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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Vibrant Skin • The 4 Must Haves In My Fountain Of Youth

Today I have prepared for you, a list of my 4 favorite Must Have Skin Care Products!

In order of application the list goes as follows:

1. It Works Hydrating Facials
2. It Works Lip & Eye
3. It Works Repairage Moisturising Gel
4.Vichy Capital Soliel Self Tanning

I do not work for It Works. I am not a distributor. However I do absolutely love and am obsessed with the products they have to offer.

It was like finding the fountain of youth!

I first heard about It Works through a friend. It was winter and I was feeling very much under the weather with a bad cold. My girlfriend who had recently starting distributing for It Works showed me these GREENS. They immediately  took away my cold and managed to keep me and my family strong and healthy threw out the winter. It even helps with energy during those sometimes heavy winter days.
The GREENS really opened me up to trying more of the It Works products.

Hearing that all the It Works products were grown to fit the Organic Standards really does excite me because you really know your getting the best now. It also excited me that it's products ingredients list is all natural, we really have to limit the chemicals we use on our skin, especially our face.

1. Now Let Me Tell You About The Facials!!

So many products promise a noticeable difference but I rarely ever do see it. I mean they work on hydration, hydrating wrinkles, which is half the purpose, but I never get any noticabley serious lifting or tightening effects.

It Works Hydrating 45 minute Facial literally lifts my face and puts my eyebrows tightly set against my forehead where they belong. In fact upon taking off the masque, the incredible lift I get is always the first thing I notice.

Using the It Works masque regularly makes it so much easier to pass by a mirror with & without make up. It actually gives me the confidence to take make up less selfies - this is something no product can do for me.. this make upless confidence is something I can tell you I have never had before.

2. Your next must have on my list, is It Works Lip and Eye. This products goes above and beyond any other eye cream. It actually has me questioning weather the other eye creams actually much any efficacy to them at all.


Lip & Eye is responsible for removing the dark spots from around my eyes. They skin around them was starting to get dark and now they just aren't. It also tightens around the eyes giving a more awake vibrant and youthful look. I just love this Lip and Eye.

3. Next we have It Works Repairage Moisturising Gel. This moisturiser is just lovely! It smells like my favorite Aveda product, a little lime with a dash of cedar. This cream goes on so silky smoothe, it really creates a nice glow while  providing a lot of non oily moisture to your face. So it really diminishes fine lines without making your skin feel greasy.


4. My next fav is really for those make-up-less days. This Vichy Captain Soliel really just evens out your skin to e while giving it a bit of extra colour. It's one of the only ones made for your face too so it is non comedonegenic, which can be really important for most skin types.

You can also use this product under you make up whenever you are feeling a little pail. It stops your cover up from lightening when it becomes translucent through out the day.


Today's first bonus product is pretty self explanatory..

And second,
It Works Greens for that immunity boost we're all about to need with winter just around the corner! Say no to Cold & Flu Season & Say hello optimum health.

Each of these products receive 10 Hearts & 5 stars on the Kit Von rating list for their impeccable deliveries and my satisfied outlook.

To make it easy I have added a link so you can get yourself more aquaintend with the It Works products. The ordering is really easy, my order is usually here in about 3 days.

Chandra Deputy

For beautiful vibrant skin pick up my fave 4 essentials, and get them into your routine today! You'll thank me for it later!

                                    KIT VON