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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Wheatgrass For Optimum Health • Collagen, Chlorophyll & Skin Care

I have heard about Wheatgrass before, but only recently did I actually take notice to it.

After seeing this wheatgrass in my local Booster Juice, whilst ordering my usual Bananas-a-whey.. I quickly got to googling..

Just what is this grass drink I'm looking at??

Intrested, I finally decided to try this super food grassy drink.

Turns out I have ignored this little green shot far too many times!

The number one benefit that concerns me with wheatgrass is the ant aging effect it has.

The benefits of Wheatgrass works from the inside out aswell as the outside in!

It can br drank as a shot, and can also be used as tonic or mask for the skin. Wheatgrass is amazing for wound healing, acne rashes & burns..

Even such rashes from poison ivy can be cured with Wheatgrass. Just take a shot and go.

My favorite thing about Wheatgrass is that it actually promotes Collagen growth.

In our early 30's we have to  start adressing collagen loss.

Collagen loss is responsible for sagging skin, folds and wrinkles.

You may ask yourself, "Where have my plump cheeks gone?, Where did these wrinkles come from?" 

.. I know I have anyways.

The trick to Collagen is to find ways of getting your body to produce it, by researching and using plants abundant in nutrients like Wheatgrass. 

Sadly to say, all the chemical induced products promising collagen renewal simply cannot deliver exaclty what they promise. 

They can promise and deliver a firmer skin appearance, but this is not the collagen that is being infused. 

The collegen molicule in the product itself, is simply too big to actually penetrate the skin, proving to be useless in achieving Collagen renewal through the use of skin care products. 

Suprisingly, Wheatgrass has everything necissary to get your body to produce more of this collagen and get your skin back in it's best most youthful shape. 

The molecules in Wheatgrass are not man made and are infact small  enough and highly absorbable by your body, which makes Wheatgrass an effective delivery system for your over all Skin & Body health, able to actually help you produce your own, real collagen, along with MANY it's various other benefits!

Wheatgrass is also filled with your vitamins A, B Complex, C, E & K, also 17 Amino Acids. It's 70 percent Chlorophyll,  antibacterial, aswell as purifies the liver, strengthens the heart, refines & renews tissue, washes away drug deposits, and balanced the bodies PH.

A balanced PH has everything to do with impeccable skin and body health!

Wheatgrass even resembles hemoglobin found in blood and increases over all blood health, whicj increases over all body health!

The benefits of little greeny here, are just entirely and incredibley ongoing, supplying you with almost every nutrient the body could possibly need.

I use Wheatgrass in 2 ways. I drink the shots as like most people do..

But I also like to use Wheatgrass as a toner for my face.

To keep Wheatgrass FRESH as a toner:

A) Use Fresh: 

Use Wheatgrass as a toner while drinking your morning/daily shot. 

The benefits of Wheatgrass are at their highest potential when used freshly cut, and freshly juiced.

B) Facial Toner Ice Cube Tray: 

Fill an Ice Cube tray with freshly juiced Wheatgrass and freeze, removing one ice cube as per needed.

Ice Water Face Dunk is actually known as a "Hollywood Secret". This is where you dunk your freshly washed face in ice water for 15 seconds.

So these little ice cubes really are a great idea.

C) Grow It: 

Grow Wheatgrass in your bedroom room for better Oxygen and a more enjoyable, healthier nights sleep. 

Then.. Snip away as needed. 

It's easier than you'd think. Grass is pretty easy to grow. Once you cut the Wheatgrass it will grow back.

Wheatgrass ♡ For Health care & Skin care


Until Next Time,

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