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Saturday, 12 September 2015

I Flu U Not • Natural Home Remedy For Cold & Flu

Get Ready for Cold and Flu Season Now!!

Are you tired of getting stuck with a 3 week cold or flu? Thankfully, I have a recipe that provides immediate results!

Enclosed in today's blog, I have included  an awesome remedy, great for Colds, Flu, and Brochitis.. quite frankly it is actually great for a number of various health benefits, which I will also list for you later on in a my special, as per usual, bonus tip.

As cold season nears, it's time to get out your lemons!

Lemons are a natural Mr. Clean for your body. Not only do they kick out that common cold or flu, they also clean your lungs of that awful bronchial cough, the raspyness, and the fall/winter phlegm - pardon my language.

Drinking lemon tea every night before bed will actually boost your immunity while doing a good overnight clean up. To put it blankly, sniffles needs Lemon tea, and the Lemon tea stops the sniffles. Infact drinking Lemon tea every night on a regular basis, really clears up your breathing and allows for that wicked relaxing sleep.

Did you know that cold medicines are not actually designed to rid you from your cold?

What pharmaceutical cold medicines actually do is simply supress the cold symptoms. And I can't say that they are even good at that. These cold medicines are actually quite hard on your body, bringing down your immunity and actually prolonging your cold or flu, and that feeling of icky. Point being, Health Care is real food and not Pharmaceuticals.

That being said, I'm going to go ahead with this simple recipe. This recipe has 4 variations. Remember: When choosing your ingredients, it is always best to choose Organic.



• Boil a pot or kettle of water
• Peel lemons and place in cup. Squish with Spoon
• Chop a couple garlic cloves, chop up a chunk of ginger - put the rest of the ingredients in bottom of the cup
• Pour hot water and steep until the temperature is drinkable. You can refill this cup 2 more times
• Do this morning, noon and at night - basically consistantly throughout the entire day for maximum relief.
• The trick is to continue drinking this tea for at least 2 days after symptoms disappear to ensure the cold or flu does not come back.

When every one else starts getting sick or I start coming home with the mini sniffles, I like to make just the basic lemon tea before bed, using only lemon. I always wake up feeling awesome, and I never get sick.

As promised, here is a list of the many other benefits of drinking lemon tea.

Benefits of Lemons: For a better Mood, weightloss, Promote Healing, Freshens Breathe, Hydration, Immunity Boost,Digestive Aid, Natural Diuretic, Clear Skin, Immunity Builder, Balances PH Levels

Benefits of Garlic: Immunity Boost,  Cancer, Inflammation, Detox, Earache, Cough, Stuffy Nose & Conjestion, Heart Health, Soar Throat, Boosts Metabolism

Benefits of Ginger: Calm Sleep, Boost Metabolism, Prevent Cancer, IBS Symptoms, Alzeimers, Weight Loss, Tired Muscles, Manages Glucose Levels, Morning or Motion Sickness, Arthritis Inflammation, Improves Circulation, Heart Burn, Gas, Clears Skin, Sexual Desire

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Happy Saturday Sweethearts!
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