PRESIDENTS CHOICE ORGANICS BIOLOGIQUE. This food item gone hair care, can be found for about 6-8$ at pretty much any GROCERY STORE, Drug Store, or Convenient Store..


Incase you have over bleached or processed your hair and are experiencing this elastic snap and break super thin hair, than I have the fix for you! And its cheap!

I have literally been to the point of almost losing my entire head of hair after removing bleach to reveal an entire head of elastic snappness. I promptly directed myself to the nearest shoppers and bought both HAIR FOOD & CHLORESTEROL, both for under 5$ Each.

Condition your hair with the CHLORESTEROL then try and leave It alone for a couple days. You can go ahead and smooth a very tiny small amount of the HAIR FOOD over your hair somewhat as you would with serum. Try not to wash your hair for at least a week or it may be good bye hair.

After a couple uses the CHLORESTEROL will build up and it will no longer be doing anything for your hair. A thick layer of grossness will result. Discontinue use of the CHLORESTEROL at this point.



This is a quick pick of my current hair. Keep in mind I haven't even given it a trim in 5 months.. And next week will be my first time seeing a hairdresser in 5 years. I do my own trims, exactly how I explained up top in  Number 6. Trims Only.


Before I referenced any of these brands, I decided to do my research and make sure none of my fave products were tested on animals. I think of my Blog as part of my screening process. To my delight I won't have to replace any of my products and I can go ahead and reference them all to you.  ❤

Joico (Kpak) does not test on animals, You can find their commitment to standards here.

Though Peta has wrote an article claiming that Karetese L'Oréal  does test on animals, L`Oreal has reassured that it company has stopped all animal testing, and that's including all companies it mothers. You can find that link here

Nioxin conducts their research on human vounteers, never animals. That information can be found here.

This weeks Accessories 

BIOLOGIQUE  Organic Olive Oil
A White Towel

And since I was a little pale this week...

This cream gives just the right colour of sunless tan and it's the only one that doesn't turn into an awful smell once it dries. LOVE this cream, it actually goes pretty dark and helps with a lot of pigment.

And that's todays article. I hope you have fun growing out your luxuriously long hair, and that you found my 10 tips useful!!! Let me know what you think!!!
Until next week...