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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Accessory Fave Of The Week • S6 Edge Camera • A Kit Von Photo Shoot

The camera's performance on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge is just beautiful. It's absolutely great for taking pictures of anything.. nature, sunrise or sunsets, fur babies, make up & accessories, virtually anything, It's even great for portraits from a distance. Infact this camera is so clear that sometimes it is just too clear by magnifying pores and wrinkles in selfies.. So you want to keep a good distance and crop later.

 I'm just obsessed with how many options and functions there are in this camera, though I still have 80 Percent of them left to figure out! I could never imagine needing this many options, yet they are so useful. I think I'm falling in love with a camera, and I may be leaving the Canon at home a little more often. In fact I may be in love with the entire phone. It really is like having an office in your hand.

Here, we have a picture of my old phone taking a picture of my new phone..

This is the best resolution I could get - with HI Def editing I may ad. The difference, of which I will go on to show you, is just unreal.. And this is why I bought the Galaxy S6 Edge. I also bought It in gold  with a gold case, because it's just so pretty and reminds me of Dynasty or Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, 2 of my favorite shows from childhood!

Just to show you the beauty of the Galaxy S6 Edge, today's photo shoot was shot by an absolute amateur of a photographer, in Toronto's very beautiful & historic Castle, Castle Loma. 

Visit Casa Loma for a Relaxing Fall walk, a Nice Sunny Breeze, a Beautiful View,  and some Gelato. You can even brush up on a tiny bit of History in a Guided or Non Guided Tour.


Check out this shot from a couple weeks ago when this hornet wanted my Vega Shake.

And here I am playing around with some make up shots..

As a matter of fact, all the pictures in my blog have been shot from this same camera.

Under our specific terms, I think this shoot turned out pretty good and we really accomplished what we were looking to accomplish by putting this awesome Galaxy S6 camera review into this weeks fave accessory on the blog!

So if you are thinking about getting the Galaxy S6 Egde, this is just awesome! I highly recommend this move. Not only does it have the best quality camera I have seen on a mid-priced phone, but the absolute organization of your life and office that it provides, comes in really handy. Just don't forget the case as the edges are glass.

 Is the Samsung S6 or S6 Edge right for you? CHECK OUT THIS LINK!! I think you may find it really helpful. It's a great comparison between the IPHONE 6, SAMSUNG 6 & The L4.

If you are already a Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge owner, then  you may find this YouTube link to be just as much help and motivation as I did. It really did excite me to learn all the ins and outs, all those little tricks and gadgets the S6 has to offer. Today's shoot was shot with the least of what the camera on this phone can do. I think this link is really going to help me out over the next couple months .. and you too! So you can go ahead and check that link out here.

One next thing I'd like to let you in on is the app I like to use for editing. This app is called PicsArt  .. Obsessed. Period.

I also found a great blog post from the Clarke Couture Blog on useful tips for editing that you can check out here.

Photo Shoot Location: Casa Loma

Photographer: Nancy Contreras

Todays outfit and purse were Guess, and todays shoes were from Payless .. yes, of course I went for the bogo and got this same pair in matte black. Not on are they comfy, I can really get the miles I need out of them without getting Soar feet.

Happy Snapping my Little Exploristas!