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Monday, 7 September 2015

For The Love Of Bellafill

Sitting in Dr Solomon's office and its decisions decisions today... To fill or not to fill... Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, Botox, or Bellafill?

Well first let's get into the difference between Filler And Botox.

As Botox paralyzes  the muscle from moving but does not fill, filler plumps up the wrinkle or areas losing collegen by filling or plumping  them.

Botox is mostly used around the eyes (Crows feet), the bunny lines, and for a washboard forehead. These are all your high movement areas that cause those deep wrinkles when we do things like squint or look up or move our face. By paralysing this high traffic area of the face, the appearance of those unsightly wrinkles usually smoothe out completely - thats the great thing about these superficial wrinkles.

I found out in Esthetics school that botox is actually a preventitive measure for wrinkles. It prevents the superficial wrinkle from turning into a serious set of engraved wrinkles. I have heard that it can also help break you of the squinting habit that causes those lines to form to begin with.. this means you may not even need botox by the time it is no longer active in your face.

For the lines that don't smooth out like marionette lines, drooping cheeks, a drooping chin fold and any other wrinkles, those wrinkles that are no longer superficial, and the wrinkles derived directly from age, environmental elements and sun damage.. for that we have fill.

So honestly, one might say the answer is actually both Filler & Botox as they have each there own purposes.

Buy today I'm going to lay down a couple things I learned about fillers, and I'll tell you just why I chose bellafill for my first visit with the famous Dr. Solomon.

Bellafill was recommended to me through a friend, when I was lulling and complaining over my marionette lines.  ...ugh ..and other lines..

I have always wanted to get a fill, However paying $600-2000 every 6 months to 2 years really crushed me and I simply refused to pay for that. So when my friend told me about Bellafill being for the most part permanent..


2 weeks later here I am, holding every brochure for every different fill.. these are only 2 of them. Reviewing, reviewing.. and reviewing.. and still I went with Bellafill.

That's a pretty bold move though. They say it is best to try one of the other fillers that do break down first. That is in case you do not like the outcome your face with the fill, it will eventually go back as it was.

HOWEVER,, I knew I never wanted to see those marionette lines again, Making the right choice for me definitely Bellafill.

For $1200 you'll receive 2ml of Bellafill. This didn't go as far as my girlfriend had suggested, but it did make a great deal of improvement in my face, so I'm excited to go back for more.

Myself, I'm going to need about 3  syringes . I do wish I had done that all at once because 1 day of downtime actually comes to about 5 or 6. Honestly that's a lot of down time. At the same time I don't think all that swelling at once would have faired to be most enjoyable. So I would supose the slow and steady will work out just fine.. and now the hardest part is the waiting. ~ More! I want more!

One week later I'm positively obsessing over this product and how much it did for my face. It really did take the years off that my skin regimes check just couldn't cash. Im also told by Dr. Solomon that in 4 months my bellafill should look better than it does now because it actually stimulates your skin to create your own collegen around the implanted microspherse!! Could this be face heaven?